White-Robed Chief Chapter 145: Extermination

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Chu Li and the six others rushed in like the wind, and it caught their attention.

"Innate Masters, retreat; Grandmasters, welcome them!" a young man said loudly.

Chu Li did not care about anything else other than the ten Innate Masters who were lying on the floor. He fed each of them a Spirit Blessing Pill and an intense amount of spiritual force from the surrounding surged upward, splitting into ten parts and drilled into their bodies.

Along with his stubbornness and the power of the Life and Death Scripture, the ten spiritual energies surged through their bodies and activated the pill to improve their vitality. With the efficacy of Spirit Blessing Pill, their lives were restored very quickly.

Chu Li was secretly relieved. Luckily, the Innate Masters had prosperous lives. Even though they were badly injured or even experienced deathly injuries, they would not die immediately. Seeing that they were not breathing, there was still a trace of life.

The spiritual force which was transferred from the Life and Death Scripture contained exuberant vitality. With the effects kicking in and in addition of the Spirit Blessing Pill, they would still be able to hold on regardless of how serious their injuries were.

After he was done with the Spirit Blessing Pill, Xiao Qi and the rest had already formed a group.

There were five Grandmasters but it was as if one Grandmaster was battling four of the opposing Grandmasters which formed an overpowering advantage. Zhao Qingshan would battle Xi Wu and the remaining three Grandmasters would then battle the Grandmasters of the High Duke's Public House.

Meng Wei and Xiao Qi suddenly rushed toward ten of Phoenix Tree Faction's followers as well as the rest of the few Innate Masters. Xiao Qi's sword flashed like lightning and Meng Wei's palms became a shadow, forming a one-sided slaughter.

With a blink, Xiao Qi's Blinking Technique stabbed three of them. On the other hand, Meng Wei also killed three of them. After Chu Li had finished feeding the Spirit Blessing Pills, half of the Innate Masters of Phoenix Tree Faction collapsed.

Xiao Qi hated their siege that nearly buried ten residential masters, so she showed no mercy.


A horn sound was heard in the basilica which echoed the whole of Phoenix Tress Faction.

From the two tall buildings and four basilicas, a group of people surged in like ants, holding knives and swords. In the blink of an eye, they surrounded everyone with fierce eyes, giving out a murderous energy that became a frightful strength.

Chu Li crossed his legs and closed his eyes. Two delicate yet inquisitive flying knives were already slicing down his sleeve. Moreover, the Omniscient Mirror was condensed to its extreme point with its gaze fixated on the eight Grandmasters, searching for that flaw that would kill them in one strike.

Surrounding them were two hundred or more people. However, Chu Li disregarded them because among these masters, only ten were Grandmasters and the rest were all Acquired, who were not worth mentioning.


A howling sound came as Chu Li swung his arms and a cold light flew out.

"Watch out, the one named Xiao!" Xi Wu shouted.

The cold light unexpectedly fell on a Grandmaster's back as if the moment for them to break open a void had arrived.

His heart gave a loud warning but he was too close and too fast so he wasn't able to avoid it. His left shoulder was penetrated by the cold light, and blood gushed out and with the blink of an eye, that skill had dyed his left shoulder red.

At this moment, Chu Li persevered with martial arts, using the power of his Eternity Blade which was far better than it was before. If it was in the past, this Grandmaster would have been able to escape.

Chu Li's flying knife shot out at the same time. While people were still in a frantic situation, he had injured another Grandmaster.

"Leave!" Xi Wu shouted, turned and left.

He was followed by the remaining three Grandmasters who forced open Ren Public House's crowd of opponents.

In a flash, Chu Li disappeared on the spot and appeared ten feet away. Two streams of cold light simultaneously shot toward one injured Grandmaster. If he wanted one of the Grandmasters, he could not waste this trip for anything.

"The one named Chu!" Xi Wu turned and pounded his fist.

A golden light shone across Chu Li's face. As if that one punch was not enough to knock him down, a flying knife suddenly shot through that Grandmaster's shoulder.

Shooting a vital point of a Grandmaster was difficult as the explosive energy of a Grandmaster would be extremely powerful. He had a sense of warning that told him to dodge in advance, and once his body's protective s.h.i.+eld resisted slightly, it would be enough to avoid the vital point.


It was as if a giant wood pounded through and Chu Li flew out and crashed into the crowd.

They bluntly struck down the swords in their hands. After counting the number of swords they had, he fell into a dangerous situation.

In a flash, Chu Li disappeared on the spot where the swords had only hit his shadow.

He again appeared ten feet away, and like the previously, two swords shot out as if two lights flashed past. Once again, another Grandmaster was injured.

However, their speed was exceptionally fast but he did not want to get involved in a war with Xi Wu. Hence, he could only dash out to hide. His speed was no less than before, and with the Blinking Technique, he vanished in front of the crowd.

Chu Li shook his head in annoyance and gave up the chase as it was very difficult to kill a Grandmaster.

Confronting the additionally acquired masters, Chu Li's face sank. With a swept of an eye, he could see that they were being sieged. On the floor, Xiao Qi and company were warding off Innate Masters; they were killing without restraint and showed no mercy.

The acquired masters were no different than children when compared to Grandmasters where they were too weak to withstand a single blow.

The highest authority of the Phoenix Tree Faction had already been killed so no one stopped them from sacrificing themselves. On the other hand, the followers of Phoenix Tree Faction were filled with blood, bouncing back onto their feet like they did not fear death. Even if they were defeated, they were not cowards as they dashed ahead regardless of their own survival.

Chu Li glanced at the High Duke's Public House's martial art masters who were on the floor and felt no pity for them. Once the war had started, it was a "you die or I win" situation. True justice did not matter, only life and death. If you have not killed them, you would be killed.

Chu Li let out a breath, appeared in the sea of people and lightly pat both his palms on their vests. In an instant, they died without any suffering.

He had single-handedly killed ten of them until none of Phoenix Tree Faction's followers was standing. Two hundred people laid on the floor, overlapping each other. It was startling to look at.

Chu Li's Omniscient Mirror swept across the surroundings, showing that there were a few elderly women and children in the building as well as in the Palace. They shrank into shadows in the corners unmoving, afraid that movement would bring on more killing.

Chu Li looked at Xiao Qi then back at the tall building and the Palace.

Xiao Qi shook her head. "Go look for a carriage, let's go back!"

"Yes," Chu Li answered then left to search for a horse and carriage.

The huge Phoenix Tree Faction only had ten horses but they were all abnormally spirited. Normally, horses would not be able to survive here.

Ten horses were paired with five carriages. After he had fixed the carriages, the rest brought out fifteen big boxes.

Chu Li glanced around, realizing that the profits were robbed from within the Phoenix Tree Faction. To be able to retrieve these in a short time, the Phoenix Tree Faction were indeed wealthy and even so, they had rich experiences.

Two carriages were carrying victims while the remaining three carried boxes. A row of people slowly walked out of the Phoenix Tree Faction.

Chu Li sat in the carriage as the driver.

Before they went down the mountain, he glanced at the magnificently tall tower and sighed as he shook his head.

Xiao Qi showed mercy by not killing everyone and forgave those who were in hiding but Phoenix Tree Faction was destined to fall. It would be very hard for them to rise again.

The Phoenix Tree Faction's greed was to blame. To be able to bring up ten Innate Masters in such a short time was a rising omen. It was a pity that they overestimated their ability. With Ren Public House's cooperation to plot against the High Duke's Public House, this was bound to be the outcome.

A sudden rise would lead to quicker deaths - that was the luck of the factions in the martial arts world.

The Big Four Factions were the only four factions that maintained at the peak for hundreds of years. For the rest of the factions, it was difficult to last for a hundred years. "Be sane when it's prospering, be patient when it's falling" was the faction's quote to live by. Factions like these would live on longer.

Chu Li guessed that they must have attained some sort of secret manual or had a miracle, and only because of that did they prospered. However, they did not know how to clean up after themselves.

When he thought about this, his eyes swept to those big boxes. There were a few secret manuals in there, but martial arts secret manuals were not very valuable to the High Duke's Public House. His martial arts were already exquisite enough. If he wanted to step up to a Grandmaster level, the secret manual of martial arts was not what he was lacking.

It was noon when they returned to Chong Ming Town and they had missed lunch.

After Xiao Qi entered the city, she pulled Chu Li aside lightly and whispered at him to call upon Jiang Kuai to visit the two victims so that they could identify whether they were indeed a.s.sa.s.sins.  

White-Robed Chief Chapter 145: Extermination

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