Spare Me, Great Lord! 473 Inconsistent Character

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Lu Shu froze a little when he entered the cla.s.s. In his impression, cla.s.srooms should be packed fully with students until no more s.p.a.ce was available for extra seats. But in j.a.pan, there were only around thirty students per cla.s.s and students would be streamed into different every year. It was euphemistically called to train students' social skills.

It seemed that those students had already been accustomed to ignoring Kirihara Yousuke's presence. No one greeted him as he entered the room. When Lu Shu walked past a boy's table, he even teased him by pasting a sticker on Lu Shu's bag. Lu Shu raised his brows in slight annoyance but did not react.

Although he lost his temper the night before, the Conservatives would probably not leak the incident as they pleased. Therefore, Lu Shu could still maintain his current persona as a coward…

After all, he was an undercover agent now and not he himself.

Without uttering a word, Lu Shu walked straight to his seat, which Taniguchi Bunndai had thoughtfully marked out for him.

In the meantime, some of the students were discussing about the upcoming swordplay match between their school and s.h.i.+yoge Girls High School. It was said that one of their opponents, Sakurai Yaeko, was a tough rival.

Suddenly, he felt the sticker on his bag was gently peeled off. Surprised, Lu Shu looked back, and he saw a girl leaning towards him from her seat with the sticker between her fingers. The girl glared at the boy in the front row. "Noguchi Yuki, you've gone too far!"

The boys shrugged their shoulders in disapproval. "Mind your own business, Chiba. You've helped him for two years!"

"As long as he and I are cla.s.smates, I will always help him," the girl named Chiba replied.

Lu Shu pondered, what a strange feeling… It seemed that this girl had been Kirihara's cla.s.smate for two years despite the cla.s.s reshuffling and she had always been protecting him.

But Lu Shu could not resonate with his new ident.i.ty at all. He did not feel a tad grateful even when Chiba upheld justice for him.

Their cla.s.sroom was located on the first floor. Supporting his chin on his hands, Lu Shu gazed out of the window. Nis.h.i.+nokyo was gorgeous in autumn. Every now and then there were yellow leaves falling to the floor, then swept away by students on duty.

Chiba came up to Lu Shu. "Kiriharakun [1. -kun is a component of j.a.panese honorific speech], I heard that you fell sick. Are you feeling better now?"

Lu Shu was stunned. Then, he replied in j.a.panese, "Oh, yes. Much better. Thank you."

Then, he turned to the window again. And then… he fell asleep…

Suddenly the bell woke him up. A spitball hit Lu Shu's head. He wiped his face and looked up, just in time to see a few boys giggling at him. As he looked down, a spitball had just stopped rolling on the floor.

Forget it. Stick to his image… Lu Shu went back to sleep again. Now, he had no slight interest in learning since his attendance at examinations was completely unnecessary…

Honestly speaking, Lu Shu was very pragmatic. He had not become a miser for his pa.s.sion for studies, but because of the fact that he was well aware that good academic results were the fastest way to success and social resources.

His goal was never the ranking in school, but his own future.

Chiba eyed Lu Shu as he bent over his table. Strangely she felt that he had changed, but could not tell why.

Beside her, a girl tidied her hair in her mirror. Then, she said to Chiba, "Don't tell me you've fallen for Kirihara."

"No," Chiba shook her head at once, "Not at all. As cla.s.smates, we should care for him, as his parents have just pa.s.sed away."

Just when she finished her words, another spitball hit Lu Shu's head…

Lu Shu clenched his fist at once… But he… had to correspond with his current image…

Finally it was lunch break and students took out their bento one by one for lunch. At this time, a few boys walked towards Lu Shu, bending their arms over one another's shoulders. They threw their uniform over their shoulders, thinking that it was cool.

One of them gave a pat to Lu Shu and demanded, "Eh, Kirihara. Be a good cla.s.smate and share your bento with us."

Lu Shu shot him a look. Before he could respond, a person had already stolen his lunch box from under his table. Once the box was opened, a boy let out a dramatic scream. "Wah, lucky you! Your bento is still so nicely made even though your parents are dead!"

The boy grabbed an onigiri and broke it open. Inside, orange salmon roes were round like pearls, glittering and translucent.

Apparently Taniguchi had put in effort in preparing his meal…

"Hey… How about put the onigiri back?" Lu Shu said calmly. I, I must be consistent with my persona, Lu Shu told himself.

The bullies exchanged a startled look. Then, they burst into laughter. "Haha, did you hear that? Kirihara rejected us today! Impressive! Eh, Kirirhara, will you punch us?"

Touching his forehead, Lu Shu slowly unb.u.t.toned the first b.u.t.ton near his collar. Then, in his cla.s.smates' astounded stares, Kirihara Yousuke stood up and threw a punch into the boy in front of him, quick as the lightning. But it was not the end yet. Then, like a movie scene, Kirihara Yousuke banged his fists with impressive crispness, putting the seven boys groaning on the floor.

At that instant, everything seemed to have stopped in a freeze-frame. Flipped tables, flying textbooks, and students' dropped jaws.

A ray of afternoon sunlight shone in from outside, providing natural lighting for the fight which was started by the n.o.body, Kirihara Yousuke.

Then, the light was shattered into pieces by Yousuke's agile figure. The cla.s.sroom walls were set aglow beautifully with the moving rays.

After merely five minutes, Lu Shu returned to his table with his chopsticks, picking and choosing from seven bentos…

He pointed at a yellow lunch box and asked, "Who's is this?"

"Mine," a tiny-built boy squatting right in front of Lu Shu raised his hand carefully.

"Too salty. Add less salt tomorrow," Lu Shu curled his lips.

"From Noguchi Yuki's distress, +666…"

"Who's stainless-steel box is this? What a shame! How poor are you?!"


Then, Lu Shu looked out of the window, distress all over his face. h.e.l.l, he had successfully destroyed his public image!

Nie Ting must have seen this coming, but definitely not so fast…

Spare Me, Great Lord! 473 Inconsistent Character

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