Spare Me, Great Lord! 421 Inferno Blood Devil

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Though ferocious, Inferno Blood Devil was aware of one thing. Do not fight when you know you cannot win…

The common perception of devils was that they were stubbornly relentless at consuming humans, even though they might lose their lives for it!

But in reality, devils would become even more terrifying with intelligence.

Inferno Blood Devil examined the distance to Lu Shu. It knew full well it would not get out alive if things continued like this!

Lu Shu shot it a glimpse and whispered, "Guard it well, grandpa. You see, it's so furtive. Don't let it use me to threaten you."

"From Inferno Blood Devil's distress, +666…"

It was perhaps its first time to be described as furtive…

Li Xianyi replied calmly, the tip of his white jade dagger positioned right in front of the devil's forehead. "It can't."

The two simple words exuded limitless confidence.

Lu Shu had read the monster's mind. Indeed, with the human boy in its captive, the Cla.s.s A might think twice before launching any further attacks.

But before it could lay its finger on Lu Shu, its evil plan was already exposed…

Inferno Blood Devil stood still on the altar. Then, it could only watch as Lu Shu poked its wings with a trident…

"From Inferno Blood Devil's distress, +999…"

Lu Shu's face lit up at the ease of getting distress points!

Blood Devil enjoyed high status in the remains and never had it been poked by a human like this! Mana welled up in its eyes as fury set in!

"Grandpa, have you seen anything like this before? It seems different from other gargoyles. They are made of hard stones but this one has flesh. I'm guessing those human skeletons on the surface are related to it as well. But who put it here?" Lu Shu wondered in curiosity. Then, he raised the trident again for another poke. "Real fles.h.!.+"

"From Inferno Blood Devil's distress, +999…"

Though scared, it had dignity too. Inferno Blood Devil glared at Lu Shu, but immediately closed its eyes once it turned. Lu Shu's Sun mirror was blindingly bright and it was directed right at it at the moment…

"From Inferno Blood Devil's distress, +999…"

After close inspection, Li Xianyi decided to waste no more time. Just when he was about to kill Inferno Blood Devil, Lu Shu suddenly shouted, "Please wait!"

Confused, Li Xianyi looked at Lu Shu. "Why?!"

Then, Lu Shu poked it a few more times with the trident. "Okay, you may kill it now."

Li Xianyi, "???"

"From Li Xianyi's distress, +199!"

"From Inferno Blood Devil's distress, +999…"

Knowing that its death was near, Inferno Blood Devil suddenly spread out its wings and threw itself towards Lu Shu. Instantly, it let out a loud roar that almost tore the entire cavern apart. Surprisingly, though, the roar had materialized black waves, sweeping across Li Xianyi instantly!

But it was a fatal underestimate of a Cla.s.s A expert's abilities. Before it could extend its wings to the fullest, Li Xianyi's dagger had penetrated its skull immediately, and naturally darted towards its heart from the inside.

The monster suddenly went limp and collapsed back to the floor. In the meantime, the white jade dagger ran through its heart before returning to Li Xianyi, its blade still clean as a crystal!

Lu Shu made his move as well. Having finished the first gargoyle, the divine water immediately wrapped Inferno Blood Devil inside…

Li Xianyi was at a loss. "Your divine water can even consume THAT?!"

"Of course. Why not," Lu Shu grinned and proudly announced, "Didn't I say that it has no particular dietary preferences? Even ordinary gargoyles are edible and each of them is equivalent to a piece of broken magical weapon. I wonder how much this Inferno Blood Devil is worth."

The opportunity was too good to be missed. In any case, a Cla.s.s B Inferno Blood Devil must be much better than an ordinary gargoyle, mustn't it?

Li Xianyi drew a startled breath. According to the information, the divine water mainly fed on magical weapons. But how come its diet had become so much more diverse after it landed in Lu Shu's hands?

"Wait a minute, you called it Inferno Blood Devil? You know this creature?" Li Xianyi suddenly asked.

Lu Shu paused and replied, "It's just a random name I came up with. Don't you think it looks like it's from the inferno?"

Lu Shu let out a sigh of relief after having confirmed that Li Xianyi was convinced by his explanation. He just let the cat out of the bag…

While controlling the divine water, Lu Shu asked, "What are you gonna do next, grandpa? Continue searching for Li Yixiao?"

Meanwhile, he certainly did not forget to pick up all the other tridents…

Li Xianyi's brows were knitted together. Suddenly, he raised his hands in the direction of the altar. In Lu Shu's spiritual detection, hundreds of invisible aurblades were rolling towards the altar like the rising tide.

Instantly, the entire altar disintegrated from the base to the top platform.

It was terrific. Even dozens of Cla.s.s C's could be killed within an instant. Admittedly, the number of fighters would never be an advantage in the face of a Cla.s.s A!

At this moment, however, a giant scarlet stone plate appeared under the altar, embedded in the floor. There were numerous symbols and lines engraved densely on its surface.

In the blink of an eye, Li Xianyi split the plate in halves with his jade dagger. Immediately after, cracks started forming on the broken plates, which soon collapsed into minute powders.

In that instant, the everlasting howling below the surface stopped abruptly. Then, Lu Shu felt an eruption of mana from somewhere underground.

In the meantime, a loud noise thundered through the entire remains from not far away. Even the entire cavern began shaking like an earthquake had occurred.

Li Xianyi lifted Lu Shu out of the entrance of the hollow, while the latter was holding Inferno Blood Devil's corpse and the eleven tridents tightly in his grip…

Upon arrival at the surface, Li Xianyi let him down and said, "I'm going to check it out. So, be safe and avoid the core region! The experts are certainly rus.h.i.+ng there now."

Then, his clothes started flapping and Li Xianyi shot into the clouds like a quick arrow.

Spare Me, Great Lord! 421 Inferno Blood Devil

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