Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1140 - Li Dian’s Desire to Live

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Chapter 1140: Li Dian’s Desire to Live

Lu Shu asked Zhong Yutang to bring Li Dian over from Qingzhou. He had even obtained the official doc.u.ment to shorten his sentence.

No matter how slow Chen Zuan and the rest were, they would know that there was something strange. But why would Lu Shu pay so much attention to Li Dian?

To Lu Shu, the gourd was now in the fifth level of Nebula. Earlier, it had been absorbing celestial powers to nurture itself. This proved that the gourd belonged to him.

The gourd was his. The swaddling cloth was his as well. Li Dian had taken these away from Lu Shu.

Thus, Lu Shu was puzzled. Why had he appeared with an ordinary lady? How did he end up in the orphanage later on?

Zhong Yutang had deployed people to bring over the cloth. Gold thread was woven into it. Lu Shu picked up the cloth. Back then, when they had entered the Salt Lake relic, Li Dian had used this cloth to block the senses of the magical trees. Back then, Lu Shu had thought that the cloth was very mysterious. But when he thought about it now, it was just a diaper…

What kind of baby resulted in an ordinary person treating this piece of treasure like a diaper?

Lu Shu looked at Li Dian. “I will bring you to the Old City area. You’d better recall some details before we arrive at the Old City area.”

Li Dian s.h.i.+vered in fear. It had been over ten years. Li Dian suddenly thought of something. What if he could not recognize the place? He knew what the Ninth Heavenly King was capable of…

At that moment, Lu Shu saw Li Heitan walking alone. Lu Shu was dumbfounded. “Heitan, why are you alone?”

Li Heitan was confused. “Great Lord, so what if I am alone?”

Li Heitan revealed that he could not understand why the Great Lord had asked him such a question?

Lu Shu thought about it. “Where is Bai Nuo?”

“Oh. She said that she does not want to see me anymore.” Li Heitan scratched his head, but his expression was relaxed and natural. It was as if he was not troubled.

Lu Shu paused. “Did you make her angry?”

“No.” Li Heitan was puzzled. “She said that she was jealous because I can train. I told her about my training experiences. I even told her that if there was anything she didn’t understand about training, she can ask me.”

“Then?” Lu Shu was puzzled. There was nothing wrong with this.

“Then, she said that she wanted to ask me about other things. I told her, if there is anything outside training that she doesn’t understand, don’t ask me.” Li Heitan explained.

Lu Shu, Chen Zuan, and the rest were dumbfounded. Was he a highly skilled bachelor?

Two cars drove away from the Longmen Fortress. Li Dian sat at the back. Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao sat beside him and kept an eye on him. Li Dian’s feelings were hard to express. Not many people had experienced being escorted by two Rank Ones.

Just as Li Dian was extremely nervous, Chen Zuan asked, “What if this fellow cannot find the place?”

Cheng Qiuqiao said, “Fry him in oil? Steam him in clear soup?”

Li Dian said, “… you must be joking. I will definitely find the place.”

When Chen Zuan and the rest heard words like “baby” and “swaddling cloth”, and put it together with Lu Shu’s serious expression, they suddenly realized that this was probably related to Lu Shu’s origins.

They all knew that Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu were orphans. Thus, they would not bring up the topic of parents.

The coldest thing in the world was being abandoned by your parents. When the entire world said that “mother knows best”, you did not even know what your mother looked like, let alone what she knew about you, as she had never provided you with any warmth.

Cheng Qiuqiao suddenly said, “Brother Shu, there are times when parents are probably just… I remember that when I was in high school, I helped my mother register for an online chatting application. Later on, I tried to log in to her account, but I had to answer a question before doing so. The question was, ‘What is the name of my son?’ I keyed in Cheng Qiuqiao, but I could not log in… back then, I wondered whether I was her biological son…”

Chen Zuan was speechless.

Lu Shu was speechless.

Lu Xiaoyu was silent.

Although Cheng Qiuqiao seemed to be joking, Lu Shu knew that Cheng Qiuqiao was disguising his kindness to comfort Lu Shu. Lu Shu smiled. “There’s no need to comfort me. I don’t think that my plight is tragic. More accurately, I am looking for the truth. I am not finding my parents.”

Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao did not quite understand Lu Shu, but Lu Xiaoyu did.

From the beginning to the end, Lu Xiaoyu was the person who understood Lu Shu best.

The two of them knew that Lu Shu might not have parents.

“Li Dian, do you still remember where you practiced fortune-telling?” Lu Shu asked as he drove.

Li Dian said, “I remember very clearly. North Street!”

After the car stopped at North Street, Li Dian alighted. He was dumbfounded. “It has changed a lot…”

A city would change. Even if the main facade of the Old City area had not changed for the past decade, the shop signs and the streets would be different from what he had remembered.

Li Dian was irritated. “I only said that it has changed a lot. I didn’t say that I don’t recognize this place. Back then, I sat at that corner of the street. If everything remained the same, her house is two streets away from this place. Heavenly King, please put down that trident…”

“From Li Dian’s distress, +666!”

Lu Shu put the trident back into the Seal of Lands. “Lead the way.”

Li Dian walked in front, while a group of Rank Ones and Rank Twos followed behind. Li Dian had imagined similar scenes in movies, where the characters escaped from prison. He thought about it. Under these circ.u.mstances, if he did not want to die or commit suicide, his best option was to cooperate with Lu Shu and find the person…

But when Li Dian saw the foreign street, his legs went soft…

Li Dian suddenly asked. “Heavenly King, if… what if I really cannot find that lady? How much longer will I be able to live for…”

Lu Shu paused for two seconds and said, “Five.”

Li Dian panicked. “Five days? Five hours? Five minutes?”

Lu Shu said, “Four.”



Li Dian turned pale. “Stop counting. I will definitely find her. Let me think about it!”

“From Li Dian’s distress, +999!”

Li Dian’s desire to live allowed his brain to think quickly. That night, after he left North Street, he walked two streets away, then…

Li Dian suddenly pointed at a four-story building. He excitedly shouted, “It was the fourth floor of that building. I remember clearly. I climbed up four floors using my hands!”

Lu Shu smiled and looked at Li Dian. “Having the desire to live is a good thing.”

Then, Lu Shu turned to look at Chen Zuan. “Tell Zhong Yutang about this. Ask him to check the past owners of this house.”

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1140 - Li Dian’s Desire to Live

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