White-Robed Chief 759 Joining The Clan

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As soon as Chu Li entered Luo State City, he immediately found an inn to stay the night. 

He knew that a.s.sociation Leader Qiao Zhenhai would find a way to help him. 

It was difficult to track down Feng Changwen on his own when he was limited by Zhao Dahe's abilities. 

What he needed right now was patience because he knew that Feng Changwen's uncle would find ways to finish him off as well. 

After finding a room in an inn, he went to a restaurant, and on the second floor, found a seat by the window where he listened in on other customers' conversations to collect information on the current state of Luo State City. 

He was there from noon until evening and drank two jars of wine and ate two small dishes before leaving for the inn. 

As soon as he entered the room, he saw a middle-aged man sitting inside. The man had a rectangular face, a pair of big bright eyes and a solemn expression. 

Chu Li did a fist salute and remained calm. "Senior, are you in the wrong room?" 

 "Zhao Dahe?" The middle-aged man asked in a soft voice. 

Chu Li nodded. "That's right, senior."

The middle-aged man nodded in satisfaction. "You're different from what they say, you're quite polite. That's good, my name is Zhou Xun." 

 "Why are you looking for me, Senior Zhou?" 

The middle-aged man, Zhou Xun, replied faintly, "Qiao Zhenhai calls me uncle-in-law… I'm a Commander in Three Wonders Clan."

Chu Li laughed. "So, you're a.s.sociation Leader's uncle-in-law! We're family then." 

 "Come here." Zhou Xun beckoned him over. 

Chu Li approached him. 

 "Stretch out your right arm." Zhou Xun instructed. 

Chu Li promptly obeyed without a hint of precaution. "Senior Zhou, you're not trying to harm me, right?" 

 "You're quite smart." Zhou Xun muttered as he grabbed Chu Li's wrist and transmitted a wave of inner energy into it which quickly spread throughout his meridian. 

Zhou Xun let out a pleased expression. 

Chu Li chuckled. "My wounds are completely healed." 

 "Have you not mastered inner strength heart techniques?" Zhou Xun asked. 

Chu Li pursed his lips. "I've tried once but was not able to draw upon any inner energy, so I did not continue. I was still able to defeat them easily after having my fortuitous encounter, so there's no need for that sort of thing!" 

Zhou Xun shook his head. "You should learn an inner strength heart technique." Zhou Xun said with a faint smile on his face. He looked calm, but he was actually trying to suppress his shock. 

When his nephew, Qiao Zhenhai sent him a message saying that there was a genius in Peace Town — one who had met with a fortuitous encounter after escaping death in a great calamity, a person who was so strong and shockingly powerful he did not have to rely on martial arts and only needed raw strength to kill innate masters — Zhou Xun became so curious he decided to meet this person whom his seemingly modest nephew spoke so highly of. 

Now that he had examined Zhao Dahe's body for himself, he observed that Zhao Dahe had an abnormally thick Meridian and could travel at tremendous speeds upon learning a heart technique. 

Additionally, at a higher level, his natural G.o.d-like strength could elevate his abilities to another tier where he could go against a Grandmaster with just an innate master's cultivation. 

As Three Wonders Clan's commander, he could immediately recruit Zhao Dahe into Three Wonders Clan and send an application to enter the Holy Church of Light, whereby Zhao Dahe could reach the sky in a single bound. By being the person who recommended him, this could benefit Zhou Xun as well. 

Chu Li shook his head. "I'm not going to master an inner strength heart technique, it's too boring!" 

 "If you don't harness your inner strength, you'll never be able to win against that Feng Changwen!" 

 "Once I get the chance, I'll definitely be able to kill him!" 

Zhou Xun nodded. "Alright, I'll give you an opportunity. We'll have to see what you can do. You do know the consequences of failing to kill him, right?" 

 "What consequences?" 

Zhou Xun shook his head as he sighed. "You'll get hunted down by Three Wonders Clan because you've killed Three Wonders Clan's disciples."

Chu Li harrumphed. "Anyone who stops me from killing Feng Changwen is my enemy, I won't go easy on them!" 

Zhou Xun shook his head. "You are still no match for a Grandmaster now, so once Three Wonders Clan starts hunting you down, there's no doubt that you'll die no matter how strong you are. A Grandmaster's punch can easily send you flying through the air." 

Chu Li nodded "Nonetheless, I must kill Feng Changwen!" 

Zhou Xun uttered decidedly. "Join Three Wonders Clan. As a Commander, I have the right to recruit disciples!"

Chu Li was shocked. "I can join Three Wonders Clan?" 

He had an excited expression that reflected his true emotions—he had finally reached this stage, now there was only one step left before he could enter the Holy Church of Light!

Zhou Xun answered, "With my recommendation, there won't be a problem for you to join, but you should know that Three Wonders Clan has strict rules that you must follow, it's nothing like the Chivalry a.s.sociation and Peace Town, because Luo State City is also a complicated place so you must watch your behavior. You can't run wild as you did in Peace Town!" 

 "As long as I can kill Feng Changwen!" Chu Li nodded furiously. 

A smile broke out on Zhou Xun's face. "Good! Now, follow me to the clan!" 

Chu Li was hesitant. "It's already so late… Let's do it tomorrow."

Zhou Xun scoffed. "It's not like Peace Town here, the world will turn upside down once night falls, so you might not even be able to live past tonight! Let's go!" 

 "Okay." Chu Li agreed and followed Zhou Xun out of the inn. 

Both of them walked westward along the streets and soon entered a mansion. 

The mansion had five entrances and a after scanning the place with the Omniscient Mirror, Chu Li found a thousand people bustling about. Three Wonders Clan was truly powerful, not just because their manpower was ten times that of the Chivalry a.s.sociation, but because every single one of their disciples had martial arts better than that of the Chivalry a.s.sociation's disciples. 

Zhou Xun brought Chu Li to a courtyard. 

In the center of the courtyard was a bustling martial arts field where twenty men were practicing. As soon as they saw Zhou Xun enter, they all did a fist salute. 

A round-faced middle-aged man chuckled. "Brother Zhou, what a rare guest. What brings you to Morning Light Courtyard?" 

Zhou Xun gave him a faint smile. "Elder Feng, I just recruited a new subordinate and have brought him to meet you." 

Feng Xi sized up Chu Li with sparkling eyes. "Oh…? He must have a bright future if you think so highly of him!"

 "He was blessed with a fortuitous encounter; his body is unusually powerful and has a wonderful apt.i.tude. I think he'll have a great chance at entering the Holy Church if he's guided properly." Zhou Xun grinned. "His name is Zhao Dahe." 

Feng Xi's expression did not change as he gave Chu Li a once over and laughed. "So, he's Zhao Dahe?" 

Zhou Xun nodded. "I hope that Brother Feng, you can be merciful and spare him his life."

Feng Xi waved his hands. "Since you've asked, of course I will! Kids throw tantrums and fight all the time. We shouldn't lower ourselves to their level." 

Zhou Xun smiled. "That's great. My mind is at ease with your word, Brother Feng." 

 "Brother Zhou, I still hope you show mercy on my nephew." Feng Xi chortled. 

Zhou Xun shook his head. "Oh, it's nothing." 

Chu Li watched as the two of them concealed their murderous intent under their smiling exterior. It seemed like the rivalry between Three Wonders Clan's Commanders was intense. 

 "Alright then, I won't bother you any longer." Zhou Xun did a fist salute and left Morning Light Courtyard with Chu Li hot on his heels. 

Chu Li asked. "Commander, will he forgive me just like that?" 

 "If you don't provoke him, he will not do anything." Zhou Xun nodded. 

 "But I can't kill Feng Changwen, right?" 

Zhou Xun answered. "Just look for an opportunity to kill him in one go. However, you must know that once Feng Changwen is killed, the commander won't act by himself, he'll send someone else after you instead." 

 "That's good then." 

Zhou Xun a.s.sured him, "Although I'll send someone to watch over you, it still depends on your own ability to make the plan work!" 

Chu Li nodded and asked suspiciously, "Commander, aren't you going to stop me from killing Feng Changwen?" 

 "Why would I?" Zhou Xun smiled.

White-Robed Chief 759 Joining The Clan

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