Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1030 - Gu Lingfei’s Loss of Income

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Chapter 1030: Gu Lingfei’s Loss of Income

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Actually, Lu Shu felt terrible. Be it the Sword Hut or the Hall of Swords, n.o.body could surpa.s.s the scene when he opened the Sea of Chi and snowy mountain. However, he could not say it.

He was extremely amazing but he could not say it!

How was that different from travelling in cotton-padded clothes at night, no matter how nicely-dressed he was, n.o.body could see it!

In the past on Earth, he could awaken his powers by arm-wrestling as n.o.body knew what it was. However, the Luniverse was different. Others had practiced their swordplay for thousands of years and if one said one managed to open the Sea of Chi and snowy mountain on the spot, one would be courting death…

Zhou Buer pa.s.sed Lu Shu a jade slip. “Go back and refer to this. Ask me any questions you might have.”

As Zhou Buer spoke, he closed his eyes again and continued to practice his swordplay.

Senior Tang Linshan walked out while pulling onto Lu Shu. He exclaimed as he stepped out of the door, “This is probably the first time in decades since I saw senior Zhou Buer with a pleasant expression. In the past when people came to ask him about swordplay, n.o.body dared to ask him any simple questions. Do you know how miserable it felt to be looked down at.”

Lu Shu was stunned for a moment. “Really?”

“Yes, you should feel fortunate. Senior Buer is probably viewing you with high regards. If you have any questions regarding swordplay in the future, don’t hesitate and just ask him.”

Lu Shu nodded. It was pretty good to be able to interact with someone else.

Tang Linshan did not know what Lu Shu was thinking about or he would break down on the spot. Everyone was there to ask for help, why was Lu Shu “interacting”? Tang Linshan was a master!

However, to Lu Shu, his realm in terms of swordplay could not be understood by Tang Linshan.

He practiced it once and re-practiced it when he met problems. Lu Shu never slacked off. Moreover, for some reasons, Lu Shu felt extremely happy when he had swordplay. It felt as though he had seen it and learnt it before.

After bidding goodbye to Tang Linshan, Lu Shu went back to his room. He wanted to take a look at the contents of the jade slip and begin reading the books.

However, when he pushed his door, he felt as though he was dragged in by an invisible force. Then, the door slammed shut behind him.

Yu Fuyao was once again lying on his bed and looked at him with a smile. Lu Shu was completely stunned. What on earth, why are you visiting me so regularly?!

Lu Shu was speechless. “Why are you here?”

Yu Fuyao said, “Just sit quietly beside the table and don’t speak.”

Lu Shu thought, what strange request was that, it was stranger than he had expected…

Then, he realized that Yu Fuyao fell asleep. Occasionally, her eyelashes moved.

What the…

He sat beside the table and whipped out a book. Without caring about the book’s t.i.tle, he began to read. He had to finish flipping through all the contents of the books.

At this moment, Lu Shu looked up at Yu Fuyao and suddenly thought of a question. Since Wen Zaifou’s memorial was in the library, Yu Fuyao’s memorial should be there too…

Lu Shu sneakily flipped through the books in the Seal of Lands. Indeed, it was there.

He sneakily peeked at Yu Fuyao again before reading the book with Yu Fuyao’s memorial.

He took two glances and fell speechless. The memorial wrote, “I took in another male companion today. He is really handsome.”

Next month, “I took in a male companion two days ago. He is a little ugly.”

Lu Shu continuously flipped through three years’ worth of memorials before he realized that Yu Fuyao took in one male companion every month… and specially reported this to the King of G.o.ds!

Lu Shu thought. Why was this Lord of Heaven in the Luniverse so strange?! However, none of the memorials had the King of G.o.ds’ reply.

What exactly caused Yu Fuyao to report her male companions to other people?

Then, Yu Fuyao seemed to have gotten tired of this. The content of the memorial suddenly changed and became poems.

“Dear King, the line ‘this love will become a beautiful memory’ is so well-written.”

“Dear King, what does the sentence ‘What is love? We live and die for it!’ mean?”

However, she never got any responses.

At this moment, there was knocking sounds outside the door. Lu Shu instinctively kept all the books into the Seal of Lands. When he lifted his head, he realized that Yu Fuyao had disappeared.

Lu Shu suddenly thought that Nie Ting must have felt very happy to enter the Master realm. Now, he did not have to hide to others, he could break s.p.a.ce immediately.

However, he did not think too much about it and opened the door for Tang Linshan. However, Tang Linshan shouted anxiously, “Junior Lu Shu, something bad has happened!”

Lu Shu was stunned. “What happened, did Duanmu Huangqi attack?”

“No, senior Gu Lingfei attacked… No, I mean, senior Gu Lingfei is guarding the library personally!” Tang Linshan said anxiously.

“Eh, why did she go to the library?” asked Lu Shu curiously.

Tang Linshan was slightly embarra.s.sed. “We accidentally exposed our actions. Some people, after knowing that they could leave a line on the Sword Hut records through you, went to brag to other seniors whom did not know about this. I did not stop them as I thought I could help you get a few more deals. Anyway, it is a win-win situation.”

“Then?” Lu Shu was curious.

“Then, senior Gu Lingfei pa.s.sed by.” Tang Linshan’s expression suddenly changed. “She overheard our conversation and went to guard the library. She built a small cottage outside the library!”

Lu Shu thought that Gu Lingfei was really extreme. In order to stop Lu Shu from entering the library to leave comments, she decided to set up guard outside the library.

That would definitely spoil his plan!

At this moment, many other seniors rushed over to inform Lu Shu. Everyone thought that Lu Shu could not forcefully enter the library with Gu Lingfei guarding outside it.

That meant that everyone had paid money for nothing. If Lu Shu could not enter, they demanded for a refund!

The people in the Sword Hut were simple-minded. “We made the mistake, so we have a responsibility too. You can just refund us half the amount!”

Would Lu Shu want to refund half of the amount? He did not want to refund any money at all…

“Junior Lu Shu, don’t be foolish. You won’t be able to win against senior Gu Lingfei. If she guards the library personally, you will definitely not be able to enter, please don’t do anything foolis.h.!.+” warned Tang Linshan.

Lu Shu looked at Tang Linshan, “Why would I do anything silly?”

As Lu Shu said that, he whipped out the Sword Hut records…

Tang Linshan was astonished!

The seniors were astonished too!

What the f*ck was that, brother, you dared to do this?!

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1030 - Gu Lingfei’s Loss of Income

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