Spare Me, Great Lord! 416 The Comeback

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Two Cla.s.s C's immediately sprang towards Lu Shu while the remaining three unleashed all their abilities in an attempt to hinder Lu Shu's escape. One of them stood still and pressed his palms against the floor. Instantly a six-meter tall earth wall erected in front of Lu Shu. Magnificent!

Meanwhile, a giant fireball was cast from another person's hand. The ball suddenly transformed into a monstrous serpent in the air, hurling itself towards Lu Shu with its tongue shooting out.

All individual Pract.i.tioners were dumbstruck. Patterns were clearly visible on the fiery anaconda's scales even from afar, as though it was actually a living creature!

But soon, the Cla.s.s C's came to a stop. Gazing at Lu Shu's rapidly receding figure, one of them gasped in shock. "Is he a freaking horse?"

There was a human-like hole on the earth wall left by Lu Shu's tough body. He actually ran through it without any hesitation…

In the meantime, the fiery serpent had crashed to the floor without even catching his wind!

He was freaking fast!!

"From Stanton Hope's distress, +999!"

"From Staples Horace's distress, +999!"


The Cla.s.s C's looked at one another helplessly. "What now?"

They would be severely punished if their superiors found out that they had lost so many broken magical weapons, since they were unable to get them back!

The thing was, Lu Shu's speed and decisiveness had been completely unexpected!

Now with so many witnesses, it was impossible to keep the cat inside the bag. They could not even trust their subordinates, let alone their Pract.i.tioner slaves!

Besides, they knew better than to slaughter all their captives. Honestly, they would have done so if there were fewer people as n.o.body would find out anyway.

But there were simply too many. It would cause them great trouble if any of them managed to escape. They were not brave enough to confront Li Xianyi!

Now, they all regretted the decision of keeping so many people as their slaves.

"Just report it as it is. Note down that guy's traits so that we can post him up on the Darkness Kingdom and hunt him down!"

"Okay!" Settled. But then another problem popped up. What traits did he have?

His face was a blur, just that he looked young. There was nothing special about his clothings too. Moreover, he had escaped before revealing any of his abilities…

"Traits…" the leader pondered. Suddenly that "thank you" crossed his mind. "He's a wretch!"

However, how to hunt someone down with only that line of description?!

"Forget it. Hurry up and dig the remaining weapons out. Then, converge with the Officer of Affairs as soon as possible. Let's pray that there are enough of them underground so as to lighten our punishment," a calm voice suggested.

The Officer of Affairs was referring to their Cla.s.s B leader, who was in charge of foreign affairs of the organization named "Pledge". Put it in simpler terms, he was responsible for fights…

Now, all the Pract.i.tioner slaves obeyed and carried on their work. None of them were willing to provoke their bosses when they were in a bad mood.

As Pract.i.tioners and Metahumans with extraordinary abilities, who would expect that they ended up playing with mud in the remains!

Soon, a few hours had pa.s.sed and dawn almost broke. Though sleepy, the Cla.s.s C's had to concentrate in these last few minutes, having seen that the number of broken weapons excavated had dropped gradually.

At this moment, a ray of golden light shone from afar. On second thoughts, it must not be the morning sun! There was no sun in the remains!

Furthermore, the golden glow was moving as if it was a living thing!

What was going on?! All Cla.s.s C's immediately became alert.


In fact, Lu Shu did not run far. It was not because he had full confidence in his capabilities though, as he had calculated his chances at defeating five of them at once. In any case, their abilities were not even clear at the moment.

Currently, he could easily defeat two Cla.s.s C's and might be able to win when pitted against three. But four? Better not. No matter how many tricks he had, a well coordinated team was still very strong. Besides, his defense had not reached the invincible stage.

The truth was, he did not wish those red uniform Pract.i.tioners to take all the remaining magical weapons away!

As he threw his current stocks to the divine water secretly, a bold idea was forming in his mind. But these broken weapons had to be good enough in the first place!

Slowly but steadily, the weapons were consumed by the water. Although each piece had little energy to offer, there were so many of them…

In fact, Lu Shu had made an underestimate earlier. The total number of pieces were as many as 361!

At dawn, the water was as big as two bath tubs!

Until then, it was enough to cover Lu Shu's entire body like a giant golden s.h.i.+eld. He was unbeatable!

It was time to get back his remaining weapons!

Lu Shu rose and marched towards where he had come from. He wanted to give fighting off five Cla.s.s C's at the same time a try. After all, he could easily escape alive if he could not win!

Suddenly, Lu Shu felt it was an exceptionally wise choice to spare every effort in the cultivation of his divine water.

When he made his appearance, those experts' eyes were attracted to the glow. But they remained motionless as they examined what it was…

After he drew close, everyone was studying carefully his divine water armor, which provided perfect concealment for his celestial cloak inside.

The experts were shocked to distinguish the figure after Lu Shu walked closer. But his Spirit Qi armor seemed rather unique!

They had witnessed powerful and unorthodox Spirit Qi armor like one with thunderbolts from Northern Europe. That piece would inflict harm on anybody within a certain range. There were comparatively st.u.r.dy ones too, like the legendary Cla.s.s B expert Anthony's treasure, his concentrated sandy armor immune to any attacks.

But never had they seen one as thick and solid as this!

Bro, how scared are you? Don't you feel uncomfortable wrapping yourself up like a dumpling?!

Haha, not at all!

An individual Pract.i.tioner was dumbfounded upon the sight of Lu Shu's new look. "Are you a Pikachu?"

Lu Shu, "…"

Indeed, he looked like a mascot in some outlandish outfit…

But practicality was always more useful than visual appeal!

Spare Me, Great Lord! 416 The Comeback

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