Spare Me, Great Lord! 428 Coral's Advantage

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Those big organizations were left with no other choice. At the moment, they had to follow after Li Yixiao. Else, they might not be willing to compete with him after returning to the real world had Li Yixiao obtained the relic.

By then, no one would be able to wipe out Li Yixiao in secret. And no one, really, had the guts to face the fury of two cla.s.s A's.

The crowd burst into the palace, and Lu Shu pa.s.sed off as an individual Pract.i.tioner. To him, the divine water was his greatest takeaway of the trip and there was no need to serve as cannon fodder for Cla.s.s B experts.

Just take it slowly, bruh!

At that very instant, Coral suddenly turned, darting her eyes over the crowd, including where Lu Shu was. She did not pay attention at first, but soon she noticed his presence. Yet, Lu Shu had disappeared when she looked back again.

Her Deities friends were bewildered. "What are you looking for, Coral?"

"I fell in love with a boy in the remains. I think I just saw him," Coral replied with a smile.

The whole team immediately skidded to a stop. They looked at Coral with disbelief across their faces. "What? Did you just say you fell in love with a boy in the remains?"

Her beauty was publicly recognized. Moreover, for the members of the Deities, they were well aware that Coral's future could be way brighter than that of anyone of them.

Earlier Coral had many pursuers, but many had given up along the way as they calculated their chances of winning her heart.

They seemed to have placed Coral at a higher level than themselves. In addition, her father's stand had always been one of disapproval towards his daughters' admirers. In his opinion, it was too young for her, a twenty-one-year-old girl, to start dating. It should wait until after her graduation. More importantly, she should only make her own decision for something as significant as this after stepping out of her ivory tower to witness the dark sides of the world.

Truly, no one dared to chase his daughter now, but how could he expect his daughter to chase someone else…

Speaking of which, Coral had never been interested in anyone before.

It was human nature to have feelings for others. But her teammates certainly did not expect Coral's honesty at this moment, as though she did not care at all people's views on this.

Love at first sight in the remains…

"Are you serious about it, Coral…" another person asked.

The Deities was a close-knitted team. Internal friction existed only among Swedish, Finnish and other places' leaders who held conflicting opinions. But there were hardly any fights nor discord among internal Pract.i.tioners of the same country.

Actually, the Deities was also one of the few transnational organizations. Most of the groups were uni-national, like the Heavenly Network.

Thus, they asked whatever they were curious about without much constraint.

"Yes, I am serious. He's powerful and kind, very nice to me too… He was a bit greedy for money, though. But that certainly cannot eclipse how good he is. He is like the Sun," Coral said, happiness and admiration displayed on her face.

Her comrades were stunned, oh my gosh, Coral's really in love! Look, her IQ is already going down!

In their opinion, it was not enough to judge from the fact that one was kind or nice to Coral. Who would not show his good sides when chasing his girl? But, it seemed that the guy was interested in Coral's money!

One person paused for a while before asking, "Do you know how old he is, Coral?"

Coral froze. "No." She had asked, but Lu Shu did not answer!

"Then do you know his family background or, anything at all?"


Her comrades looked at one another, helpless. Why did it sound like online dating…

Those long distance relations.h.i.+p couples loved to give up their lives for their lover without even being clear on the other person's conditions.

"Coral, we know you like him. So what's his att.i.tude? Why is he not by your side to protect you?" another person asked. They could not understand, should the guy not at least keep her safe if she really liked him this much?

Coral shook her head, "He doesn't like me now."

They all drew a startled breath. What was wrong with this world?! The golden girl of the Deities was in a one-sided relations.h.i.+p?!

"Doesn't matter, though. I will succeed! I have money!" her face was if nothing but seriousness.

What logic was that?! Can love be purchased?

They found it hard to understand, only because they had not met Lu Shu. If they had, they would know how much an advantage that money had to Lu Shu…

But, wearing a cap and a mask, even Lu Shu did not expect to be recognized by Coral with her casual glance.


Despite the wide gate, it was still impossible to fit thousands of people in one go.

With throngs of individual Pract.i.tioners crowded at the door, it made it even more difficult for those at the back to advance any further. Lu Shu was stuck there too. There was a Pract.i.tioner in front wielding a sword. In spite of its awesome appearance, it was just a normal weapon without mana.

In fact, many individual Pract.i.tioners possessed such cold weapons nowadays. Unable to obtain a magical weapon, they had no alternatives but to purchase a high-priced alloy sword as their weapon. Anyway, those swords were pretty sharp and hard.

When that fellow was jostling forward, his long sword swept here and there and almost hit Lu Shu a couple of times.

Lu Shu patted on his shoulder and pointed at his sword, asking him to put it away.

However, the man continued pus.h.i.+ng in after only a brief look at him.

Watch out, man. Lu Shu patted him again. When the latter turned his head impatiently, Lu Shu forcefully pulled out his sword from his grip non-negotiably.


After breaking the sword in halves, Lu Shu returned it to the guy, acting as if nothing had happened.

"From Park Geung-ho's distress, +666!"

Though furious, the man did not dare to fight back at all…

Lu Shu's eyes lit up at the amount of distress points. Actually there were quite a number of individual Pract.i.tioners with such alloy weapons!

He suddenly shoved those in front aside, "Excuse me!"

Regardless of whether anyone could understand his Chinese, Lu Shu had already come near to another individual Pract.i.tioner. When the latter was about to push forward after a short glance at Lu Shu, his alloy knife was taken away and broken into halves. Then, looking natural, Lu Shu returned his broken weapon and moved on in another direction.

Holding his broken blades on his palms, the man was utterly shocked and confused. Who was that? Why did he break my knife? Where did he go?!

"From Antoni Maldonado Evangelista's distress, +666!"

Lu Shu was stunned. Another lousy name?!

Spare Me, Great Lord! 428 Coral's Advantage

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