White-Robed Chief 974 Reveal

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King Ping groaned. "Chu Li!"

Chu Li lowered his head as he looked at his chest. He then raised his head to look at the four Elders. This attack seemed to have exhausted their spirits as they looked extremely tired.

"Move!" Chu Li shouted as he sealed the acupoints around his body.

His injury was like a hole appearing at a river out of the blue. His inner energy flowed out like a flash flood and his energy was instantly exhausted. 

Chu Li wanted to use his Light-body Technique but his body went limp and fell together with King Ping.

The two laid on the ground and could not move a single muscle. It was as if they had lost their bones as they could not even exert an ounce of energy.

King Ping was heavily injured and would die if he were to take another hit.

Chu Li could not exert any energy at all. All he could do was lay still and pant.

Life and Death Scripture had brought forward a huge amount of spiritual energy but not physical strength. All he could do was to watch the four Elders approaching them slowly as they looked down on them.

King Ping laughed softly as he shook his head. He did not expect that he would survive the battleground but die here!

Chu Li turned his head and said, "King Ping, we're about to go to the afterlife together. Congratulations your Royal Highness, you're about to reunite with Princess Ping!"

King Ping said, "I don't have the face to see Princess Ping because I couldn't avenge her!"

"Princess prefers that you accompany her than avenge her." Chu Li laughed.

The two looked calm as if they did not see the four Elders.

The Eight Great Protectors from afar had gone crazy. However, their body movements and martial arts were even more chaotic the crazier they became. Soon, they were attacked by the Black-robed Elder even though they had their secret skills and killing intents. No matter how courageous or how strong their will was, they could still not exceed the limits of their bodies as they fell frustratingly.

The Black-robed Elder went to help out his teammates as he defeated the Protectors. The Protectors were even helpless in a two against one situation and the Eight Great Protectors were utterly defeated.

Chu Li and King Ping were still chatting as they fell.

King Ping seemed to be in pain and worry as he sighed. "I've disappointed her ever since I've married her. The total amount of time I've spent with her since the start of our marriage is less than a month. She has been alone all these years and wanted to have a child to accompany her, but I've been busy with wars. I was unable to clone myself and fulfill her wis.h.!.+"

Chu Li said, "It's pointless to talk about this right now. We're at death's door and you should accompany her when you meet her. Unfortunately, I'm still unmarried. It's going to be quite lonely!"

"Do you fancy any girl?" King Ping laid on the floor as he looked at him.

Chu Li turned around and pressed his chest as his injury has started to slow down. He sighed. "I do. She's so close and yet, so far."

He was confident in the Life and Death Scripture, but the Life and Death Scripture might not come into effect at such a critical moment.

If the Emperor were to attack and end his life, he would certainly be too lazy to cut open his head. Chu Li had the confidence that the Life and Death Scripture would revive him. However, he had no such confidence when he faced against these people because they would surely crack his head open.

Chu Li would not be able to revive himself if his head were to be cracked open.

He found it rather unfortunate as he did not want to force Xiao Qi. He thought that he could take his time since life was slow and long. He could live for at least three hundred years and no matter how good a relations.h.i.+p was, it would not be fresh after three hundred years. Hence, Chu Li enjoyed the feeling of pursuing her.

Xiao Qi was a very conservative woman and men that were close to her could not even win her heart. He thought he had the luxury of taking his time but, just like boiling soup, the time would eventually come. He believed that his deep love for her would eventually reach her.

Now, it seemed that he had been too cruel on himself. Although he did not master Manifestation of Nature Restoration, he could tell that Xiao Qi had relaxed around him. He should have taken the opportunity and take her into his embrace. If he had treated himself better, he would have had Xiao Qi by now!

"Are you regretting?" King Ping asked. "It is I who have dragged you into this turmoil."

Chu Li laughed. "What I'm regretting are the things that I could've done. Your Highness, you can say that you've no more regrets, but I'm not. Unfortunately, life is always unexpected and we'll have to leave this world eventually!"

As they kept on speaking, the eight Elders had surrounded them and it was as if they were looking at the two entertainingly.

Chu Li and King Ping ignored them as they continued talking.

"Stop the idle chatter, let me send you guys off!" The Black-robed Elder said, "You better not reincarnate into The Great Ji Dynasty again. It's unfortunate to be born in a weak dynasty!" He spoke as he punched Chu Li.

"Pfft!" Blood spurted out from Chu Li's mouth as devastating power entered his body. The attack was directed at his heart but the Heavenly Demonic Orb had swallowed everything. The blood that Chu Li vomited was orchestrated by his will alone.

His face turned green and his gaze became dead.

That was not his last resort, which was the Limb of G.o.d. He had never given up on escaping at all.

Chu Li's first plan was to play dead. If the enemies insisted on cutting his head off, he would trigger the Limb of G.o.d. He would not use it if they left him there and he would just play dead until everything was over.

The Black-robe Elder had his face covered. His gaze was calm as he threw another punch towards King Ping.

"How dare you!" He shouted as if thunder clapped.

Chu Li's mind turned blank as if he was struck by lightning. His ears buzzed and could not hear anything else. Although his sight trembled and became foggy, the Omniscient Mirror was still in effect.

His shout was simply too overwhelming for the weak Chu Li, so much so that the latter was on the verge of pa.s.sing out. He relied solely on his strong will to keep himself from pa.s.sing out.

The Omniscient Mirror was able to pick out a figure appearing out of nowhere among the blinding light. 

This figure was engulfed by the blinding white light and Chu Li could not see him clearly at all. He could only see the figure's foggy shape through the Omniscient Mirror. The figure was thin and pet.i.te and his speed was beyond imagination. It was as if the world stopped as he moved.

The figure shoved his palm at the Black-robed Elder's chest and did not let any of them off the hook. All of his twelve palms looked extremely slow and all the twelve Black-robed Elders could not even evade his attacks at all. Chu Li watched their shocked expressions as they were attacked by this mysterious figure.

Nothing happened to all twelve Black-robed Elders when they were attacked.

The pet.i.te man engulfed in the white light picked King Ping up before glancing at Chu Li. He then turned into a stream of white light and shot into the sky, vanis.h.i.+ng from existence.

"Boom boom boom boom…" All twelve of the Black-robed Elders exploded as their limbs flew apart. It was as if they had been pulled apart. Their arms, legs, and heads were all spread out but it did not leave a single trace of blood. It was as if their bodies did not contain blood in the very first place.

Chu Li laid on the ground motionless as the Eight Great Protectors groaned at the distance.

Chu Li frowned as he recalled the figure earlier.

The blinding white light around the figure had totally covered up Chu Li's vision. He did not dare to look at him directly even with the Omniscient Mirror. His cultivation level was off the charts as the twelve hidden powerhouses of the Holy Church of Light were no match for him.

If their result was so, he would have met the same fate as them as well. If this palm were to land on his body, his limbs would definitely be detached even if he had the Heavenly Demonic Orb!

Chu Li subconsciously s.h.i.+vered as he pondered. Although the Life and Death Scripture was able to protect him, could he really be revived if he were to receive such a palm attack?

He had no confidence at all.

Chu Li had vaguely guessed the ident.i.ty of this man. He was the Emperor that had disappeared all this while. This Enlightened Master's attacks were so powerful that it was simply frightening!

He struggled as he got up and gave the Eight Great Protectors some Spirit Pills. He then used his Light-body Technique and glided away into the forest. He triggered the Limb of G.o.d to return to his small courtyard and started healing himself as he consumed the Spirit Pills.

Chu Li sighed discreetly as he sat down and healed his injury. The Emperor must have seen him and the situation was dire!

White-Robed Chief 974 Reveal

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