Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1044 - Uninvited Guest

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Chapter 1044: Uninvited Guest

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The strongest person besides other masters? What an incredible name!

Everyone knew that although they were of the same rank, there would be a large difference in their strength. But no one had dared to say that they were the strongest person in their rank! Even observers did not dare to do so!

This was because everyone felt that the Luniverse was very vast. There were many geniuses. Although they had not seen anyone stronger, there were definitely people stronger than themselves in other places. There was a sense of uncertainty.

It was precisely because of this uncertainty that no one in the Luniverse could become the “strongest person besides masters” in the people’s hearts.

But now, no matter whether it was Sun Zhongyang, Sun Xunwen, Mo Xiaoya, the heads of the wealthy families, and even the strong pract.i.tioners in hiding, all thought about the same thing. This young man, who had just come out of the Sword Hut and killed hundreds on the limestone road, had no enemies besides the masters.

This was a mysterious feeling. At first, Sun Xunwen had been very calm, but he could no longer be calm. This was because he was the person who had the most hope of advancing to the master realm among the wealthy families in the palace. He felt a deep sense of helplessness against this young man.

He could not defeat this young man. There was no good explanation for this.

The underlings and patrons in the brothel fell into despair. They had just wanted to get rid of a minor character. That young man was the person the Lord of Heaven wanted to kill. Since he had dared to walk over to the brothel, they would conveniently get rid of him.

As they killed, the young man did not die, but Duanmu Huangqi’s manpower in the palace dwindled.

The underlings on the street and the patrons in the patrons might all die!

All of the underlings in the brothel had died.

Their leader had a dark expression on his face. “I’m afraid that we won’t be able to escape this. If you want your family members to survive, give up your lives in exchange. If you kill that young man, your family members will still survive!”

The patrons were not intimidated. They knew very clearly that if they died here, their relatives in the West Region would not be able to escape the torture by Duanmu Huangqi.

Relatives, attendants, and subordinates would not be able to escape!

The rest of the patrons understood this. They already knew this since a long time ago.

There was a period of time when tears of blood streamed down their faces. Their pale skins were horrifyingly dyed by the tears of blood.

They were not crying. They had opposed their own techniques. Thus, even their blood started to flow in the opposite direction.

It was as if they had gone against the rules of the heaven and the earth. According to the natural laws, the sun rose in the east and set in the west, but you just had to flip them around!

When you did that, you were dead for sure!

Suddenly, their energy rose sharply. Their leader had raised his hand and materialized the symbol of the black python in the sky, instantly getting rid of the thousands of swords!

Their leader suddenly laughed. “That wasn’t much.”

When the rest of the patrons saw this, they set off as well. Their vital energy had returned. They had to kill this young man before they died. If not, they would die filled with discontent.

But at that moment, when the ma.s.sive python in the sky was going to swallow the aurablades, its stomach suddenly exploded. All the swords that the python had swallowed killed the black python from the inside!

The techniques of the patrons were all the same. They symbol of the black python was one with the body of the patron. But who would expect the black python to die just like that?!

The patron wailed in pain and crashed to the ground. Originally, he was the one who used up the black python’s energy. Now that the black python was dead, how would he survive?

But his black python was not completely useless. The aurablade had been exhausted. The swords dropped down, no longer controlled by the aurablade. The black energy disappeared.

But… that was all.

When the other patrons saw this, they were full of despair. Even if they had gone against their techniques and vital energy, were they only able to eliminate these swords?

In the end, they had perished together with the aurablade. They were unable to attack the enemy.

The surrounding walls and infrastructure of the brothel had been flattened. The rest of the patrons stood on the ruins and looked at Lu Shu in the distance.

The young man looked at them through the dust with a calm expression on his face, as if he was looking at eight dead people. The eight patrons used all their energy to defend themselves from the sword formation as they forced themselves to remain calm and composed.

For some reason, all of them suddenly understood that although they had been forced into a dead end, that young man might not need to use all of his strength.

But at that moment, there was the sound of footsteps from the limestone road.

The footsteps were very light and neat. If one did not see the number of people walking, they would have thought that only one person was walking.

There were 21 people with tattoos on their faces, concealing their appearances.

Lu Shu picked his eyebrows. He had thought that someone might attack him when he was killing. They had appeared during the most intense point of the battle, but Lu Shu did not expect 21 Rank Ones to arrive!

Furthermore, they were very stern and neat!

They had prepared for this!

One of the patrons said in a low voice, “The enemy of the enemy is our friend. Although I have never heard of such experts in the Luniverse, as long as they attack, we have a chance to kill this young man.”

They might not be able to survive. They had no chance of living on. But they had a mission to kill Lu Shu!

They did not know who had come to upset their plan. It was as if the people who wanted to hunt Lu Shu down tonight was not limited to the brothel. But they had been hiding for longer, until Lu Shu’s sword formation had been eliminated.

To the eight remaining patrons, a variable was a good thing!

But before the 21 people walked closer, the swords in the sky suddenly accelerated. The eight patrons, who were about to attack looked helplessly as the swords charged towards them.

The eight of them hurriedly stood together. The ma.s.sive python hidden in their clothes flew out to block the swords. A total of 72 pythons charged forth, but they were completely eliminated by the wave of swords.

Then, the wave of swords pierced through the bodies of the patrons. The patrons felt as if even their souls had been pierced through.

Their deaths had come too suddenly. Before they died, they could not understand why this young man wanted to kill people tonight. Why were they killed before the greater enemy?

The aurablades had dispersed. Lu Shu turned and looked at the 21 soldiers behind. He smiled. “Who sent you here?”

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1044 - Uninvited Guest

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