White-Robed Chief 791 Blade Technique

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Chu Li noticed that his eyes were fixated on the ruins. He hurriedly explained, "Those people used every despicable method that they could think of to chase me away. Earlier, they slandered me. This time, they were determined to set everything on fire. I have no idea what they're going to do next."

"Were the White Tiger Sect masters here?" Li Ruolan asked in a serious tone.

Chu Li replied, "Tan Hu? There was also another elder whose last name was Meng."

"Tan Hu?" Li Ruolan's arched eyebrows were furrowed.

"Let's go inside and talk." Chu Li extended his hand.

The two entered the main hall.

Chu Li raised his voice and said, "Hurry up and serve the tea!"

Kou Qiong quickly entered while holding the teacups. He narrowed his eyes and smiled as he served the tea to them and then swiftly left after that.

"Who is that?" Li Ruolan curiously asked.

She could tell that Kou Qiong was a Grandmaster. Yet, Chu Li treated Kou Qiong like a personal servant and ordered him around.

Chu Li replied, "He's working for me. You don't have to show him any respect because he's not a good person."

"He's still a Grandmaster," Li Ruolan said. "I'm sure he could be of great a.s.sistance."

"He can't do much." Chu Li curled his lips in contempt and spat. "He's good at serving tea, fetching water, and running around, but he's useless at everything else. He's hopeless! Miss Ruolan, aren't you tired of wearing that?"

Chu Li pointed at his own face.

Li Ruolan rolled her eyes at him before she elegantly removed her veil to reveal her charming and gorgeous face.

Chu Li stared at her face and smiled.

Li Ruolan felt slightly uncomfortable when Chu Li stared at her. She gently coughed before she softly said, "Initially, I a.s.sumed that you were going to secretly visit this place first. Judging from the situation, I never expected you to carry out your plan on a grand scale from the very beginning. You've caused such a commotion, I'd be surprised if the others haven't realized this yet!"

The Holy Church of Light still had spies in Gale City even though the Radiance Clan collapsed ten years ago.

Li Ruolan heard about Chu Li's situation from the spies. She found out that he immediately fought with the Windstorm a.s.sociation as soon as he arrived here. He chased the members of the Windstorm a.s.sociation away and occupied the Radiance Clan's original official residence. After that, he attacked the Roaring Tiger Clan. He became insufferably arrogant due to his impressive strength.

This was certainly prestigious for the Holy Church of Light but because of what Chu Li did, he made many enemies and was eventually attacked from all sides.

He was being too rash. It would be impossible for him to handle an ambush from the White Tiger Sect's masters even if his martial arts were any stronger. 

Li Ruolan had a different idea to revive the Radiance Clan. According to her, they should have secretly had the Windstorm a.s.sociation and the Roaring Tiger Clan thrown into disorder before they set out to a.s.sa.s.sinate them behind the scenes. Once their enemies were confused, their chance would arrive because everyone else would immediately focus on the general chaos. The White Tiger Sect would never dare to do the things that they did ten years ago because the current Holy Church of Light was not the same as before.

However, Zhao Dahe decided to use a simple but crude way to solve this problem before Li Ruolan had even finished thinking.

Chu Li scoffed. "The Holy Church of Light must tell everyone that we've returned in an imposing and intimidating manner!"

"This is too dangerous for you," Li Ruolan frowned and said. "The Saint isn't going to send anyone else here. How are you going to defend yourself on your own if the White Tiger Sect encircles and suppresses you?"

"It's fine," Chu Li seemed unconcerned as he said, "I'll flee if I can't defeat them. My Light-body Technique is excellent."

"The White Tiger Sect's Light-body Technique is also excellent," Li Ruolan shook her head and said, "Their Mountain-Leaping Tiger Light-body Technique also goes at an amazing speed. You can't outrun them by using Time Steps. You shouldn't be careless. Otherwise, they'll catch up to you."

"I know." Chu Li nodded.

He discovered that the White Tiger Sect's Light-body Technique was so extraordinary that it exceeded his expectations. Chu Li initially a.s.sumed that the factions that focused on torso tuning martial arts would not be strong or agile enough. However, the White Tiger Sect was different.

"I'm concerned about the White Tiger Killing Skill now." Chu Li frowned and said, "It's really challenging to deal with."

"I came here to obey the Saint's commands. I'm here to give you the Light Blade Technique." Li Ruolan took a crystal-clear jade tag out from her bosom. It was the size of her palm and completely plain. She pa.s.sed it to Chu Li and said, "The Light Blade Technique's legacy is inside here. The Saint said that you could activate it."

Li Ruolan's pale hand suddenly fused with the white jade tag altogether. It was impossible to tell them apart.

Chu Li reached his hand out to take it. He smiled and answered, "I'm extremely grateful to the Saint."

"I'm glad that you're not upset with her," Li Ruolan said before she tightened her lips into a smile.

Any other person would complain that the Saint was being unreasonably ruthless.

She had left him to his own devices in the White Tiger Sect's territory without sending any reinforcements and was tasked to rea.s.semble the Radiance Clan on his own while fighting by himself. No matter how one looked at it, it seemed like the Saint deliberately made things difficult for Chu Li and tried to send him to his death.

Li Ruolan was merely an outsider but she felt that the Saint was being quite unreasonable. Nonetheless, Zhao Dahe did not complain at all. This was certainly hard to comprehend.

Chu Li smiled and said, "Why would I blame the Saint? This feels so exciting and addictive. My martial arts also improves tremendously every time I risk my life to fight them. It's currently much stronger than before!"

"That's good," Li Ruolan gently replied.

Li Ruolan also noticed that Chu Li's cultivation improved a level. She quietly sighed in awe. Geniuses were as such. Unlike normal people, their advancement was so fast that it left others speechless.

This was not surprising. His true potential would naturally emerge when he struggled in an extremely harsh environment like this. It was not shocking that his advancement progressed so quickly.

Chu Li stuck the white jade tag on his forehead.

"Boom!" A dull thud echoed before a human figure appeared in the void of Chu Li's mind.

A Buddha, a demon, and a mirror were currently being cultivated in his mind's void.

Chu Li was mult.i.tasking right now. He could normally maintain his mind's void while ensuring that the Great Light Scripture, MahVairocana's Immobility Scripture, and the Heavenly Demonic Scripture were being cultivated.

The human figure's entire body was as transparent as a crystal and its meridians could be clearly seen because its flesh and blood had disappeared.

The figure gestured that it was throwing a flying blade after it appeared in the void of Chu Li's mind. A red line appeared in its meridian when it made that gesture.

The human figure repeated the action immediately before another red line sprung up and circled its meridian.

The red lines became more complicated and detailed when the figure threw the third flying blade. This sight would send s.h.i.+vers down anyone's spine.

The red lines became more complex when the fourth flying blade was thrown. The lines seemed to circle its meridians for a duration of two circulatory cycles. It would certainly be difficult to throw a blade like this in a short span of time.

The human figure continued throwing the flying blades. Each throw was more complicated than the last.

Two bursts of inner energy suddenly appeared in its meridian when the sixth blade was thrown. There was a red line and a blue line as the two bursts of inner energy simultaneously circulated inside its meridians. The lines looked like a pair of rivers that were flowing in separate directions before they finally converged.

The two bursts of inner energy traveled on more complex routes when the seventh blade was thrown.

When the ninth blade was thrown, the two bursts of inner energy twisted around one another as they moved forward but they never touched. They were clearly separated as they advanced side by side. This was incredibly hard to achieve.

Chu Li slowly opened his eyes before a look of admiration appeared on his face.

The Light Blade Technique was definitely more complicated than his Eternity Blade.

He had previously experienced the Light Blade Technique's destructive force. Although Fang Qingyang's Light Blade Technique was only at the third level when he used it, its destructive force was already terrifying enough. Chu Li did not know how swift and violent this skill would be if he could push it to the ninth level. He felt giddy with excitement.

Li Ruolan could not stop herself from discouraging Chu Li when she saw the excited look on his face. "The Light Blade Technique and the Divine Light Sword are similar because their channeling routes are complex. It's extremely difficult to cultivate the Light Blade Technique because it's more complicated than the Divine Light Sword."

Chu Li said, "This is great! Its destructive force is powerful too. I don't have to worry about the White Tiger Killing Skill anymore with this."

"The White Tiger Killing Skill's destructive force is stronger," Li Ruolan frantically continued. "You can only suppress the White Tiger Killing Skill once you've reached the fourth level."

Chu Li nodded. "I'll train until I reach the fourth level."

Li Ruolan looked at him before she finally nodded.

She would definitely refute anyone else if they said that. The Light Blade Technique would not be considered as a Mystical Art that was as famous as the Divine Light Sword Technique if it could be cultivated so easily. Its destructive force was great, but it was complicated and difficult. Furthermore, it required an unusually high apt.i.tude.

White-Robed Chief 791 Blade Technique

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