Spare Me, Great Lord! 462 A National Hero

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No one knew why Lu Xiaoyu insisted on attending the High School Leaving Examinations this year, including Li Yixiao.

Li Yixiao had decided to help Lu Xiaoyu not because of his disposition for the girl, and Li Xianyi's rapport with her, but also for her generosity in giving him most of the money she robbed from the bunch of earth-type Metahumans in Pattaya.

Lu Shu had once said that help should always come at a price. If not, why should they help you? For your friends.h.i.+p?

Even if the other person was willing, you should always think about how to repay their kindness.

Thus, Lu Xiaoyu made a hard decision to give all her spoils to Li Yixiao except for the sum enough to treat Lu Shu to a meal. You could imagine just how happy Li Yixiao was.

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old man did not feel ashamed at all for accepting a 11-year-old girl's money…

Standing behind the crowd, mixed feelings crept into Lu Shu's heart. A few months ago, he was curious about Lu Xiaoyu's sudden diligence in studies as she would bury herself in books for a while everyday after school, including during holidays.

He thought Lu Xiaoyu was finally mature enough to know the importance of study.

But only at that moment did he realize that the fundamental reason was something he once said, that he would probably stay in the university accommodation in the future and come home once a week.

However, it was really beyond his expectations that Lu Xiaoyu would actually start self-learning the high school syllabus for that sentence alone. Now, she even had the confidence that she would score higher than 80%.

In fact, Lu Xiaoyu had also been putting in effort in silence for their lives together. She had not mentioned a single word about it even until he went to school that day.

In Lu Xiaoyu's world view, she would never cling to Lu Shu like a parasite. Instead, she would be 120% committed for a better life for the both of them.

Lu Shu sneaked out in secret. He would pretend to know nothing since Lu Xiaoyu did not want him informed as of yet.

In the meantime, the deputy had ordered the paper of the next month's a.s.sessment to be delivered to Lu Xiaoyu. Since no one had done the questions yet, the possibility of cheating was non-existent.

As a matter of fact, he hoped Lu Xiaoyu would fail to achieve her goal, so that Li Yixiao would lose his face.

His demotion from to deputy had made him a laughing stock in the Luo Cheng education realm.

"Humanities or Sciences?" a teacher asked.

"Humanities," replied Lu Xiaoyu.

That was her strength.

Maths and English were a piece of cake for her, and Chinese was pretty manageable too. In the staffroom, teachers gathered together to watch Lu Xiaoyu doing questions for the entire afternoon without any breaks. At 7pm, they could not bear it any longer. "Maybe you can come back tomorrow to finish the rest?"

It was extremely mentally tiring to complete Chinese, Maths, English and Combined Humanities papers in one day. But Lu Xiaoyu carried on.

When the last paper was given to her, two black shadows started flipping through books crazily in a shabby house along Xingshu Road.

She might not even know where to find the answers had she not studied so hard earlier.

Nonetheless, with enough prior practice and two spirits checking answers against textbooks, it would be hard for Lu Xiaoyu to even fail the test…

Meanwhile, Little Fury was copying scriptures with a pencil between its arms. Suddenly, two spirits rose up and began flipping through books with one of them giggling like a madman, which made Little Fury's flesh creep. What was happening?!

It could not focus on its work like that! But the demon king would check its progress at night!

"From Little Fury's distress, +299!"

At that moment, the door was unlocked and Lu Shu came in. Instead of waiting for Lu Xiaoyu, he went back in advance just as usual. He would fulfill her wishes since Lu Xiaoyu wanted to give him a surprise.

Actually, he did not attend Daoyuan at all as he thought he had the right to exercise his Major privileges…

However, he was shocked the second he opened the door. Anthony was flipping through books with a silly grin while Little Fury, trembling in the corner, looked at him beseeching for help…

At this moment, Anthony and Johnson also stopped their movement at the sight of Lu Shu, like kids who had been caught doing something naughty. Anthony's deep sea white sand suddenly arranged into a line. "Why are you back so early? I'm not in an exam!"

Lu Shu, "…"

A very poor lie indeed.


As Lu Xiaoyu wrote on, teachers were marking her scripts at the same time. It was fast to mark only one script and her results for Maths and English were already out before she finished her Combined Humanities paper. She scored 134 for Maths and 125 for English, both over the 80% line.

With a total of 150, 80% meant 120 marks.

But the Chinese teacher was both confused and shocked. Confident of her academic capabilities based on her previous two subjects, the teachers were a.s.sured that she would have no issue getting into a university even if she was sent to the official exams now.

But… what happened to her Chinese? Or was there something wrong with the marker herself?!

In fact, the result was reasonably good, 88 marks. But the teacher suddenly started to doubt her own mastery of Chinese grammar…

Although some idioms and sentence structures were not supposed to be used that way, they all seemed rather smooth and normal in Lu Xiaoyu's script…

Yet, the main problem was her essay.

The question asked for a national hero, but the teacher almost experienced a heart attack upon reading Lu Xiaoyu's t.i.tle. My Daily Experience with The National Hero Shu.

Who the h.e.l.l was Shu? Was he really a national hero? Do you have a misunderstanding about Chinese even though you are good at other subjects?

Honestly speaking, Lu Xiaoyu had never put in much effort in Chinese. Although she had read and recited the textbooks dutifully, essay skills could never be honed purely through drilling. Thus, in the end, her essay was only awarded the sympathy mark, 6 marks…

"From Lu Hong's distress, +666!"

Meanwhile, Lu Xiaoyu was in a flurry. Was Lu Shu not supposed to be attending Daoyuan Cla.s.s lessons then?! Why was he home?!

c.r.a.p! She had wanted to give him a surprise!

Spare Me, Great Lord! 462 A National Hero

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