White-Robed Chief 799 Musical Assassination

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Chu Li observed her and nodded. "Are you a dancer?"

He noticed how well-endowed Yue Ru's figure was. Her graceful steps possessed a sort of rhythmic charm, a testament to the years of rigorous training she had experienced. Dancing had become her second nature and she was undoubtedly skillful in it.

"Yes, I had dance training." Yue Ru smiled.

Chu Li looked at her. "Very well, dance for me then."

Miss Yue Ru was beautiful and her eyes occasionally gave off a hint of mischief and shrewdness. 

"Yes." Yue Ru grinned. "What sort of dance would you like to see, Master Zhao?"

"I'm not familiar with this. Just show me what you do best and allow me to broaden my horizons."

"Alright." Yue Ru let out a soft laugh.

The women sitting behind the curtain began to move. The music played and the calming tune resounded across the area.

Yue Ru moved around to the rhythm of the music elegantly like a delicate spirit crane spreading its wings. She was composed and lovely. Chu Li was stunned by her performance.

It was his first time realizing that a person could achieve great heights in dancing. If he cultivated Six Forms of Spirit Crane, he believed his progress would be much faster.

He focused on Yue Ru attentively.

Yue Ru's movements changed constantly with the music. Sometimes, her movements were gentle while at other times, her movements became intense. 

Chu Li's heart fluttered along with her dance steps too.

He peeked at Kou Qiong behind him and frowned.

Kou Qiong's eyes lit up and he bore a mesmerized expression. His body moved along slightly to the beat. Although it was just a slight gesture, it was obvious that he was fully engrossed with the performance.

Chu Li reached out an arm and waved it before Kou Qiong's eyes. There was no reaction from Kou Qiong as his eyes were fixed on Yue Ru.

Chu Li let out a quiet sigh. Indeed, the Tian Luo Sect showed its capabilities. The dance resulted in an effect that messed with one's mind and judgment. It would have been a piece of cake if someone wanted to kill Kou Qiong at that moment.

Yue Ru swayed along to the music in a limber and gentle manner. Her gaze s.h.i.+fted according to each action, displaying excitement and despair at times, pa.s.sion and coldness, and longing and rejection at other times.

At first, the music was soothing. Later, the music altered gradually and had a tinge of discordance.

Chu Li raised an eyebrow.

Yue Ru's movements became more powerful and explosive and her pace quickened. Her expression turned to one of terror and sorrow as if she was trapped in the middle of a battlefield.

Chu Li squinted his eyes and studied her. He did not move a muscle but the Omniscient Mirror was observing Kou Qiong. His emotions were affected by the music, rising and falling like fluctuating waves as his inner energy pulsated.

Chu Li did not notice anything strange about himself.

He possessed the Omniscient Mirror and MahVairocana's Immobility Scripture. The Tian Luo Sect's dance and music had no effect on him. They were no different from regular dances.

Yue Ru was completely devoted to her performance and ignored Chu Li and Kou Qiong's condition. She believed that both men would lose the ability to resist after one song.

As the music crescendoed, her dance became more energetic and her movements were more forceful. She was like a man in the center of a sandy battlefield bracing himself against the onslaught of thousands of soldiers on horseback. There was no way of escaping and no chance of survival, yet the man steadied himself and fought until his last breath. 

Then, the music stopped.

Yue Ru slowed down to a halt and ceased moving.

She panted as perspiration clung to her body. She curtsied to Chu Li and exited the area.

Yue Ru noticed Chu Li was still clear-headed and unaffected by the performance. Deep down, she was appalled but she kept her composure and retreated without hesitation.

The other maidens who played musical instruments retreated slowly as well. Soon, silence enveloped the residence.

Chu Li turned around and patted Kou Qiong.

Kou Qiong spat out a mouthful of blood and his face was pale.

Chu Li pouted in disgust. "Useless fellow!"

Kou Qiong regained his consciousness after he spat blood. He exclaimed apologetically, "Clan Leader, I lost control of myself!"

Chu Li asked, "Is this a martial art of the Tian Luo Sect?"

Kou Qiong nodded. "Musical a.s.sa.s.sination Technique; an invisible form of attack!"

Chu Li snorted. "Why weren't you on guard when you know full well that this is the territory of the Tian Luo Sect?"

"I couldn't help myself." Kou Qiong shook his head and winced. "I've been on guard all along but I didn't expect to be mesmerized by the music."

Chu Li remarked, "Looks like you'll get attacked again next time."

Kou Qiong nodded helplessly. "That's how frightening the Tian Luo Sect is. We all know it's a killing skill, yet we can't protect ourselves against it."

"Miss Yue Ru is rather intriguing," Chu Li said. "Is she very famous in Phoenix G.o.ddess Brothel?"

"Yes," Kou Qiong replied. "Miss Yue Ru is particularly notable in the whole of Gale City."

Chu Li scoffed. "It seems that she's well-prepared and here to test us."

Kou Qiong chuckled. "This is a good thing. It shows that they hold high regard for the Clan Leader."

"Hmm, you've got a point. I want to know what the Tian Luo Sect is up to." Chu Li waved his folding fan.

Yue Ru glided in delicately. She had already changed into a light green gown and her hair was wet. A faint, fragrant smell of soap emanated from her body. She greeted courteously, "My apologies for keeping you waiting, Master Zhao."

Chu Li inquired, "Miss Yue Ru, what was that musical composition just now?"

"Formation Rupture Composition." Yue Ru smiled. "I didn't expect you to have such a high level of concentration, Master Zhao. You weren't affected by the composition."

Chu Li pouted. "I know nothing about melodies."

Yue Ru spoke, "The less one knows about melodies, the greater his reaction towards the composition. I believe your follower knows nothing about melodies too, am I right?"

Kou Qiong cleared his throat and nodded. "Mm, I know nothing."

Chu Li snorted. "Do you have a composition that is more complex and powerful? The one just now sounded rather appealing."

"Oh?" Yue Ru was surprised. Her curved eyebrows twitched and she smiled. "Aren't you worried about getting hurt, Master Zhao?"

Chu Li scoffed. "I haven't come across a composition that can hurt me yet!"

"Since you're so enthusiastic, Master Zhao, I shall comply." Yue Ru chuckled and clapped her hands once.

A maiden carrying an exquisite pipa entered and handed it to Yue Ru.

Yue Ru sat on the embroidered stool on the opposite side of the room and half-covered her lovely face, showing only her seductive eyes. She let out a gentle laugh. "I shall play a musical piece for you, Master Zhao." 

"Good." Chu Li nodded his head eagerly.

"Dun dun dun dun…" A barrage of the pipa's strumming sounds bombarded the men menacingly like a herd of stampeding horses.

Kou Qiong sat up straight and his eyes brightened.

Chu Li nodded. It was undoubtedly the work of an expert. When Yue Ru strummed the pipa, the sound waves were enough to make a person's heart beat frantically.

Like the sound of rain, the sounds of the strums were rapid and intense. One wave arrived after the next, causing one to go out of breath. After all, each note penetrated the bottom of one's heart and resulted in violent palpitations.

Chu Li's expression was normal but Kou Qiong's face went red. His eyes were illuminated and he could not suppress his murderous intentions which were about to make him get up and start slaughtering people.

As Yue Ru played on, Kou Qiong's face turned a greater shade of red.

"Phis.h.!.+" A line of blood was spat out and Kou Qiong's expression turned gray.

Chu Li shook his head.

Yue Ru closed her eyes and her slender fingers plucked gently on the strings. Her fingers moved around nimbly as if they were dancing on the strings.

"Phis.h.!.+" Kou Qiong spat out another mouthful of blood and his face turned ugly.

He had already regained his consciousness but he was still incapable of resisting the pipa sounds' attacks. His organs vibrated along with the rhythm and his blood flow and heartbeat were controlled by the tune of the pipa.

"Clap! Clap!" Using the folding fan, Chu Li tapped on his palm twice.

Kou Qiong was jolted back into reality and he exhaled a pent-up breath. Once again, the fire in his eyes was rekindled.

White-Robed Chief 799 Musical Assassination

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