Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1026 - Tightened Fists

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Chapter 1026: Tightened Fists

No one expected the clash between Duanmu Huangqi and the senior disciple of the Sword Hut. No accidents had ever happened when the Sword Hut ceremony started in the past. No one dared to cause any accidents either.

But this year, the four Lords of Heaven had gathered in the palace. Not only had Duanmu Huangqi attacked, he had even publicly provoked the senior disciple of the Sword Hut!

People now knew that over the past decade, the senior disciple had not been the one performing swordplay. This year, it seemed as if Duanmu Huangqi was on par with the senior disciple, but the masters knew that Duanmu Huangqi would suffer.

But the problem was that even though Duanmu Huangqi could not defeat the senior disciple, he was now very strong.

The path of training before advancing to the master realm was like the path to heaven. Every step led to a new level. Walking up step by step would require a lifetime’s worth of effort, but s.h.i.+ Xuejin had stepped into heaven in four steps.

But what was after the master realm? No one knew. Each person had their own path. No one could teach others, and no one could help them. One could only rely on themselves.

This was the heavenly law.

The fact that the Sword Hut was able to nurture masters was frightening precisely because everyone could not find the path. It also established the Sword Hut’s position as the most sacred site of training in the entire Luniverse.

Lu Shu suddenly thought of something. Perhaps Duanmu Huangqi had sent his son, Duanmu Yunge, to the Sword Hut selections to send him to his death. He had never thought of letting him learn anything in the Sword Hut.

If this was truly the case, Lu Shu felt that he had to be alert against this Lord of Heaven. He was definitely capable of doing anything.

After being mocked by Gu Lingfei, Duanmu Huangqi did not say anything. He ordered his subordinates to return to his villa in the palace.

Just as the carriage turned around, another cloud sword condensed in the sky. This time, it formed at a faster rate and fell from the sky.

All the civilians in the palace had thought that the cloud sword in the sky was very small. But the cloud sword grew larger and larger in front of them, until it fell right in front of everyone!

The senior disciple of the Sword Hut did not back down against Duanmu Huangqi’s provocation. After they stopped the battle, he attacked once again.

This was the brutality of the Sword Hut. No one had challenged the Sword Hut without paying the price!

The attack turned Duanmu Huangqi’s two Blazing Cloud Foals into dust. Not even their corpses were left behind!

This time, Duanmu Huangqi did not protect his Blazing Cloud Foals!

Lu Shu slowly retreated. He felt that with Duanmu Huangqi’s personality, an actual battle would break out between the masters.

To Lu Shu’s surprise, Duanmu Huangqi laughed out loud in the carriage. “I have been sick of these Blazing Cloud Foals for some time. If they die, then so be it. But your disciples will have to be careful when they go out.”

Hm? To Lu Shu’s surprise, he realized that Duanmu Huangqi had decided to endure!

He did not think that Duanmu Huangqi had suddenly admitted his fear. It was not possible for him not to have an escape route if he dared to provoke the Sword Hut. He definitely had other considerations.

But these had nothing to do with him. The senior disciple from the Sword Hut had attacked the horse, not Duanmu Huangqi himself. This meant that there was still some room for compromise.

Of course, if Duanmu Huangqi had the upper hand this time, it would be hard to say whether the Sword Hut would be as brutal.

The Sword Hut ceremony did not just include the swordplay performance. After the performance, all the disciples of the Sword Hut would come in front of the statues of the King of G.o.ds and the head of the Sword Hut. Some disciples had brought along pigs, cows, and sheep as sacrifices. Others brought the Five Grains and placed them on the ceremonial stage.

Gu Lingfei followed the ritual and delivered a congratulatory message. The four Lords of Heaven had disappeared. When the entire Sword Hut gathered and knelt down in wors.h.i.+p, everyone had forgotten about Lu Shu. No one paid any attention to him…

It seemed as if everyone in the Sword Hut did not include Lu Shu, but Lu Shu could not leave like that. He had taken 20 days to read 10% of the books in the library. He did not know whether the remaining 90% would contain any ways to return home.

The civilians of the palace knelt down in wors.h.i.+p once again. It was as if they treated the King of G.o.ds and the head of the Sword Hut as deities.

Lu Shu did not know that although the old King of G.o.ds was engaged in battle for many years, after the palace was built, the lives of civilians improve greatly. Furthermore, during the years of war, many leaders liked to take the civilians as their private property. Only the King of G.o.ds was strict to his subordinates, but did not touch the civilians.

Thus, although the people of the Luniverse knew how brutal the King of G.o.ds was, after a long time, a majority of the people could still acknowledge the King of G.o.ds. They knew that if their leader changed, their lives would not be as good as they are now.

The civilians along the borders were oppressed by the slave owners and the aristocrats. They were lingering with their last breath, but no matter how painful the suffering was, they thought that it would be fine as long as the old King of G.o.ds was still around. He would definitely take care of them.

The crowd slowly dispersed. The disciples of the Sword Hut went to the ceremonial hut, where meetings were held.

All of the disciples of the Sword Hut who had returned had to report the major events they had experienced over the past year, as well as information that they had heard. Lu Shu has also seen records of past meetings in the library.

But this year was different from the past years. Gu Lingfei delivered important instructions. All the disciples of the Sword Hut in the West Region were not to go back for the time being to avoid danger.

It was not as simple as avoiding danger. It seemed as if a great war was upon them once again. The Sword Hut also had to gather their manpower.

The Sword Hut in the past was like an open palm. Now, they had to bring their fingers in and clench their fist!

“Duanmu Huangqi’s provocation might be related to the manpower along the border of the West Region. It is very strange. No one is involved, so we have no idea what is happening there,” said one of the disciples. He furrowed his eyebrows.

“Not only that,” said one of the Sword Hut disciples, “Two of my scouts were killed when they got closer to the area. I did not act rashly.”

While everyone was discussing, they suddenly heard a voice. “Can I ask something? Where will we stay at night? Can accommodation be booked?”

Everyone stopped and looked at the entrance. They saw a young man standing in the light…

‘From Gu Lingfet’s distress, +748…”

“From…” ‘

Gu Lingfei said in a cold tone, “We are discussing official matters. Do you have anything to report to us?”

Lu Shu felt slightly awkward. Everyone was looking at him. “I don’t know what to say either. Happy New Year in advance then…”

“From Gu Lingfei’s distress, +999!”

“From…” ‘

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1026 - Tightened Fists

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