Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1283 - The Regretful Song Family

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Chapter 1283: The Regretful Song Family

The palace was a rat race. King’s Studies scholars liked to go to the palace. To them, they would only be true King’s Studies scholars if they were accepted by the mainstream authority in the palace.

There were too many celebrities and benefits in the palace. There were times when scholars would fight for fame until their faces were flushed, especially those who were at the core of the rat race.

The wealthy families in the palace had become history. In less than two days after the Sun family left the army from the wealthy families, all their direct descendants secretly left with vehicles laden with their possessions.

Their actions seemed to have been rehea.r.s.ed. Sun Xunwen had prepared a retreat plan for the entire Sun family before he took the position of master.

Of course, before they retreated, Sun Xunwen had to succeed. If not, there would not be anywhere in the vast Luniverse for them to hide in.

At first, the wealthy families from the palace did not react. Sun Xunwen had been very well-prepared.

When they realized that the direct descendants of the Sun family had not appeared in the palace for a very long time, they received the news. Sun Xunwen had become the West Lord of Heaven by the decree of the King of G.o.ds.

At the same time, the news that the Wei Wu Army attacked the West Capital, and that Duanmu Huangqi had died came along.

What was happening? The decree of the King of G.o.ds?

The West Capital was defeated by the Wei Wu Army, right? Sun Xunwen had stood by the Wei Wu Army to kill the master from the West Capital, right? Why did he dare to say that he had received orders from the King of G.o.ds?

The remaining wealthy families in the palace were not foolish. They suddenly realized that the situation had started to progress in a direction that they least wanted to see.

The West Capital had been destroyed. It was said that even the city no longer existed.

But there was no more movement from the palace of the King of G.o.ds who had issued the decree.

The wealthy families in the palace did not dare to go to the palace of the King of G.o.ds and confirm the situation, But they knew the fact that the Wei Wu Army had not been punished already explained everything.

The Wei Wu Army, who had forced gamblers to jump into the Long Yin River. They were simply a topic of conversation after a meal to the wealthy families. Now, they had even killed a Lord of Heaven!

In the past, when Sun Xunwen had worked hard to advance to the master realm, the wealthy families secretly mocked him. Even after he advanced to the master realm, he would have to compete against the rest of the families, right? They felt that even if a wealthy family did not have a master, they were still a wealthy family. There was not much difference if there was one more master.

But at this moment, Sun Xunwen paved a new way for them. Even Lords of Heaven could be killed. Even wealthy families from the palace could become rulers.

The Sun family was now on a different level from the rest of the wealthy families from the palace. In the future, the wealthy families would have to observe the mood of the Sun family. Those who wanted to do business with the West Region would have to greet the Lord of Heaven, Sun Xunwen!

But all of this was not important. To them, it did not mean much to lower their heads. It was not like they had never done so. In the first place, there were quite a few people who could treat the wealthy families from the palace like dogs. They were typically high up to the civilians, but only they understood their situation. If they wanted to survive, they should act as if their family was loyal till their death. If not, their entire family would be eliminated.

But they did not need to be careful of Sun Xunwen. They had to be careful of the Wei Wu Army, and the head of the Wei Wu Army!

There was information that the day the Wei Wu Army attacked the West Capital, they headed towards the palace. At this moment, the wealthy families from the palace realized that they had to make a decision before the Wei Wu Army arrived at the palace.

Would they bow to the palace of the King of G.o.ds, or would they bow to Lu Shu?

It was not the problem of whether they should stand or bow. It was the problem of who they should bow to!

Some people felt that they should trust the palace of the King of G.o.ds. After all, the palace of the King of G.o.ds was in the palace. If the Wei Wu Army came to attack the palace, the person in the palace of the King of G.o.ds would attack, right?

It was not that they were ignorant. Till now, no one had guessed that someone was playing tricks in the palace of the King of G.o.ds. Back then, even the Puppet Masters had been chased away and killed. The mastermind was the victor.

Of course, there were some people who felt that they should welcome Lu Shu. Their lives were not as significant as that of Duanmu Huangqi. Now, even Duanmu Huangqi was dead. What gave them the right to be stubborn?

Some people bowed in front of the Sword Hut. They wanted to seek the Sword Hut for protection, but the Sword Hut did not make their position known. Under the thick fog, the Sword Hut seemed detached. It seemed as if they would not partic.i.p.ate in this battle.

But could the Sword Hut truly separate themselves from the situation? There were several sons from wealthy families among the disciples of the Sword Hut. Although they were slightly distant from the wealthy families after joining the Sword Hut, like Chen Zuan, to true experts, the wealthy families who only talked about benefits and not feelings were like a cage.

But those who had the power to break free of the cage would not choose to go back.

More interestingly, sons of the wealthy families who were able to join the Sword Hut were not valued by their families. They had no resources, nor were they favored. After training for many years, they grew stronger in the military. On the other hand, those who had many resources were unable to face those ferocious lone wolves after they advanced to Rank One.

On one hand were sons of tyc.o.o.ns who were treasured and on the other were commoner sons who would be forgotten if they did not work hard. Their combat power would not be the same.

The Sword Hut selections were not child’s play. If greenhouse flowers whom resources had been invested into could enter the Sword Hut, they were underestimating the manager of the Sword Hut, Gu Lingfei.

These disciples of the Sword Hut had very weak relations with their families. Some of their parents even left the family with their help and became aristocrats outside. Some people from wealthy families in the palace thought about it for a very long time. and finally, they asked through the messenger mirror, “What is the stand of the Sword Hut?”

The Sword Hut disciples who were asked felt that this was amusing. “Lu Shu is a fellow disciple of the Sword Hut. Is that not enough to prove the att.i.tude of the Sword Hut?”

The wealthy families from the palace were silent. That was right. Till today, even after the palace of the King of G.o.ds had issued a decree, the Sword Hut had not cut off ties with Lu Shu. This was enough to prove their stand.

They even thought about whether the senior disciple of the Sword Hut already knew something. It was not a coincidence that Lu Shu had joined the Sword Hut.

“The wealthy families from the palace are mutually interdependent.” The master of the Song family said in a courtyard. “We have to get together and discuss. We must come up with a conclusion before the Wei Wu Army arrives at the palace.”

It had been a long time since the wealthy families from the palace had gathered together and discussed. They had their own interests. Now, external forces had forced them to come together once again. But the problem was, they did not know whether coming together would be of any use.

Their vision restricted their judgment of the situation. A meeting among the masters of the wealthy families was about to begin. Everyone felt the danger.

The master of the Song family softly said to his manager, “While everyone is discussing this seriously, their gaze will be focused on me. Hurry up and secretly send some outstanding sons out. Don’t delay even for one second!”

At this moment, the manager understood. His master still had plans up his sleeve. He had no way to confirm that his master was serious about discussing with the other wealthy families, or whether this meeting was simply a form of protection.

“Song Changying, this idiot.” The master of the Song family sighed. “If Xiao Mingze and Zhao Shuai were still in the Song family, we would never have fallen to this extent!”

It was now too late to regret. Xiao Mingze had flown far away. Zhao Shuai had joined the Imperial Dragon Soldiers!

The manager wanted to say that the Song family had never treated these two people well and that it was natural for them to leave.

But no matter whether it was the master or the manager of the Song family, while they were worried that the Wei Wu Army would reach the palace, Lu Shu had already arrived.

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 1283 - The Regretful Song Family

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