White-Robed Chief 800 Tiger Armor

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Chu Li's act of tapping twice felt as if two streams of inner energy penetrated Kou Qiong's body. His pulsating organs calmed down and his blood flow and heartbeat returned to normal. All the strange feelings and agony he felt disappeared instantly!

Kou Qiong respected Chu Li more. His clan leader was so powerful!

Yue Ru pressed the strings of the pipa with both hands and the sounds stopped.

She glared at Chu Li fiercely. "Impressive, Master Zhao, and you said you didn't understand melodies!"

Chu Li said, "I really don't and I simply clapped… The Tian Luo Sect's Musical a.s.sa.s.sination Technique is highly effective and can kill someone insidiously, no doubt about that. I believe it would be much more effective if it was applied on a battlefield, don't you think?"

Yue Ru shook her head gently. "The formation of a battle is able to render the Musical a.s.sa.s.sination Technique useless."

Chu Li asked, "What's your role in the Tian Luo Sect, Miss Yue Ru?"

"I'm an official disciple of the Tian Luo Sect," Yue Ru replied.

Chu Li exclaimed in surprise, "An official disciple? Why are you here instead of cultivating in the mountains? This isn't a proper place for you, don't you agree?"

"I can only understand humanity and grasp the essence of the Tian Luo Sect's martial arts by immersing myself in society." Yue Ru shook her head gently. "The martial arts of the Tian Luo Sect can't be cultivated just by staying in the mountains."

"No wonder." Chu Li gasped and twitched his lips. "This means that you're far weaker than us, from the Holy Church of Light. The official disciples of the Holy Church have very high ranks and are much more powerful than you all."

"Well, not really." Yue Ru grinned. "We might not be the brightest ones in society but at least we compete among ourselves, unlike you disciples of the Holy Church of Light who have to compete with other disciples. It's an aggressive, dog-eat-dog situation and no mercy is shown!"

"It isn't that aggressive," Chu Li responded.

Yue Ru replied, "There's one compet.i.tion every five years and only the top five outer mountain disciples can become inner mountain disciples. Imagine how aggressive the compet.i.tion is!"

"It's fair and square." Chu Li grinned. "Sparring determines your rank. Whoever is worthy shall become an inner mountain disciple. No one can contest that!"

"Which results in a fight till death." Yue Ru shook her head disapprovingly. "There's no mercy in a compet.i.tion between members of the same sect."

"Alright, the Tian Luo Sect is no worse." Chu Li laughed. "Are you trying to get me into the Tian Luo Sect?"

"We don't accept male disciples." A wry smile crossed Yue Ru's face. "Master Zhao, you're in big trouble, yet you're not bothered by it since you're calmly sitting here. I admire you!"

"Are you referring to the killing of those three fellows?" Chu Li pouted. "If I don't kill them, they'll kill me. It's either me or them, so they must die. It's not a big deal if the White Tiger Sect wants to avenge their deaths!"

"Master Zhao, do you think you can defeat the White Tiger Sect?"

"Of course."

"Hehe!" Yue Ru giggled. "You're so funny, Master Zhao!"

Chu Li said seriously, "I wasn't joking. I can beat them!"

Yue Ru spoke, "Can you really defeat the White Tiger Sect on your own, Master Zhao? In that case, the White Tiger Sect would have been completely destroyed. You don't a.s.sume that just because you've killed two Elders, you're able to kill all Elders, do you? Moreover, you have to tackle the head of the White Tiger Sect!"

Chu Li replied, "Of course."

Yue Ru shook her head. "I understand how mighty your Light Blade is Master Zhao, but there isn't a martial art that makes you invincible. There are so many ways to block the effects of the Light Blade. From what I know, the White Tiger Sect specializes in studying methods to defend themselves against the Holy Church of Light's martial arts. They have crafted several pieces of White Tiger Armor. When the White Tiger Armor is worn, the Light Blade's effect will be reduced by half and there's nothing you can do about it!"

Chu Li scoffed. "Are they really going to cover their whole bodies with armor, including their faces?"

"Definitely." Yue Ru nodded. "Only their eyes are shown."

Chu Li frowned.

Yue Ru continued, "Besides, the cultivation level of each Elder among the Eight Grand Elders is higher than the next. I heard that there are two Elders who are over three hundred years old and they are enigmatic."

A deep crease formed on Chu Li's brows. "Why are you telling me this?"

"I can help you," Yue Ru responded.


"I can help you avoid getting killed by the White Tiger Sect!"

"Heh, if I want to avoid an a.s.sa.s.sination attempt, I can just leave Gale City. This world is ma.s.sive anyway. How are they supposed to catch up with me?!"

"Master Zhao, you have underestimated the White Tiger Sect. They possess the White Tiger Soul-Tracking Technique. If you return to Great Light Peak Master Zhao, they can't do anything to you. However, if you leave Great Light Peak, they'll be able to track you down, no matter where you are!"

"Are you able to bypa.s.s the White Tiger Soul-Tracking Technique?"


"What are the conditions?"

"As long as you never do anything against the disciples of the Tian Luo Sect."

"Impossible." Chu Li shook his head. "I'm not going to sit on my b.u.t.t if the Tian Luo Sect's disciples attack me!"

"Then I shall change it to 'not harming the disciples of the Tian Luo Sect.'"

"So the Tian Luo Sect's disciples can tackle me according to their whims and fancies? This is because I'm not allowed to harm you all!" Chu Li protested. "This condition isn't reliable. Give me something more genuine."

"If you want something more genuine, do something for us."

"What would that be?"

"Kill an Elder of the White Tiger Sect."


"Tan Jin!"

"Tan again? How's he related to Tan Hu?"

"It doesn't matter." Yue Ru shook her head gently. "He killed one of our sisters but he's an Elder and spends most of his time in the White Tiger Sect, so we can't kill him. He'll probably come over this time."

"If I kill him, will all of you help me escape?"

"As long as you promise us, Master Zhao. You don't have to kill him this time."

"Aren't you worried that I might break my promise?"

"We trust you, Master Zhao."

"Alright, I'll do it!" Chu Li declared.

Suddenly, Yue Ru smiled. "Thank you, Master Zhao."

Chu Li remarked, "As long as you don't sell me off, it's fine."

"Don't worry about this, Master Zhao," Yue Ru said. "We won't get anything in return by selling you to the White Tiger Sect. In recent years, the sect has gotten more and more tyrannical and doesn't respect us."

Chu Li grinned. "Alright, I'll trust you all this time around."

He got up and added, "I've spoken my piece. Time to go!"

"Why don't you stay for a night, Master Zhao?" Yue Ru offered. "Although I'm just a performer and not a prost.i.tute, I can talk about subjects related to the martial arts world with you or get another sister to sing a song."

Chu Li declined. "It's time for me to practice!"

Then he patted Kou Qiong's shoulder. "Let's go!"

Kou Qiong stood up hastily and opened the door. 

Yue Ru was persuasive. "Master Zhao, stay here. Don't go back again."

Chu Li turned to look at her.

Yue Ru spoke, "Master Zhao, it's no longer safe over there. You don't know when they'll arrive and they might even come over without our knowledge. Why don't you stay here from today onwards?"

Kou Qiong quipped, "Clan Leader, Miss Yue Ru has a point."

Chu Li frowned and pondered. "Can you find a quiet place?"

"Of course." Yue Ru grinned. "I'm just worried that you might find it to be too quiet, Master Zhao."

"It's good as long as I can practice martial arts in peace," Chu Li answered.

"Please follow me, Master Zhao." Yue Ru got up slowly and began to head for the door.

Both men followed closely behind her.

Yue Ru stopped walking just before she stepped out of the door. She regarded Kou Qiong with a sly smile.

Kou Qiong remarked knowingly, "Clan Leader, I won't be joining you then."

Chu Li glanced at him.

Kou Qiong laughed nervously. "Don't worry, Clan Leader. We'll leave Gale City at once!"

Chu Li said, "Come back in a month's time!"

"Yes." Kou Qiong nodded quickly.

Knowing full well their clan leader was able to track them down, they dared not flee. In other words, they could not escape his grasp.

White-Robed Chief 800 Tiger Armor

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