White-Robed Chief 749 Blade Manual

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Chu Li snorted. "So you're actually feigning ignorance too." 

Guo Shan replied, "Ignorance is bliss. Making everything so clear will just bring misery to yourself… You should go back, since you have gotten smarter now, stop offending people with your words!" 

Chu Li pursed his lips and said, "I'll say what I want to say, who cares about them! They're just a bunch of useless things, there's nothing to be scared about!" 

"Just leave, leave!" Guo Shan shooed him anxiously. 

A leopard could never change his spots, he was still acting silly despite getting smarter; with such a personality, he would get himself in trouble sooner or later!

Chu Li declared ambitiously. "Then we should go to the a.s.sociation together tomorrow. I'll speak on your behalf, we'll see who would dare discredit you!

"Sure, sure." Guo Shan waved nonchalantly. 

He was also happy with the decision, with a hitter like Zhao Dahe, he did not have much to worry about. 

As a Commander, he needed a most loyal subordinate and Zhao Dahe was like a sword—although he had a terrible personality, he was useful. 

Early morning the next day, Chu Li was practicing a blade technique in his courtyard. 

He found a secret manual called Zhao Family's Blade Technique in his house. 

The secret manual was hidden beneath a brick where no one except him could find it. 

He saw the blade manual because he had the Omniscient Mirror that could see through everything.

Although this blade manual was not the best, it had its own special characteristics as it only had three forms—Mountain Splitting Form, River Razing Form, and Yin Lifting Form. 

Once the three forms were well-merged together, they would become a more unique blade technique and if they were not matched well, they would remain as mere ordinary blade techniques. This was why the key lied within the person wielding the blade technique's comprehension and how well he understood the blade technique. 

Although this blade technique was lacking in many aspects in comparison to Seven Forms of Divine Blade as it could not store power, accelerate, force submission like it, it was more superior in terms of being simpler, more effective and being able to fully express its user's cultivation level. 

Currently, Chu Li was setting himself as a character who had no inner energy but had a limitless amount of energy. 

Life and Death Scripture helped him maintain a state of emptiness where his Dantian was like a large empty plot of land. That was why others thought that he did not know martial arts, had not cultivated his inner energy before and could not take a hit. 

The reason for him being a person with no inner energy who depended merely on his strength was due to the Holy Church of Light's strict standards in taking in apprentice, they had high requirements for a person's apt.i.tude in addition to prohibiting them from cultivating other factions' martial arts. They were not allowed to learn from another master before joining. 

That was why if he wanted to become the Holy Church of Light's disciple, he could not have an innate endowment, he would need to leave his power to his later acquired boundary. It would be easy for the Holy Church of Light if he did not have any inner energy, had a strong body and was infinitely strong. 

"Creak" The new door to the courtyard was opened. 

Guo Shan had the door fixed and managed to make the courtyard look better immediately. With every single item including the broken blade in his hands in the house returned; the house no longer bore sight of ruin. 

The blade in his hands had a broken edge, seemingly from hitting a rock while the blade itself was already almost rusty from poor maintenance, it was not lathered with b.u.t.ter. 

"Let's go!" Guo Shan limped in. 

Chu Li shot back. "I'll finish practicing this blade technique right away!" 

Guo Shan stood aside as he watched Chu Li waved his blade around and shook his head. "This blade technique of yours…"

As he waved his blade around, he huffed. "This is Zhao Family's Blade Technique! My ancestors were great swordsmen, they were able to inspire awe across the whole country with this blade technique alone!

Guo Shan shook his head. "I haven't heard about any Zhao Family Blade Technique before. How can you practice blade with hard force? You must couple vigor and suppleness."

"Zhao Family Blade Technique's secret is in its hard force." Chu Li insisted. 

Guo Shan relented. "Alright, hard force. Hard force it is then. It's getting late, we should head to the a.s.sociation now!" 

"Alright." Chu Li withdrew his blade. 

He sheathed his blade and hung it at his waist. "Commander Guo, it's about time you get me a better blade!" 

"No problem." Guo Shan readily agreed. 

Although he was limping, he was not walking at a slow pace, he was a perfected innate master and still had his inner energy after all. 

After a three-mile journey to the west, a short journey up north, they went on the North-South Boulevard, entered the town center and came into a huge mansion to their east. 

As soon as they entered the mansion, a huge martial arts field came into sight. There were almost a hundred people around, it was a lively crowd. 

Some were practicing blade while some cultivated their sword skills, not many were practicing punch and palm techniques. 

Acquired masters would cultivate weapons while Innate Masters would train their punches and kicks. However, most Innate Masters would also learn weapons because after all, weapons packed a stronger blow. 

When they saw Guo Shan and Chu Li, many people on the field greeted them. 

"Elder Guo, how are you recovering?" 

"Elder Guo, are you really a cripple now?" 

"It's good to be a cripple!" 

"You should've gotten a metal cane instead, that way it could be a weapon as well."

Guo Shan merely greeted them with a smile. 

They only narrowed their eyes when they saw Zhao Dahe. No one spoke a word to him because Zhao Dahe had always talked smack, so talking to him was like seeking trouble for themselves. 

Deputy a.s.sociation Leader Meng Ya and three other Commanders walked over as he declared, "Since everyone's around, I'll announce a.s.sociation Leader's orders. From this day onwards, Guo Shan will be a commander and take over Commander Wu's position!" 

"What?!" Everyone was shocked. 

Meng Ya explained, "Guo Shan is an elder in the a.s.sociation who always does his best in everything he did and the injury he sustained this time was also for the Chivalry a.s.sociation. We are all sad at Commander Wu's pa.s.sing but the Commander's position cannot be left empty. Guo Shan is the most suitable candidate so, from today onwards, Guo Shan will be the new Commander!" 

A well-built young man yelled, "I disagree! Although Elder Guo has contributed a lot, his martial arts have greatly regressed. The Commander's martial art skills should be the best but letting a cripple a.s.sume the commander's position is a total joke, this will just embarra.s.s the Chivalry a.s.sociation!" 

He stood out among the crowd like a crane among hens. 

Chu Li stepped up and shouted, "He Yingju, what nonsense are you spouting?" 

He Yingju shot back angrily. "Zhao Dahe, you're the one who's spouting nonsense, what did I say that was wrong? Why should a fool like you even have a say in this, move aside!" 

"I, Zhao Dahe, hereby declare that whoever that's unhappy with Elder Guo becoming the Commander should come at me, I'll fight whoever comes! Fight me if you dare!" Chu Li hit his chest confidently as he proclaimed loudly. 

"What high-sounding sentiments! Do you think that you can overturn the heavens with just a fortuitous encounter?" He Yingju laughed sarcastically. He had a huge and strong physique that resembled the Eiffel Tower, Chu Li was like a child before an adult as he stood in front of him. 

"If I don't defeat you until you wet your pants in terror, I'll no longer bear the Zhao surname!" Chu Li bellowed. 

"You have a death wis.h.!.+" He Yingju pushed through the crowd and came in front of Chu Li. His palm was raised in a slap like a cattail leaf fan, it was fiercely fast as it went for Chu Li in an attempt to shut him up. 

Chu Li threw out a punch. 

"Pat!" A clear crack sounded as his fist landed on He Yingju's palm. 

He Yingju faltered two steps back as he shook his hand that was in serious pain. 

Chu Li quickly followed up with another punch. 

"Boom!" He Yingju stretched out his palm to block it but was immediately propelled three meters away and crashed on the ground. 

Chu Li stood in front of him and put a foot down on his chest as he smiled smugly. "He Yingju, do you concede or not?" 

"Concede my *ss!" He Yingju's face was red as he screamed his reply. 

The tip of Chu Li's foot planted itself further downward. 

He Yingju could hear his bones cracking as a sharp pain grew. He struggled to free himself but Chu Li's foot was as heavy as a mountain—his efforts were futile. 

As the crackling sound grew louder, He Yingju knew his bones were about to break. 

Chu Li stared down at him with a vicious glare. "Do you concede?" 

"Stomp me to death if you dare!" He Yingju shouted back. 

"Then I'll stomp you to death!" Chu Li answered coldly. 

He Yingju gritted his teeth as he held in a whimper, the agony of feeling his bones break was real. 

Chu Li did not let him go easily and continued stepping down on him. 

Guo Shan shook his head. "Forget it, Zhao Dahe!"

White-Robed Chief 749 Blade Manual

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