Spare Me, Great Lord! 409 The International Blacklist Candidate, Li Yixiao

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Just when Lu Shu was talking to Coral, a dense crowd of gargoyles suddenly rose from the horizon. They covered half of the sky, totaling as many as hundreds!

Everyone was seized with terror. Were gargoyles starting to hunt?

Judging from their number, even Cla.s.s B's might experience difficulty fighting them off! There were simply too many of them!

Seeing the gargoyles screeching below the clouds, their faces turned ashen. "What should we do?!"

They wished they could dig a hole to hide, pretending to be dead. The view was h.e.l.lish.

Lu Shu frowned at the knotty situation. Even he would rather not confront such a big horde of gargoyles. He would need that old man's support…

But, upon a second look, they suddenly realized that the gargoyles seemed to be in pursuit of someone!

Coming from afar, the plump build was prancing about on the rocky ground, approaching at an incredible speed considering his body shape!

It was already giving Lu Shu creeps. Wasn't that the G.o.d d.a.m.ned Li Yixiao? Heavenly King Li, how did you attract so many monsters? Did you bomb their base or something?!

"What are you waiting for! RUN!" Evan shouted at the top of his lungs.

Just a while ago, they were praying that the gargoyles were not aimed at them. In any case, gargoyles' speed was comparable to that of a Cla.s.s D strength-type Metahuman. Had the monsters really been coming in their direction, they would never be able to escape. Moreover, more gargoyles would certainly be triggered by their fl.u.s.tered retreat.

A key to survival in this remains was never to take chances. Thus, withdrawal in a disordered manner would not be ideal.

Clearly, though, Li Yixiao was coming their way. Equally clear, his speed was unimaginable. Before anyone could react, he had already closed half the distance between them.

As far as Meng Jingchan could recall, did he not claim to be a Cla.s.s D strength-type Metahuman when they first met? But based on his speed, he was certainly way faster than a Cla.s.s D!

On his way here, more gargoyles were awoken. Lu Shu found it hard to understand his intentions, are you trying to release all the monsters in the remains at one go…

Lu Shu's face darkened at once. Until then, he had finally understood how Li Yixiao ended up becoming the target of public hatred after the Laos remains, and even the Golden Foundation no longer favored him.

He was giving everybody h.e.l.l, including himself!

Just when he was thought to be fleeing for his life, Li Yixiao waved at Lu Shu elatedly. "Lu Shu! Look! What a view!"

Lu Shu, "…"

Evan, "…"

Coral, "…"

Was it the right time to discuss about views?! Shouldn't you be running for your life?!

On second thoughts, it was understandable though. Given Li Yixiao's abilities, only other people might suffer from his prank, as the gargoyles would not even be able to catch him…

Coral was still trying to gather her thoughts. "Do you know him, Lu Mu? Wait, you are Lu Shu, aren't you? Not Lu Mu."

Despite not knowing how to write Chinese characters, Coral could tell the difference in p.r.o.nunciation.

Lu Shu nodded, his expression inexplicable. Honestly speaking, he would be more than willing to deny his knowing of that fellow. But how could he do that when Li Yixiao called his name?

However, Lu Shu had no idea that Coral actually knew Li Yixiao. Due to the havoc he wreaked at Laos, his information had long since been sold as a product on the Darkness Kingdom.

Furthermore, as one of the most special individuals in the small pool of Cla.s.s B cultivation pros, how could Coral, the daughter of a superior in the Deities, not have seen his photos and other materials?

Following the same thought, the young man was from the Heavenly Network, Coral had already deduced the truth.

Besides, Li Yixiao's appearance cast doubts on the credibility of Lu Shu's "Cla.s.s E strength type" capabilities. How could a Cla.s.s B expert be possibly so close to a Cla.s.s E? The boy on her mind was actually rather powerful!

Immediately Lu Shu threw Coral onto his shoulder and ran off. Other people's safety was none of his business, but Coral could not die…

As a peak Cla.s.s D, Coral always turned other people down without fail when they proposed to help.

She did not think she needed any help, and despised those who cared for her solely out of their interest in her beauty.

But now, being carried by Lu Shu felt like something that could only happen in her sweetest dreams…

Others also took to their heels following Lu Shu. No one would be willing to become the gargoyles' next meal.

Soon, however, they realized that Li Yixiao was after Lu Shu. As he ran, the fatty shouted in an excited voice, "Lu Shu! Quickly take a photo for me!"


Who would take a b.l.o.o.d.y photo for you now? Lu Shu was clear, though, Li Yixiao was so calm precisely because he was confident about his own abilities, and would not feel guilty for involving others who were not from the Heavenly Network anyway…

Remaining silent, Lu Shu kept on running for a while. If it were someone else, he would certainly urge the pursuer to choose another path. But knowing Li Yixiao, Lu Shu knew nothing would change his mind. Thus, he took out his phone at once, switched it on, turned to take a photo of Li Yixiao, and shouted back, "Will send it to you once we get back!"

Everyone was shocked. Bro, did you just stop to take a picture for him for real?!

"Aye," satisfied, Li Yixiao swerved to the left. He couldn't care less of who was there, but whoever in his way would be doomed…

The rest slowly came to a stop, gazing into the direction Li Yixiao had disappeared into with distress displayed on their faces. Together with him, throngs of gargoyles were gone as well. So, they thought to themselves, you came just for a single photo?

More surprisingly, Lu Shu did take the photo…

Was it b.l.o.o.d.y scripted?!

But what they did not know was that Li Yixiao was genuinely happy. Last time in the Laos remains, no one was willing to be his photographer. Thus, meeting Lu Shu here almost felt like a reunion with his bestie…

Truth be told, though, few could run faster than Li Yixiao in the entire remains…

Lu Shu put Coral down. Staring at the horizon as the gargoyles disappeared from his sight, Lu Shu decided that the next time he entered remains with Li Yixiao, he had to remind him that they must pretend to be strangers inside…

Spare Me, Great Lord! 409 The International Blacklist Candidate, Li Yixiao

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