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Chapter 1161: Supernatural

Many remains had opened, and many secret pract.i.tioners had partic.i.p.ated in them. They would definitely discuss their experiences after getting out.

Even an ordinary person like Israel knew that strange things would occur in the remains at night. Lu Shu did not need to remind her.

Israel was also curious why nothing had happened after a night, but she could not say this. She had to find an opportunity to humiliate Lu Shu…

Israel and the rest were afraid for the entire night, but Lu Shu slept very well. Israel and the rest could not help but open their eyes and look around at their surroundings. When they saw Lu Shu sleeping soundly, they felt that it was not fair.

But they did not know that although Lu Shu was asleep, the best thing about being a master was that his senses were heightened. Even if he was asleep, as long as an unfamiliar creature appeared within a one kilometer radius, he would be awakened.

But no danger had appeared.

The campsite that Lu Shu had found last night was within a sheltered mound on a hill. It was sloped such that their heads were sheltered. He stood up and walked out to take a look at their surroundings.

He had not noticed anything at first, but now, he was shocked!

He lowered his voice and said, “Hurry, hurry, come with me!”

Israel laughed coldly. “Are you deliberately causing trouble?”

She looked around. There was nothing wrong. What was this young man up to

“If you’re not going, then I will!” Lu Shu chose a direction and went downhill. Israel and the rest had no choice. They could only follow after him.

After Lu Shu went downhill, he quietly walked for a few minutes. Suddenly, he stopped and turned around. Israel finally dared to speak. “Is there any danger?”

Lu Shu paused for two seconds. Then, he said, “No.”

“From Israel Moore’s distress, +666!”


Israel was about to cry. Her feet were full of blisters from yesterday. Her legs ached.

Thanks to Lu Shu, all her blisters had popped.

“I thought that there was danger.” Lu Shu glanced at them. “But I realized that it had no intention of attacking us. To be honest, if it had such plans, we might not have been able to sleep so soundly last night. Look at the hill we slept on. Doesn’t it look like a sleeping tortoise…”

Israel and the rest slowly turned and looked. The hill, which had a radius of one kilometer, was a sleeping tortoise!

They had not seen it as it was too dark last night. They only just realized that something was wrong!

Furthermore, this sleeping tortoise had even escaped Lu Shu’s senses!

Yesterday, they had b.u.mped into wild cows who fed on thunderclouds. Today, they encountered this frightening tortoise. What cla.s.s was this ma.s.sive creature? The sh.e.l.l of the tortoise alone was hard to imagine. Furthermore, this tortoise had been lying here for a long time. Even the soil on its body had formed small piles.

Lu Shu was sure that it was alive. It just did not want to move…

What in the world was with this remain?!

For some reason, this was the first time that Lu Shu felt that masters could not be prideful here. If not, they might encounter something strange…

Lu Shu was 80% sure that he could defeat this tortoise, but there was a 20% possibility that he could not… if it was lying down, then forget it. It was best not to provoke it.

Lu Shu suspected that they had not sensed anything strange last night as they had been on the sh.e.l.l of this tortoise.

Would the creatures on Earth mutate to this level? It was far too frightening…

Not every single species of tortoise was kind and genial. Furthermore, would whales mutate into a kun[1]… wait. Why had he not seen such strong creatures in the Luniverse?

“Let’s hurry up and leave this place,” said Lu Shu.

“How will we resolve the issue of food?” Israel suddenly asked, “As a Pract.i.tioner, won’t you carry any rations when you explore the remains?”

Israel and the rest had wanted to ask this question for some time. Why did Lu Shu not even have a backpack?

Lu Shu waved. He helplessly said, “My backpack was stolen?”

Israel and the rest were dumbfounded. They finally understood. This made sense. It was known that the cultivation realm was not fair. It was common for things to be stolen in the remains. Furthermore, this young man was only a Rank E. Anyone would be able to rob him.

“Let’s hurry up and find other Pract.i.tioners.” Lu Shu continued walking forwards. He wanted to find someone else to hand over Israel and the rest. Evidently, Israel and the rest did not know what Lu Shu was planning. They thought that Lu Shu wanted to find others for food.

Lu Shu thought that if the remains were very vast, it would take a long time to find the relic. Pract.i.tioners without invisible storage equipment would definitely run out of rations. They would definitely run out of water, especially in this dry wilderness.

Of course, there were definitely water sources in the remains. If not, how did the creatures here survive?

Israel asked Lu Shu, “Have you entered remains before?”

“Yes,” said Lu Shu as he walked. “I have entered many remains.”

First impressions were the strongest. Israel felt that all the truths Lu Shu had said felt like he was boasting.

Pract.i.tioners would definitely sense something wrong with Lu Shu, but Israel and the rest had not even experienced living outside. Thus, they could not determine whether Lu Shu was telling the truth.

As they walked, Lu Shu suddenly heard the thunderous sound of galloping. It was not thunder. There were wild creatures running in the wilderness!

Israel, who had still been arrogant, was not afraid. “What is that? What is heading towards us?”

Lu Shu furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the source of the sound. To his shock, he discovered that… it was the herd of wild cows he encountered when he had just entered the remains!

Israel shouted, “Should we run?”

“Can you outrun them?” Lu Shu was speechless.

Soon after, the herd of wild cows approached Lu Shu and the rest. Israel was in despair. It was as if her life was about to come to an end. They subconsciously hid behind Lu Shu and closed their eyes. They did not even dare to look!

But when the herd of cows came to Lu Shu, they stopped. They no longer looked up to the sky. They quietly looked at Lu Shu. “Where was the lightning? Where is our lighting?”

“What in the world…” Lu Shu suddenly felt that this herd of cows were relying on him. What kinds of cows were these? What kind of habit was this?!

He looked at the cows. “There is no lightning today. Maybe next time.”

The cows seemed to understand his gaze. They looked at him again. “We do not care. Where is our lightning?”

[1] a ma.s.sive fish in Chinese mythology

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1161 - Supernatural

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