Spare Me, Great Lord! 429 Apologize To The Major Director, Quick!

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Lu Shu was breaking people's weapons as he jostled forward. Soon, dozens of individual Pract.i.tioners were holding their own broken blades in the crowd with distress written all over their faces…

Lu Shu watched cheerfully as the distress points increased. Suddenly, a number of entries with English names were registered. What happened?

He did not know that at that time, the Pledge leader was angry for the extermination of his team while Coral's comrades were holding grudges against him too…

Lu Shu decided to record them down in his notebook if he had the time. But judging from now, there might be too many to note down one by one.

When he finally made it into the black palace, his Pract.i.tioner victims were still pondering about life with their broken weapons. Who the h.e.l.l did this?! What an a.s.s!

The architecture was pitch-black throughout with a spire hinting at the Thai culture.

At the moment, everyone was crowding non-stop into this majestic structure in search of treasures. The view reminded Lu Shu of temple fairs.

It looked almost the same as the Guanlin temple fair in Luo Cheng, except for the absence of food vendors. Lu Shu gave it a serious thought about the possibility of making a fortune here by selling fermented bean curd.

But he had noticed something strange. They were deep into the palace and they had yet to see a piece of basic furniture like tables or chairs. It was completely empty. On the walls, there were scribbles that looked similar to those in the cavern where Inferno Blood Devil was found. Everything was creepy.

Besides, where were all the gargoyles?!

Based on their huge population, they should be perching everywhere in the palace now. But why did he see none?

Then, a paunchy figure with a cap and mask caught his attention from the crowd of individual Pract.i.tioners. Furtively, the man was following the big organizations behind.

Lu Shu was stunned. Was that not Li Yixiao? It seemed that he had blended into the crowd instead of searching for the relic himself. How cunning!

Could it be he was wary of the potential danger inside? There were predictions on the Golden Foundation forum that future remains were highly likely to harbor Cla.s.s A spirits. Earlier, Lu Shu had expected Cla.s.s B Inferno Blood Devil to be the strongest native creature here, but he might be wrong.

Therefore, it would be silly of him to believe that he could obtain the relic on his own. At the very least, he would not relish a front-row seat before the situation was clear.

Worried about the possible threats, those big organizations were also walking behind Li Xianyi. Honestly speaking, no one was confident enough to face a Cla.s.s A spirit himself.

Neither could one expect to be rescued when attacked. At present, more deaths meant fewer compet.i.tors.

Suddenly, however, Li Xianyi turned and walked back to his Golden Foundation team.

"May we know where you are going?" a person asked.

Li Xianyi shot him an astounded look. "To reunite with my people, of course."

The rest exchanged startled looks. What about us if you do not go in front?

"You need to walk in front, please. What if there are Cla.s.s A beings?" someone voiced their common opinion. The palace was really too creepy.

Li Xianyi was puzzled, "Didn't we already agree during the meeting that I cannot take part?"

Fine, now you say that you cannot be involved?! Who proposed the meeting? Quickly step up and apologize to our major director!

In fact, the meeting itself was a failure. The initial goal was to contain rising experts of the post-regeneration era, but they had failed to realize that they could not do anything about it regardless of whether Li Xianyi followed or violated their rules.

Now, Li Xianyi was unparalleled except for the Heavenly Network. You will need to be equally powerful to have that bargaining chip, won't you?

As Li Xianyi slowly returned to his Golden Foundation team, a question hovered over the big organizations. Was Li Xianyi not said to be principled and righteous? In reality he was almost the opposite to that!

The information was untrue. For G.o.d's sake, what was wrong?!

Those Pract.i.tioners who were itching to explore the palace all came to a stop. It was the downside of having too many big organizations on the site. No one was willing to be the guinea pig, as they were well aware that others were very much antic.i.p.ating their failure.

The leader of the Collection of G.o.ds was already in a bad mood. At the moment, he let out a cold laugh and said in English, "Just as a reminder, there's another person in front of us all. What if he takes the relic? I suggest we join forces to venture inside together. Don't let the Heavenly Network to pocket the relic."

Fair enough. Indeed, Li Yixiao was already inside. What if there were no spirits in the palace, or simply no Cla.s.s A's? What if they were just paranoid?

In any case, Cla.s.s A beings only existed in people's imagination, and no one had seen any in the remains.

The CoG leader showed no expression. Unable to find his subordinates, he knew the best option now was to cause confusion.

Then, he could gain advantage from the disorder.

In the meantime, Li Yixiao was being a quiet audience of their guileful schemes. He loved it. Honestly speaking, it would be even better if it developed into a crowd fight in the palace. However, the only fly in the ointment was that he could not understand what they were talking about…

Suddenly his peripheral vision caught a glimpse of another person with a cap and mask just like himself. Wonderful!

Lu Shu's face darkened. He pulled down the brim of his cap and was ready to hide. But before he could, Li Yixiao had already jostled to his side. "Haha, found ya!"

"Right…" Lu Shu lowered his voice.

Although other people could not recognize him in this outfit, Li Yixiao definitely could. He had seen Lu Shu's and Lu Xiaoyu's caps and he still remembered the patterns on Lu Shu's black cap!

Meanwhile, those big organizations had reached a consensus. "All Cla.s.s B experts walk in front. Fight together if there is any danger."



Fragile agreement. They would certainly drag one another down in real peril.

Li Yixiao whispered, "What did they say? I think I heard my name just now."

Lu Shu summarized up and replied, "The Cla.s.s B from the Collection of G.o.ds said that you are already inside and cannot let you keep the relic to yourself. Thus they've formed a union to explore this palace together.

Li Yixiao froze. What happened to those secret schemes? That gigolo was actually uniting everyone to go together, furthermore, using himself as the excuse?!

Lu Shu murmured, "Now… What the F!"

Before he could finish his sentence, Li Yixiao suddenly threw away his cap and mask. Right there, he bounced twice to capture everyone's attention. "Hey! I'm here! I didn't go in!"

The CoG leader, "…"

Li Xianyi, "…"

Lu Shu, "…"

Spare Me, Great Lord! 429 Apologize To The Major Director, Quick!

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