White-Robed Chief 750 To Make Him Concede

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Chu Li shook his head. "No, I must make him concede!" 

Guo Shan cast a sidelong glance at him. "Zhao Dahe! We're all brothers in this a.s.sociation, do you really want to kill him?" 

Chu Li growled. "If he doesn't ask for forgiveness, I'll kill him! I'll see if his mouth or his life is tougher!" 

As he spoke, he was still adding force to his foot. 

"You're too arrogant, I'll let you know your place!" A skinny young man jumped out and pounced on Chu Li, his fist aimed for Chu Li's chin. 

Chu Li reached out, grabbed his wrist and twisted it. 

"Ah!" The skinny young man cried as he fell. 

With a simple swing, the skinny young man's body fell three meters away and landed heavily on the ground. 

Chu Li turned to look at the restless crowd and yelled, "Does anyone else not concede?" 

"Zhao Dahe, let go, he's going to die if you continue stepping on him!" Guo Shan warned as he anxiously pointed at He Yingju lying motionless on the ground.

He Yingju's face was pale and his mouth was wide open as he could hardly breathe with his chest being stomped on. Not a squeak could escape his throat despite his desperate attempts to call out for help. Fear and hopelessness were eating him up as he struggled further to free himself, too bad it was all in vain. 

Chu Li looked down at him and huffed. "He's not dead yet!" 

Guo Shan's face darkened as he ordered angrily, "Zhao Dahe! Do you want to get chased out of the a.s.sociation for killing someone?" 

Chu Li reluctantly let go of his foot and kicked his victim away. He Yingju crashed into the skinny young man. 

He Yingju opened his mouth wide and greedily inhaled mouthfuls of air. 

Chu Li turned and looked at the others. "How about that, is there anyone who still isn't happy?"

The crowd had their eyebrows knitted in a tight frown as they all glared at him but none dared to seek shame for themselves. 

Those with strong martial arts skills thought that there was no point fighting with such a stupid guy and lose face for nothing while those weaker knew that they were no match for him and did not want to get embarra.s.sed. 

Chu Li then uttered smugly, "It seems like there isn't anyone who isn't satisfied!" 

Deputy a.s.sociation Leader Meng Ya shook his head with a smile. "What a bunch of clowns. Alright, that's set then, Commander Guo, I expect that you'll be able to lead the twenty brothers under you to achieve more meritorious feats!" 

"Yes!" Guo Shan did a fist salute. 

Meng Ya waved. "Go back to what you were doing."

He left the martial arts field and went back to a courtyard. 

The crowd dispersed and continued practicing martial arts. 

Chu Li came in front of Guo Shan let out a silly laugh. "How was that, Commander Guo!" 

Guo Shan reprimanded him. "Do you have any idea how many people you've offended this time?" 

Chu Li pursed his lips defiantly. "So what! I don't care about these useless people! …When will we be killing Feng Changwen?" 

"There's no need to hurry." Guo Shan shook his head. 

Chu Li frowned. "Why aren't we hurrying? If we don't kill this Feng Changwen fella soon, who knows what else he would do?" 

"That's something for the a.s.sociation Leader to worry about. We only need to follow orders, there's no need to think so much!" Guo Shan came to a courtyard on his crutches. 

The courtyard was clean and empty, there was no one in sight. 

Chu Li followed him in. "Why isn't anyone here?" 

"They're all out practicing," Guo Shan replied as he scanned his surroundings. 

He was once Commander Wu's subordinate and had been here before, he was familiar with every inch of this courtyard but for some reason, this familiar view suddenly seemed strange—the view might not have changed but his inner state did. 

Chu Li harrumphed. "Seems like they still haven't conceded, I must've gone too easy on them!" 

Guo Shan waved his arms around. "You can't solve everything by fighting! Dahe, you must keep your temper in check." 

Chu Li huffed. "I can't keep it in check, I can't hold it in!" 

Guo Shan gave up on convincing him as he sighed. "You… Just don't go overboard, we are all in the same a.s.sociation after all!" 

Chu Li puckered his lips disdainfully. "We'll have to see if they are actually sensible! What a bunch of clowns in denial!" 

They came to the main hall where Guo Shan sat in an armchair at the center. He let out a pleased smile as he thought, 'I finally made it, all my hard work was so that I could see this day come true!'

Chu Li asked, "Elder Guo, are you happy now?" 

Guo Shan sighed. "I never thought that I could become a commander before I die, I guess my life was not lived in vain. Being able to be a commander once in my life has made my life worth living."

"Elder Guo, you are not ambitious enough, what is a Commander, you should at least be the a.s.sociation Leader!" 

Guo Shan was shocked, he quickly looked around before whispering lowly, "You shut up! Are you crazy? How dare you utter such words!" 

Chu Li casually continued. "Why, have you not thought about becoming the a.s.sociation Leader?" 

Guo Shan waved. "No! Okay, let's not talk about this!" 

"Alright, then let's talk about Feng Changwen!" 

"Forget about Feng Changwen!" 

As both of them spoke, eight men walked in. They did a fist salute when they saw Guo Shan sitting in the armchair. "Commander!" 

A smile broke out on Guo Shan's face. "Just call me Elder Guo like before!" 

"We mustn't forget protocol, you are a Commander." The eight men shook their heads. 

Chu Li silently laughed. 'Hypocrites!' he thought. 

Guo Shan did not want to force them as he smiled. "Just go ahead as you usually do and busy yourself with whatever you need to do, let me know if there's anything that needs to be solved." 

"Yes, Commander!" The eight men affirmed and left. 

After they left, another eight came in, did a fist salute, bowed and called him Commander. 

After a warm exchange of words, Guo Shan told them to continue doing their job. 

When it came to noon, four people still had not shown themselves.

Guo Shan's expression was getting darker. 

Obviously, these four people still were not happy with the decision. 

With his arms around himself, Chu Li laughed sarcastically. "Is this what you mean by fighting can't solve everything? Elder Guo, do you want me to do something?" 

Guo Shan took a deep breath before slowly nodding. "Seems like that's the only way!" 

If he could not bring everyone to their knees on the day of his appointment, these wild and unruly fellas would rebel in the future and not one would listen to his orders; in that case, he might as well give up on being a Commander!

Chu Li promised. "Don't worry, leave this to me. Let's go to the martial arts field!" 

Guo Shan waved his hands. "I'd rather not go. Xiao Song! Xiao Song!" 

"Yes, Commander! What do you need, Commander?" A young hunky stud rushed in obediently. 

"You should bring Zhao Dahe for a tour around the martial arts field."

"Got it." Xiao Song quickly nodded. 

Xiao Song's name was Song Fei, he was a huge man who just happened to have delicate and pretty features, including eyes that disappeared into a barely visible line when he smiled. 

"Brother Zhao, who are we looking for at the martial arts field?" Song Fei asked with a smile. 

Chu Li harrumphed. "There are four fellas who have not come, we'll track them down and fight them properly!" 

"Understood," Song Fei immediately answered. 

There were not many around when they came to the martial arts field. As the sun rose and the sunlight grew stronger, everyone else had gone back to their own courtyard. 

Only twelve people were practicing. 

Song Fei pointed at four people who were huddled together talking as they practiced with swords. 

Chu Li walked closer to them and called out carelessly. "You four useless things, are you not happy about Guo Shan becoming the Commander?" 

A lanky young man glared at Chu Li with a dark look. "Zhao Dahe, don't think that you can act wildly and insolently just because you are slightly stronger!"

Chu Li scoffed. "Do you concede to Guo Shan becoming the Commander?" 

"Who said that we did not!" A long-faced young man shot back. 

Chu Li burst into a smile. "It's good if you concede, I'm an expert at dealing with those who don't!" 

"We're busy cultivating, don't disturb us!" The long-faced man retorted. 

Chu Li immediately turned to leave. 

He was getting more and more scornful at these people, they were truly useless beings; they had no dignity and were all cowards. ~~

White-Robed Chief 750 To Make Him Concede

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