Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 569 - Li Yixiao The Lobbyist

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Chapter 569: Li Yixiao The Lobbyist

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In fact, Lu Shu felt that something was wrong too, as if Hai Gongzi was restraining himself. Lu Shu used to wonder whether Hai Gongzi had a card up his sleeve to rebel against his master, but it seemed unlikely given that Hai Gongzi had not used it after so many days…

At the moment, Lu Shu felt more sorry for the piles of peeled potatoes and chopped vegetables than the loss of his blood… b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, he could never finish them all.

Lu Shu turned to Li Yixiao and asked, “Why are you here?”

Looking at Lu Shu’s wasted and colorless face, Li Yixiao mumbled, “It’s Chinese New Year soon. I thought you wouldn’t want to celebrate it alone, so I’d like to invite you over to my place for a dinner.”

“Your place?” Lu Shu was stunned. “You can cook?”

“You’ll know it when you come,” Li Yixiao said, pulling at Lu Shu’s arm. Yet, Lu Shu was wondering what Li Yixiao was up to, for he was not really someone who would visit other people for no reason. Why? Was he suddenly feeling generous and hospitable today? What was more, an invitation to his own house?

Li Yixiao lived in the Luo City Cultivation College dormitory, which was specially built for Luo City Heavenly Network members and future teachers of the College.

As a Heavenly King, Li Yixiao was ent.i.tled to a suite of three bedrooms and one dining room since the opening of the dormitory. However, the owners.h.i.+p of the suite belonged to the Heavenly Network.

Lu Shu even b.u.mped into Xi Fei inside the dormitory building. He met many familiar faces, staring curiously at him. All the buildings were ten-storey tall, and Li Yixiao lived on the tenth floor.

At his doorstep, the door was suddenly opened just when Li Yixiao was about to retrieve his keys. In the next instant, Lu Shu was utterly dumbstruck by the sight of the face inside the house. He looked at Li Yixiao, and turned to Nalan Que, who was standing inside. “You two are staying together!”

This was unimaginable! Back then, Lu Shu could feel Nalan Que’s deep feelings towards Li Yixiao when they joined forces to trick the other five families, and he had indeed considered the possibility of their continued love affair. But he had certainly not expected it to happen so fast!

Nalan Que had an ap.r.o.n around her waist and a spatula in her hand. “Nice to see you, Lu Shu. Come on in. Dinner’s ready. Please wait for me to serve the dishes on plates.”

Lu Shu almost shuddered in shock. Since when had Nalan Que become such a wife material? When Nalan Que returned to the kitchen, Li Yixiao winked at Lu Shu and announced proudly, “What do you think? I’ve trained her well.”

Lu Shu was overwhelmed in astonishment. “I didn’t know you were capable of that!”

He had a tour around Li Yixiao’s new house. Apparently it had been carefully furnished, because small items of decoration could never be Li Yixiao’s idea. He was such a coa.r.s.e man!

Lu Shu returned his gaze to Nalan Que, who looked just like an ideal wife… Was this all real? Weren’t they supposed to be fated enemies? Lu Shu found it hard to believe in horoscopes again…

“Dinner is ready,” Nalan Que called sweetly from the kitchen. Then, she walked into the dining room with two plates in her hands, stewed meatball with brown sauce and braised pork chops. They looked rather tasty.

Suddenly Lu Shu’s attention was attracted by a globe beside the TV desk. There was something strange about it, because there was a red protrusion on its surface. Out of curiosity and boredom, Lu Shu pressed it and, unexpectedly, the globe cracked open in its center.

Instantly a stack of red RMB notes 1 poured out from the broken globe…

Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

Treasure hunt?! Before he could recover from his shock, a new entry was registered in the background. “From Li Yixiao’s distress, +999!”

Nalan Que banged the two plates of dishes onto the table, her elegance and gentleness were both gone. On the contrary, Nalan Que looked as black as thunder. “Li Yixiao, didn’t you promise to me that there were no more secret h.o.a.rds?”

Li Yixiao tried his best to explain himself. “Huh? I didn’t put that in. Maybe it’s been there since I bought it…”

After he finished the sentence, Li Yixiao picked up the money himself and carefully put it in Nalan Que’s pocket.

“From Li Yixiao’s distress, +999!”

It was a b.l.o.o.d.y accident, Lu Shu thought, who knew you had hidden your money in a globe? More importantly, Li Yixiao was living such a pathetic life and he’d actually been under Nalan Que’s control!

In Lu Shu’s heart, Li Yixiao’s future mother-in-law appeared even more venerable now.

Li Yixiao could not complain about Lu Shu in Nalan Que’s presence. Admittedly, though, Lu Shu enjoyed the dinner. Nalan Que was a pretty good cook.

But Lu Shu was aware that Li Yixiao must have a reason for the dinner invitation. It could never have been so simple.

Halfway through the dinner, Li Yixiao suddenly asked, “Lu Shu, since you are quite free recently, how about going for some overseas missions together with me?”

Lu Shu was surprised. “Overseas? It’s so dangerous. I’m still a student.”

“You can’t be a student anymore, can you? The admission test is over!”

“I can sit for High School Leaving Examinations to enter normal key universities. I’m good at studies.” Lu Shu picked a piece of pork chop with his chopsticks and stuff it in his mouth. Nalan Que had purposely chosen short ribs, whose bones could be easily picked out.

Nalan Que commented from the side, “Why are you so fond of going overseas? What good does it do? Don’t underestimate the danger out there. What can you do if you run into the Saint or the one from the Department of Faith Theory?!”

Li Yixiao’s eyeb.a.l.l.s couldn’t stop rolling, as if he was getting anxious.

Lu Shu deliberated about the possibility that Li Yixiao was actually a lobbyist sent by Nie Ting. Previously Nie Ting had used the same trick.

Why? Nie Ting was now counting on Li Yixiao for persuading him to take charge of the overseas affairs of the Heavenly Network? Otherwise, why was Li Yixiao so eager to bringing him out of the country?!

Before they finished the dinner, Li Yixiao asked Lu Shu subtly a few more times, but was rejected without fail. Only then did Li Yixiao realize that Lu Shu was determined not to venture overseas.

In fact, Lu Shu was not unwilling to go, but he did not want to be forced by Nie Ting. What for? The two of them were engaged in a power struggle now and he himself would not yield even if Li Yixiao was the lobbyist.

After Lu Shu was gone, Nalan Que eyed Li Yixiao sideways. “Why are you so eager in bringing Lu Shu overseas with you?”

But Li Yixiao refused to tell her the truth. After a painful 30-minute interrogation, Li Yixiao finally gave away. “Nie Ting said that he will only unfreeze my account if I convince Lu Shu to go with me…”

“This Nie Ting…” At the moment, Nalan Que was the last person who would want Li Yixiao to venture overseas. Couldn’t they just live their own lives together? After a long pause, she was suddenly reminded of a piece of advice suggested by her bestie, that children could bind men to their woman…

Nalan Que cleared her throat and asked, “Li Yixiao, do you want a child?”

Li Yixiao was stunned. “Want a child? Who’s willing to give you their child?”

Nalan Que was speechless. “I mean, do you want a child with me?!”

“Even if I go ask for a child with you, no one’s willing to give away their child!” Li Yixiao found her request ridiculous.

Nalan Que’s face darkened. She stomped away to watch the TV. “Never mind. If that’s the case, our child would be a mentally disabled one anyway!”

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 569 - Li Yixiao The Lobbyist

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