Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1040 - The Fourth Level of Nebula Has Formed! The Sound of Dao Appeared Again!

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Chapter 1040: The Fourth Level of Nebula Has Formed! The Sound of Dao Appeared Again!

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This time, no gambling den in the palace opened any bets. If not, they would have been able to earn a lot of money.

Xiao Mingze sat on a rocking chair in the courtyard behind the gambling den. He felt as if he had missed out on an opportunity. He and Zhao Shuai interacted with Lu Shu the most. Thus, they had stronger feelings. For some reason, they now felt that Lu Shu would win this time.

The wealthy families in the palace started to tremble because of the death of a patron. No one expected Lu Shu to kill one patron in a face-to-face battle. He was a veteran who had walked with Duanmu Huangqi for hundreds of years. How did he die just like that?

When Lu Shu delivered his punch, he was very calm. He did not think that he would be unable to defeat the patron. When he only had the celestial map, he was the strongest among those who were of the same rank as him. After coming to the Luniverse and training again, it was not an overstatement to say that he was half a step into advancing to the master realm.

Perhaps half a step was too much. Just a little was enough.

When Lu Shu was Rank Three, as long as he rushed for another month or two, he would be able to break free of the chains. But he did not do so.

The benefits of undergoing training one more time were proven in this punch. It was like a mighty thunderbolt that broke through the clouds. It was too late for his enemy to even defend himself.

The expressions of the underlings along the road grew serious. Even after they had lost many men, they did not expect this young man to have this kind of power.

Lu Shu turned and looked at the patron at the end of the road. “The second!”

If the air was not controlled in the palace, Rank Ones would have many abilities to showcase. But now, no one could fly!

Furthermore, if Lu Shu flew, he was much faster than other Rank Ones, but there was a limit.

However, it was different on the ground. Lu Shu had the absolute advantage in terms of physical strength!

On Earth, no matter whether it was the Heavenly Network or other large organizations, they felt that strength-type experts were not very useful in their later stages. They were even reduced to being the bodyguards of elemental types.

For example, when Lu Shu was fighting back on Earth, a metal-type and a strength-type had worked together, but the strength-type was just there to ensure that Lu Shu did not approach the metal-type.

But Lu Shu felt that it was only because the strength-type had not broken through the known limits. What if Lu Shu was able to break through those limits?

The patron took precautions. He shouted in a cold tone, “Attack!”

He wanted to use the lives of the underlings to slow Lu Shu down and buy enough time for himself.

The underlings were shocked. When the patron ordered them to attack, it meant that he had admitted that he was at a disadvantage. He was not confident that he could kill Lu Shu with Lu Shu’s speed!

The next moment, the patron’s arm trembled. A green bead fell from his ornamental thumb ring into his palm. Then, it shone radiantly.

Symbols were projected from the green bead into the sky.

Sun Zhongyang was sitting facing his father. The windows and doors were open. When the green symbols were projected into the sky, it was as if half the palace had been dyed green.

Sun Xunwen said, “This is the treasured bead bestowed by Duanmu Huangqi, ‘Clear Autumn’. There are a total of nine symbols. Once they are formed in the sky, the person who owns the bead will decide who lives and dies in that area, unless they are of a higher realm.”

Sun Zhongyang looked up in the sky. The green symbols were in the sky. Three new symbols appeared every second. He muttered, “There are six symbols. Is Lu Shu doing to die?”

But at that moment, the symbols suddenly stopped forming. They no longer engulfed the land. Even the symbols in the sky had started to fade.

“What’s happening?” Sun Zhongyang was surprised.

Lu Shu sped up on the limestone road. He covered 100 feet with every stride. He was as fast as a flying arrow!

The underlings on the rooftops had started to throw knives at Lu Shu under the patron’s orders. Lu Shu was 500 meters away from the patron. Within the 500 meter distance, underlings lined up on the road!

Thus, while Lu Shu sprinted, all the underlings jumped down to block him. But they did not expect that even before they landed, Lu Shu had run past them. They could not even touch Lu Shu’s clothes.

It was as if this had been rehea.r.s.ed. When Lu Shu ran past, the underlings landed on the ground. They were always one step behind him!

This time, the limestone bricks that Lu Shu had stepped on did not break. But when the underlings stepped on them, they suddenly kicked up a storm of dust. The limestone bricks that Lu Shu had stepped on had turned into dust!

In the dust, all the underlings felt that there was something very sharp flying through the dust and taking their lives. It was Lu Shu’s Sparrow Shade.

At first, when the third level of Nebula appeared, 36 strands of Sparrow Shade had been produced. Lu Shu thought that this was the limit.

Later on, he found out that for every star that lit up in the fourth level of Nebula, the number of strands would multiply. Now, Lu Shu had lit up all seven stars, and there were 2304 strands!

The strands pierced through the storm of dust as Lu Shu ran. It was like a spout that could destroy everything. It was a force that could not be stopped.

Neither the underlings nor the patrons had expected this. From the very beginning, Lu Shu had not cared about the underlings. The underlings were not capable of slowing him down.

Thus, when Lu Shu came to the patron, it was too late for the Clear Autumn ability to project the last three symbols.

There was panic in the patron’s eyes. The nine black serpents on his clothes jumped out and charged towards Lu Shu.

But with another punch, Lu Shu destroyed the nine serpents without much effort. Even if the patron wanted to escape, it was too late!

There was alarm in the patron’s eyes. Suddenly, a ma.s.sive black serpent appeared from behind the patron. It was spitting poison!

But when he thought… he could not think of anything else, because he realized that Lu Shu’s punch was just foreshadowing. Lying in ambush was Lu Shu’s lightning aurablade.

Even ordinary masters had to treat the threat of a heavenly punishment seriously, let alone a Rank One patron!

Finally, the patron’s face, that had been unable to move, gradually grew twisted as he struggled. He had finally tasted the feeling of fear after countless years in the Luniverse.

Lu Shu stood where he was and observed the patron. He sensed that the patron’s fear was spreading throughout the heaven and the earth. Love, anger, sadness, fear, love, evil, and desire. These were the fortresses of the seven levels of Nebula. Lu Shu had guessed that the key to breaking through to the fifth level of Nebula was fear.

Lu Shu rarely felt fear, because he had always pressed forward with an indomitable will. But this did not mean that he would not be able to break through, as he could naturally make others feel fear.

The celestial map rotated. The fourth level of Nebula went to its position. Lu Shu looked at the sky. What was supposed to come would eventually come. The Sound of Dao when the celestial map advanced to Rank One should have been produced.

A sound that engulfed the entire palace echoed. The sound was vast and clear. “Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.”

Lu Shu calmly looked at the sky. “What in the world…”

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1040 - The Fourth Level of Nebula Has Formed! The Sound of Dao Appeared Again!

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