Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 606 - The Safety Island

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Chapter 606: The Safety Island

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Serious matter,” Chen Baili turned to Lu Shu and said, “Head towards the direction I came from. There’s a safety island there.”

Lu Shu’s attention was immediately caught by the key words in his sentence. “An island? Safe?”

Chen Baili continued, “There’s something wrong with the daytime and nighttime here. It was close to dawn when we arrived, and the place where you are standing right now was a vast, peaceful ocean, which is inhabited by a strange, very aggressive human-looking race. There is no random allocation of positions upon entry into the remains this time, and everyone was transported to the island.”

Lu Shu and Chen Zuan were dumbfounded. It was hard to believe that the mirror below would turn into a sea full of belligerent creatures.

It was mysteriously odd. Lu Shu took a while to get his bearings and asked, “Old man, so you are saying that those who come in at night will only be transported to the island, and only us, who arrived later, appeared on the mirror, right?”

That explained why the students he saw along the way all belonged to the last few batches.

Lu Shu felt that those on the island should be safe because they had Chen Baili with them. After all, that old priest was one of the few Cla.s.s A’s in the world.

“Then what are you doing now?” Lu Shu was curious.

“I have the responsibility to bring every student out of here safely since I led them inside,” Chen Baili replied calmly, “During daytime, I am constantly searching in all directions around the island to bring those scattered ones back to the island. Fortunately, there were few who have just entered recently. Okay, it’s getting dark and time is running out. I have two more directions to cover other than this one. Go to the island first and I’ll see you there before sunset!”

Then Chen Baili flew off. Lu Shu was relieved. Other students, including Jiang Feng, would be safe under the old man’s protection. But the question was, how could he carry so many people?

Lu Shu and Chen Zuan dashed towards the direction of the island. They had expected it to be near, but it actually took them three hours whole to see the shape of the island in the distance…

Lu Shu exclaimed as they drew closer to their destination, “This island is HUGE.”

Not only so, they could see thick stone walls erected along the “coastline”. They were rather basic, though, and looked like a makes.h.i.+ft defense line.

The wall surrounded the island like the Great Wall of China. Lu Shu reckoned those students must have been kept rather busy these few days on the wall. On the other hand, one could not deny the amazing feat achieved when tens of thousands of pract.i.tioners with average abilities above Cla.s.s E worked together.

If an island as big as an average town had to hide behind the walls, Lu Shu was afraid that he might have underestimated the threatening powers of the race from the sea. In addition, it was unlikely that Chen Baili, despite his Cla.s.s A abilities, could take care of such a long coastline.

When Lu Shu and Chen Zuan reached the defense line, a person immediately stood up from behind the one-meter tall wall. “New faces! Welcome! I am the leader of Team 42. You are part of us from now onwards. Let’s fight against our enemies together!”

Lu Shu and Chen Zuan were confused. Lu Shu immediately asked to clarify, “Wait a second, buddy. Why are we joining Team 42?”

“This is a rule on the island set by Heavenly King Chen, that all students who arrive will be received into the team of that specific direction. It is to ensure the order of the island. Moreover, each team is responsible for its own share of the defense line.”

“But why is the team leader not a Cla.s.s A apt.i.tude genius?” Lu Shu was lost. It shouldn’t be like this because Cla.s.s A apt.i.tude geniuses were supposed to represent the top combat powers of the team.

Not annoyed, Mo Chengkong explained with a smile, “Not all geniuses are good leaders. Our team was supposed to be led by a genius called Cao Qingci, but she refused.”

Lu Shu suddenly realized that Mo Chengkong had a point. In any case, the Cao Qingci in Lu Shu’s impression would never want to be a leader as she preferred to stay alone.

No wonder Lu Shu had never met Mo Chengkong before. But based on the expressions of other students around, it seemed that Chengkong had earned the respect and recognition as a leader. Then, Lu Shu noticed that he had not seen any of the students present.

It was certainly normal, though, considering the huge population on the safety island. Among the sixty thousand, Lu Shu only knew around one thousand of them. In comparison, the probability of seeing familiar faces was low.

But Lu Shu could not stay here, he had to look for Lu Xiaoyu. Under such circ.u.mstances, his top priority was to protect Lu Xiaoyu beyond a doubt.

“Well, I’m sorry, Captain Mo. I’m afraid I can’t join you because I’m rus.h.i.+ng to somewhere.” Lu Shu left at once after he was done speaking, but… he could not move…

His face darkened as he looked down to see Mo Chengkong hugging his legs tightly. “Can you let me go, Captain Mo…”

But the students around did not look surprised at all. Could he have become a leader through such techniques? That’s cheeky!

Mo Chengkong looked up, looking as if blood tears were about to roll down his eyes. “I’ll let you go if you agree to stay.”

“… Your talent will be wasted if you are not an actor…”

So how? He couldn’t kick his comrade away, could he? That was why overseas missions had fewer restrictions…

Mo Chengkong pleaded, “Brother, our Team 42 is small. Although we were lucky enough during the last round of attack, what if we get a.s.saulted this time? The more people we have, the stronger our team is. I can tell from your handsome faces and elegant gestures that you are certainly two of the strongest experts. Please stay and help us fight.”

Lu Shu glanced over at the other hundreds of team members of Team 42. “Did he say this to you too?”

They nodded their heads silently. Lu Shu sighed and said, “You have so many strong experts, so it won’t make a difference if I’m not here. However, you can keep this little fatty…”

Meanwhile, Chen Zuan was laughing as he saw Lu Shu’s joke. Having heard that, he immediately raised his voice and said, “Captain Mo, do hug him tightly. I follow him wherever he goes…”

“Let me go, Captain Mo. I’m not going anywhere.” Lu Shu smiled. He immediately took to his heels when Mo Chengkong complied. But this time, he did not succeed either…

Mo Chengkong had locked him in his arms again!

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 606 - The Safety Island

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