Spare Me, Great Lord! 471 Poor Kid

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Based on its appearance, the dojo was of respectable antiquity and an epitome of traditional j.a.panese architecture.

Further down the yard was an empty hall that resembled the training place for martial arts. Its floor and door frame were both made of wood. Inside, old-type armor and wooden swords were piled up beside the wall.

Lu Shu walked straight inside. "Is the inherited trade complete?"

"Yes, though it is simpler than that of China and the Conservatives, because it focuses more on the so-called will instead of fighting effectiveness. That is also why it is disadvantaged in actual combat," the maid Taniguchi Bunndai said.

Actually, Taniguchi Bunndai was Chinese. Nonetheless, she had spent years in j.a.pan as a spy. For decades, the Chinese and the j.a.panese had been engaged in a mutual infiltration process.

Taniguchi Bunndai led Lu Shu to his bedroom. The yard was floored with uncomplicated cyan pebbles, through which ran a path lined with fine bamboo. The leaves rustled, sending every breeze away.

Outside the bedroom door was a wooden corridor, under which rested a small stove. A black iron teapot sat on the stove with grace and exquisiteness. Lu Shu suddenly asked, "Do you miss home?"

Taniguchi had already begun seeing Lu Shu as Kirihara Yousuke due to her professionalism, and also because of the shock she felt when Lu Shu suddenly changed into Kirihara's appearance upon entering the yard. She had no cultivation background.

"Please rest early today. The j.a.panese lessons will commence tomorrow. Before you fully master the language, may I request you do not speak in front of your cla.s.smates? Actually, you don't have to worry because Kirihara Yousuke was an invisible n.o.body in school. His body has been disposed of and there is nothing worthy of your concern," Taniguchi Bunndai said. She seemed to have been completely localized and her personality was equally polite as other j.a.panese people.

In fact, Lu Shu's mind was filled with displeasure at Nie Ting and he was the least bit interested in what Taniguchi had just said.

In the bedroom, he saw a set of uniform that looked like the Chinese tunic suit. Inside the closet hung Kirihara Yousuke's used clothes. As for undergarments, Taniguchi Bunndai had prepared new ones for him.

At this moment, Lu Shu heard a swoosh of wind outside his yard. Then, a black figure leaped into their house…

Taniguchi Bunndai was immediately alerted. She did not expect anyone to come for them so early. Now, Lu Shu had just arrived so the visitor was probably under the Conservatives.

Lu Shu was one of the strongest in the Heavenly Network, only second to the Heavenly Kings in certain aspects. Thus, all information of him, including his level of capabilities, strengths and personality, was restricted to Taniguchi. All that she knew about him was his original appearance.

It was not because of Nie Ting's distrust, but that there was no need for so many details. That was how the confidentiality system worked and Taniguchi Bunndai had no issue with it.

Now, she only hoped that Lu Shu was able to face the sudden crisis with his supposedly non-changing cowardliness.

In her speculation, the best use of Kirihara Yousuke's ident.i.ty was to cause trouble for the Jingoists with the help from the Conservatives.

Yet, before the person could even land on the ground, Lu Shu kicked him out at once.

In the meantime, Taniguchi Bunndai could only gasp in shock as the black figure was tossed over the wall like a garbage bag and fainted outside the yard. He did not even get the chance to speak…

"From Li Wenjing's distress, +666!"

"From Matsuura Haraichiro's distress, +999!"

Li Wenjing was Taniguchi Bunndai's Chinese name and this Matsuura Haraichiro… was just a poor kid.

In a rage, Lu Shu asked softly, "Why are they so fond of breaking into other people's houses? Can't they at least walk in from the front door? So annoying!"

He was almost losing his temper, after being tricked about the inheritance matter and strangers jumping in and out of his yard…

His reaction would not result in much suspicion, though, since Kirihara Yousuke was believed to be strong. Besides this, Lu Shu could not be bothered anymore. Didn't Nie Ting want him to play to the score?

Anyway, he was not forbidden from beating people up. Under the suppression of the Jingoists, those rats would not dare to cause him any harm.

Taniguchi took a long moment to gather her bearings. "I think they feel that walking in from the front door is unsafe, because some people are currently wanted by the Jingoists…"

"Then why are they still coming here? What if they get me into trouble?!" Lu Shu was unhappy. "I'm not a scapegoat!"

Cautiously Taniguchi flew her kite. "Could I confirm that your mission is to rope in the Conservatives?"

Lu Shu gave her a casual wave. "It was, but not anymore!"

Nie Ting had promised to give him Kirihara Yousuke's inherited properties, but it turned out nothing but a lie and he still had to pay using his own wallet during his stay in j.a.pan!

Lu Shu felt that he had to calm himself down before he could give it careful consideration about his future plans… But he couldn't…

On a bright note, the environment was conducive for cultivation, given its unique aesthetics against a backdrop of peace and simplicity. Perhaps it was high time to resume the practice of his celestial map and swordplay after such a long pause.

Although the opening of his sea of chi seemed improbable at the moment due to the presence of the snow mountain, he saw the glint of hope of slas.h.i.+ng the mountain.

Later that night, the poor kid Matsuura Haraichiro slowly regained his consciousness outside the yard. When he recalled what had just happened…

"From Matsuura Haraichiro's distress, +666!"

By moonlight he hurried to a remote abode in another corner of the city. No sooner had he entered than he knelt down on his limbs in front of an old man, who was playing chess with a young lady across a go chessboard. Both of them were dressed in kimonos and the girl was kneeling on her knees. In fact, few people would wear a kimono nowadays outside festive seasons.

The elder asked as he carried on with his match, "How was it? And why are you back so late?"

"I was… I was kicked by Kirihara Yousuke and fainted on the spot. He is strong indeed, at least much more powerful than me," Matsuura lowered his head in shame.

"As expected. But how did he have the courage to attack you?" the girl asked calmly.

The elder smiled. "His parents' sudden death could probably have had a profound impact on his temperament, given his innate abilities. Isn't this what we want? A pure puppet would have been so boring."

"Then what should we do, master?" the girl put down her chess piece and asked.

"Go approach him, Yaeko. The mind of an adolescent boy who has just experienced a huge twist in disposition is easily swayed."

"Yes, master."


Spare Me, Great Lord! 471 Poor Kid

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