White-Robed Chief 853 We Meet Again

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Chu Li was quite sad as he watched the two disappeared into the horizon.

Yang Ying had no feelings for him at all and they were merely good friends who were very similar. More so, they did not care about the difference in their genders. This made him very comfortable and it made interacting with her very relaxing. However, he did not expect her to leave so soon. With her gone, Gale City suddenly seemed much less interesting.

He returned to his courtyard before he headed straight to the Spirit Cranes Peak.

The two Spirit Cranes flapped their wings audibly as they charged in and messed with him for a bit. Then, Chu Li started to train his thirty-six energy-nurturing forms at the Spirit Cranes Peak.

After he had performed the thirty-six energy-nurturing forms once, he used the blade energy on his Light-body Technique. His speed was unrivaled as he was multiple times faster than usual. However, the blade energy had one big disadvantage.

It was just like a wild, untamed lion. Although its strength was powerful, it was hard to control. On the other hand, its inner energy was like a trained horse. Even though it was not as fast and powerful than the blade energy, it was easy to command and could be used on all sorts of martial arts. The blade energy certainly could not achieve this.

Hence, he was at a loss. He could not completely replace inner energy with the blade energy as both had their pros and cons.

The biggest disadvantage was that he could not store inner energy and blade energy simultaneously. He could only gather blade energy via thirty-six energy-nurturing forms and gathering blade energy outside of the Spirit Cranes Peak was incredibly slow. Hence, he cannot hope to rely on it during critical moments.

He was fortunate that he was able to kill Xu Zhengzong. If Xu Zhengzong's reaction were a little bit quicker and had faster speed, Chu Li would have certainly died. Back then, he had to disperse away his inner energy but his blade energy was incredibly weak — it was one of his weakest moments.

Only after filling up his blade energy, he was able to cast the Single Slice of the Universe twice. He would be useless if he could not defeat his enemies within that two blades.

As the name 'Single Slice of the Universe' suggested, the universe would go against him if he could not kill a person in one slice. He would be the one dead instead of his enemies.

Although that single slice was packed with immense power, one had to be very careful when unleas.h.i.+ng it.


The setting sun painted the Feng Huang Mountain into a gentle and beautiful scenery. It was as if the entire Feng Huang Mountain had been covered with a layer of dreamy aura that made it looked like a fantasy.

At the honorific arch located at the foot of the mountain, there stood two disciples from the Feng Huang Mountain. They were incredibly talented and were full of spirits. Their gazes were filled with life and their temples were so high up, it released a fierce aura.

Clad in green attires, they stood firm and straight under the arch. They squinted their eyes as they stared at a youngster in a white robe walking towards them.

The youngster in the white robe was the most handsome man in the world. He had a longsword by his waist and his white robes flapped about as every step he took was extremely firm.

The two youngsters in green attire took a deep breath, sensing that this was no ordinary man.

Feng Huang Mountain was back to its glory ever since Feng Xue appeared in Feng Huang Mountain. Many martial powerhouses had visited Feng Huang Mountain. With this, they were getting stronger and more influential as of late.

Regardless of the number of powerhouses they were faced with, they were never haughty nor humble and treated the situation calmy. 

However, they could not help but feel threatened when they were faced with this white-robed youngster who was walking slowly towards them. Most importantly, they could not help but feel that they did not have the upper hand and because of that, they felt anxious about it.

The white-robed youngster closed the distance between the two and greeted them with a fist salute. He then said in a gentle voice, "I'm Du Feng. I'm sorry for coming unannounced but I wish to have a spar with Feng Xue."

"Du Feng?" Shocked, both of their expressions changed drastically. "The White Shroud Shendao's Du Feng?"

Chu Li smiled gently as he nodded. "That's me."

The two were in utter shock. Then, one of them regained their consciousness and said immediately, "Please wait for a moment Hero Du. I'll make a report immediately!"

The White Shroud Shendao's Du Feng was a man who hated evil and was numbed to killing people. People's heads would start rolling down on the ground the instant he raised his sword. Moreover, he had killed at least thousands of evil-doers. His name was incredibly well known in the martial arts community and he had influenced those righteous people who learned martial arts for the sole purpose of protecting the weak and delivering justice. All of them were motivated to be Du Feng.

Chu Li smiled as he nodded. "Thank you."

One of the youngsters immediately leaped onto the tree and flew against the treetops. In a blink of an eye, he was already in the middle of the mountain.

The other youngster spoke, "Hero Du, my name is Zhao Xi and I've heard of your prestige name. It's really lucky of me to be able to meet you today!"

Chu Li shook his head as he smiled. "Stop calling me Hero Du and call me Brother Du. Brother Zhao, coming from such an infamous faction, you must be skilled — your future knows no bounds."

Zhao Xi did not expect Du Feng to be this humble and kind, nor did he have the arrogance of a martial artist who stood at the pinnacle. This made him respect Chu Li even more and so, he quickly said, "Forgive me for calling you that, Brother Du."

Chu Li nodded. "There you go. I'm only but a person who's slightly better than everyone in martial arts. There's nothing special about me."

"Brother Du, you're one of the best martial artists in this world. You've killed many evil-doers as well. I really respect you for it!" Zhao Xi shook his head. "Did Brother Du come here today to challenge Senior Feng?"

Chu Li nodded. "Miss Feng had gone to Snow Lunar Pavilion to challenge me back then. Unfortunately, I was isolating myself from the world. Snow Lunar Pavillion did not inform me in fear of interrupting my training and was willing to take the fall against Miss Feng instead. I felt incredibly bad about it and so, I've decided to come to have a spar with Miss Feng."

"Sigh…" Zhao Xi sighed as he shook his head. "Brother Du, I suggest you not to challenge Senior Feng."

Chu Li arched his eyebrows, but smiled as he said, "Why not?"

"Senior Feng's martial art is out of this world." Zhai Xi pointed at the gazebo by the side. "Let's have a seat and drink some tea to keep our mouth's hydrated."

"Thank you." Chu Li nodded.

The two of them headed towards the courtyard as Zhao Xi poured him a cup of tea and pa.s.sed it to him with two hands. "Although Brother Du might be laughed at for not being able to fight Senior Feng, you'd still be considered undefeated."

Chu Li replied, "Is Miss Feng really that strong?"

"Senior Feng's Feng Fei Ninth Heaven Technique is unrivaled. She's so quick that no one can see her clearly, given that she has peculiar inner energy that no normal inner energy can withstand. Brother Du, although your sword techniques are top of the cla.s.s, your sword can never be faster than Senior Feng's Light-body Technique," Zhao Xi said.

Chu Li sighed. "Unfortunately, this battle is inevitable. I'm not here for my reputation. I'm here for Snow Lunar Pavilion."

"Senior Feng may indeed have crossed the line a little." Zhao Xi raised his head as he lowered his voice. "However, this must be done to be the best. There's no other way."

Chu Li asked, "Aren't you guys worried that Feng Huang Mountain would be criticized by the public?"

Zhao Xi shook his head. "If Senior Feng can be the number one in the world, it means that Feng Huang Mountain is the best faction in the world. We might even be able to become a super-cla.s.s faction that stands shoulder to shoulder with the Big Four Factions."

Chu Li nodded slowly as he remained silent.

Then, a crisp flapping sound came from the sky.

Chu Li tensed up as he knew that the infamous Feng Xue, who had always been in the limelight, was about to appear.

Zhao Xi immediately said, "Senior Feng is coming! Brother Du… You're really very well respected. Senior Feng would always ignore these people who tried to spar with Senior Feng. She would ignore all of them no matter how strong they were!"

Chu Li laughed out loud. "Looks like I have to thank Miss Feng for seeing something in me."

Zhao Xi let out two peals of laughter as he realized he had spewed out nonsense. After all, he was the White Shroud Shendao and Senior Feng would never look down on him no matter how ignorant she was.

There was a thud before a white figure appeared in front of Chu Li.

A vague aroma filled up the surroundings. Like snow, her elegant body was covered by a robe; her face was covered with a white veil, revealing only a pair of eyes that was as clear as the cold lake under the sun. This sight was extremely attractive.

Chu Li fist saluted as he smiled gently. "I'm Du Feng. We've met in the past, Miss Feng."

"Feng Xue," the girl in white robe said indifferently. "Du Feng, you've finally come!"

"Yes, I have come on my own accord!" Chu Li smiled gently.

White-Robed Chief 853 We Meet Again

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