Spare Me, Great Lord! 477 The Chess And The Game

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Sakurai Yaeko did not know that Lu Shu was of the sensory type as this ability was such a rarity. There were only fewer than five in the entire Heavenly Network.

Thus, she was utterly bewildered. How could a teenage boy like him be totally uninterested in girls?

Sensei had taught her that no male creatures in the world could refuse an attractive female. Could he be wrong?

No, sensei could never be wrong. Kirihara Yousuke must be putting on a good pretense!

"Kiriharakun, it's time for me to leave now. I will come back for another lesson tomorrow," Sakurai said with due respect.

"Sure. Remember to bring your fees tomorrow," Lu Shu smiled cheerfully. 1,200 yuan per day per student and he only had to teach 2 hours. So what if he could recruit more than ten students…

Kirihara Yousuke appeared to be in some beautiful fantasy before Sakurai even stepped out of his house. Now, she was even more confused…

At night, dressed in kimono, Sakurai Yaeko knelt in front of the chess board to play chess with her teacher. Her black chess pieces suddenly broke free from the encirclement of white pieces from the bottom right corner of the board like a sharp blade, but were soon overshadowed by their opponents as the white pieces collaborated with one another across the entire board.

The elder smiled gently. "Brute force may not secure you the victory all the time, so use an open strategy."

"Then what is your view, sensei?" Sakurai asked calmly.

"The young man's response to you today seems simple, but he has deep intentions. Neither close nor distant. His comment on sticking to the murky transactions of money appears to be a joke, but also clearly conveys his stand," the elder commended, "Surprisingly, the Kiriharas have produced a talent of independence, abilities and own opinions."

That did not help Sakurai to clarify her bewilderment. "Is he really so scheming?"

The elder's face went serious. "Do not ever underestimate anybody, Yaeko."

"Yes, sensei," abashed, Sakurai lowered her head, "Never again."

"I'm afraid he is very cautious at the moment. With the recent pa.s.sing of his parents and the direct encounter with the conflicts between two parties, I would also keep my distance from everybody if I were him. As the sole inheritor of the Kiriharas' trade, he refuses to join the battle. In order not to risk disgracing themselves, no one would force him to do anything. But, we need him, for the high reputation of the Kirihara family," the elder exclaimed. Then, he smiled. "It is totally unexpected that this young man can actually remain calm in Sakurai's charm. Boys like him are hard to come by. So? Are you willing to continue getting in touch with him?"

Sakurai went serious. "I am willing to do anything for my master, including yielding myself to him."

"No rush," the elder smiled, "Not for now."

"Then what should we do?" Sakurai felt lost. Her years of cultivation under her master's guidance had also come along with diplomacy, tricks and techniques, which won her the great popularity among high school students.

But as a 17-year-old girl, her experience was too limited.

The elder pondered for a long while before replying, "Let me pay him a visit."

Sakurai wanted to object at once. "Sensei, it will be inappropriate for you to make a public appearance now."

The elder stood up slowly, exuding great confidence from his gestures. "No one in Nis.h.i.+nokyo can stop me if I want to go."


When Lu Shu practiced his swordplay taught by Li Xianyi, Taniguchi Bunndai sat at the side of the yard, smiling, as she sipped on tea. She saw the future of their motherland in Lu Shu's vibrancy.

Many geniuses like him had emerged in China in the recent years.

Pride welled up from the bottom of her heart, though she lived across the vast sea. However, she found it hard to understand why the Network was willing to send such a brilliant young man to be a spy.

As Lu Shu thrust his sword forward, a line of bamboo leaves was slit open neatly in the not so far distance, as though being struck by a sharp blade.

Even Lu Shu himself was stunned. The thrust had triggered in him a faint connection with his sea of chi and snow mountain. Could he have stimulated his sword energy unintentionally?

But when he gave it another try, the feeling was gone. Strange.

Yet, the power of his sword energy motivated Lu Shu even further to down his snow mountain as soon as possible. Certainly he would be much more powerful once his sea of chi was unlocked.

A warm smile appeared on Bunndai's face. "You must be tired. Come and have some tea."

Lu Shu gulped the small cup of tea in one swallow, putting in no effort to savor its taste. But Bunndai did not seem upset.

"Don't you mind me drinking tea like this?" he asked curiously.

"Isn't tea supposed to be drunk?" she smiled in reply.

"How true…" Lu Shu said after a pause to process her meanings.

At this moment, there came another visitor. An old but composed voice sounded at the door, "Excuse me, anyone home?"

"Who's visiting so late? Were there so many visitors here last time?" Lu Shu whispered.

"The Kiriharas were the leaders of the Conservatives. Thus, understandably, they had quite a number of visitors. But few had come since their pa.s.sing. I'm guessing they are here for you," Bunndai replied softly. She wondered what Lu Shu had actually done to attract so many people to their doorstep.

"You may stay here. I will go and take a look." Then Lu Shu left for the door. Immediately he froze at the sight of the visitor's face. Wasn't that Oda, the new leader of the Conservatives as stated in the information file?

The Cla.s.s B expert who had yet to be killed by the Jingoists even until today.

Yet, Lu Shu did not panic, thanks to his rich experience and self-a.s.surance gained from the many fights.

He made a quick a.n.a.lysis of the situation, which concluded in great confidence of escaping unharmed should the man come in malice. Besides, he would not dare to chase Lu Shu around the streets in Nis.h.i.+nokyo…

"Glad to see you, Uncle Oda." Lu Shu greeted him. Oda had been an acquaintance of the Kiriharas and Bunndai had reminded him that Kirihara Yousuke used to address Oda as his uncle. Thus, if Lu Shu acted as if he did not know him, he had to cover for his lie by saying that he had had an amnesia…

Smiling, Oda showed his chess board and chess pieces. "Your father always mentioned that you are good at chess, but we never had a chance to play. So? Want to have a round with your uncle?"

"20,000 per game."

"From Oda's distress, +666!"

Spare Me, Great Lord! 477 The Chess And The Game

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