Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 496

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Published at 10th of July 2019 04:45:08 PM Chapter 496: 496

The battle between Oda and Kitamura Kijitori jolted the entire Nis.h.i.+nokyo from their sleep .

A flash of a blade and a neighbouring house was split in half . Yet neither of them bothered to care whether anyone was injured in that residence . The two figures shuttled back and forth in the forest of steel and cement, leaving everywhere they pa.s.sed in ruins .

The Collection of G.o.ds was alerted and immediately hurried to the battlefield . Most of them were unsure about Kitamura Kijitori's plan, hence they did not expect that the strong Cla.s.s B Conservatives had been lured out, before the people from the Heavenly Network had even been captured .

Yaeko felt her chest heat up . Although the wounds on a pract.i.tioner's body could heal quickly, the attack from Kijitori was rather severe .

The only thing that kept her going forth was her curiosity, whether that young man would be willing to save her .

She was like the Little Match Girl, who greatly treasured the warmth every matchstick brought .

It was right ahead! Yaeko could already see the dojo signboard!

But it was at this very moment that she suddenly saw Hirono at the doors of the dojo, about to enter . Yaeko was dumbfounded and so was Hirono . Yaeko finally realised that the Hirono she saw was wearing different clothes from just now .

As Yaeko recalled the details of what had happened, she realised that she had b.u.mped into two different Kitamura Hironos tonight!

What was happening? And why would this Hirono be by the dojo?

Hirono, who had been behind Yaeko all this time, had just arrived . This Hirono was also shocked . He exclaimed, “Who are you?!”

Lu Shu was annoyed . How was it possible that they met by coincidence here?!

He spent so long running around in fear of being stopped by the Collection of G.o.ds, yet in the end these two idiots did not bolt behind him, instead, they directly came to stop him!

This is bad . Lu Shu felt that his ident.i.ty could not waver . He could still attempt to save himself .

Lu Shu thought for two seconds, before suddenly bursting into pleasantly surprised smile . “Hirono, I am your twin brother from different parents!”

Hirono was silent with shock .

Twin brother… from different parents? Do you not have any general biological knowledge?

“From Kitamura Hirono's distress, +999!”

For some reason, Yaeko suddenly blurted out, “Kiriharakun?'

Lu Shu stood at the quiet street, looking melancholic . “My ident.i.ty… has been shattered…”

Somehow, Yaeko managed to figure out Lu Shu was Kirihara Yousuke when Lu Shu gave off an unnatural atmosphere as he stood by the doors of the dojo .

The instant Hirono saw his exact replica, he recalled the Heavenly Network who had pa.s.sed off as him, killing people and writing the character “chai” 1  .

“The Ninth Heavenly King?” Hirono's pupils rapidly contracted . He turned and ran off without any hesitation .

Hirono was not stupid . Although he did not know the relations.h.i.+p between this Heavenly King and Kirihara Yousuke, but if they could perfectly replicate his physical appearance, then replacing Kirihara Yousuke was not impossible .

It was just that everyone had been left in the dark and a.s.sumed that Kirihara was highly temperamental . They never thought that his physical appearance could be ever-changing!

If it were only Kirihara, Hirono would not even care in the slightest . But if his opponent was the Ninth Heavenly King, that would be frightening . He was aware of the ma.s.sacre that happened at the gates of the Collection of G.o.ds mansion . 11 Cla.s.s D's and one Cla.s.s C partic.i.p.ated in the fight, but they were all killed in just 30 seconds .

This was not an opponent that Hirono could face . He had to get the help of his uncle, Teacher Jian!

Yaeko was now the most confused about the situation . She had thought that Kirihara could not defeat Hirono, but now even if that were the case, their abilities would not differ much .

So what was happening now? Are you saying that Hirono does not even have the courage for one battle?

What did Hirono say just now? The Ninth Heavenly King!!

The Conservatives were not blind . They certainly knew about his existence . Previously when Nogiwa Hakushun was killed, Oda had seriously discussed with the key members whether they wanted to cooperate with the Ninth Heavenly King to battle the Jingoists . The problem was, if the Jingoists could not find him, the Conservatives did not even stand a chance of doing so .

At first Oda was worried that they would lead the wolf into the house 2, but eventually they could not even find said wolf, let alone lead it in!

But it was precisely this person that confused Oda who had been by her side this whole time! Yaeko was very certain that this Kirihara was not the Kirihara she once knew . It was highly possible that the replacement happened during the highly temperamental period .

But… if you were to replace such an important person, are you not even in the slightest worried about carelessly breaking down others and creating yourself a new personality?

Suddenly, a gigantic golden dragon soared from Lu Shu's body and rushed forward . Lu Shu himself also charged towards Hirono . Lu Shu's murderous intent suddenly rose, ready for the kill!

Hirono was momentarily shocked . He realised that there was too much of a difference between his speed and that of Lu Shu's!

He grabbed the shuriken in his sleeves and turned to throw them in Lu Shu's direction . However, the two shuriken were swallowed by the golden dragon before they could reach Lu Shu . The small snakes in the dragon bit off one of the shurikens .

“They didn't kill you?!” Hirono said in astonishment . The divine water had become Lu Shu's symbol after the battle at Koh Chang Island . As for the two shuriken, Lu Shu had not yet displayed it in front of outsiders before . Even Li Xianyi did not know about this . He had all along thought that his disciple could not even unlock his sea of chi .

Hirono never thought that he would meet Lu Shu here . Didn't the Darkness Kingdom confirm the news of his death? Was it Lu Shu himself or someone in the Heavenly Network who had inherited Lu Shu's divine water?

Wasn't the Ninth Heavenly King an earth element metahuman? False information!

Yaeko, seeing that Hirono was not Lu Shu's opponent, finally heaved a sigh . She slumped to the ground with fatigue, not knowing what she was thinking .

At the very next moment, Lu Shu had rushed before Hirono . He threw a punch and a storm brew!

The air before his fist warped under the pressure, followed by the sudden sound of an explosion!

Hirono drew his long sword from his waist, but it was too late . Hirono felt that his entire body had shattered in an instant from just a single punch . It was as if the punch was the epicenter of an earthquake . His body was easily crushed and destroyed . He took his last breath .

“From Kitamura Hirono's distress, +1000!”

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 496

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