Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 653 - Agreement

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Chapter 653: Agreement

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Howard had to exhaust his vitality. He did not have any other way. If he delayed any further, he would die. He could only see if his short burst of strength would allow him to break free from the suppression of his flames.

The ability to suppress flames was born to restrain fire element Metahumans like him. He was in a disadvantageous position. Howard was even slightly scared. In the past, he thought that one’s cla.s.s was all that mattered. But now, as a fire element Metahuman he had encountered his natural enemy.

His momentum continued to increase. Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow stayed close to him at all times.

Howard’s blood flowed out from his skin like a ceremonial robe being cut up again and again. He could no longer feel his left arm. There were countless injuries on his body.

He once considered himself to be the best in the world, but now he was running for his life. This was a huge hit to Howard. It made him very angry!

When he sensed that his strength had increased to a certain point, he stood still and did not care about being attacked. He raised his hand and summoned the fire phoenix. The circle of flames around him blazed again, sending Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow flying outwards!

The air within 100 meters of the circle of flames became distorted. The plants instantly withered and curled up.

A fire phoenix flew out of Howard’s hand. The surroundings had reached the temperature previously only made possible using his staff.

Howard’s gaze was ice cold. He had finally summoned a normal fire phoenix by exhausting his vitality. Doing so would destroy his vitality foundation, which may be irreversible in the future. This was hard for Howard to accept, as all along, he had been the person with the most potential to advance to Cla.s.s A in the Phoenix Society.

But compared to facing death, he was very lucky. Howard even considered whether the Heavenly Network wanted to kill him from the start. Was that why they had sent such a strange Heavenly King to negotiate with EO?

In reality, even Lu Shu himself had just found out that he could suppress fire types to such an extent…

The blazing tail of the fire phoenix swayed in the sky. The air started to distort. Howard pointed at Lu Shu. He wanted to use his flames to punish the chief culprit who had destroyed his vitality foundation.

Lu Shu was at full concentration and guarded himself well. Howard was indeed very strong. Earlier on, Lu Shu had wanted to quickly end the battle. But he realized that when his flames were being suppressed, he could keep calm even while running for his life. Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow were not able to inflict fatal injuries.

Now, Howard had broken free from the suppression of his abilities. But Lu Shu felt that something was wrong. Howard had seemingly used the potion to temporarily advance to Cla.s.s A. He had used an abnormal way to boost his magical energy and vigor. This was very strange!

“You can go peacefully. But we’re not finished with this. I will personally settle this with you one day on your own territory,” said Howard coldly.

The fire phoenix suddenly flew out. Lu Shu furrowed his eyebrows and thought of what to do next. But… he realized that the phoenix was not heading towards him!

The red phoenix flapped its wings and picked up the two fire chickens in its mouth before flying away…

Howard was silent.

Lu Shu looked at the fire phoenix flying away. He was dumbfounded. He asked Howard, “What did you say just now?”

Howard bowed. “Sorry.”

“From Howard Miller’s distress, +999!”

“Too late, bro!” Lu Shu sighed. Lu Shu finally confirmed that his white flame was of a very high rank among all the flames. This ability to suppress flames had surpa.s.sed the concept of His flame had a.s.serted his dominance.

Howard turned and ran away. He did not think that nothing would happen even after exhausting his vitality. Even if he had summoned a high-leveled fire phoenix, it had rapidly weakened.

Behind him, ten lightning aurablades were carried along by Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow. They charged towards Howard.

The lightning aurablades created an electrified wire netting that trapped Howard. Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow would deliver the final blow.

The flames around Howard started to diminish. He tenaciously raised his Spirit Qi Armor, which was also quickly broken into pieces.

Howard knew that he was done for!

“From Howard Miller’s distress, +1000!”

Suddenly, Lu Shu stopped everything. He asked, “Have you fought the Puppet Master before?”

Howard was mentally prepared to die. When he heard Lu Shu’s sudden question, he was dumbfounded. His emotions were all over the place.

Howard did not speak. He coldly looked at Lu Shu. Lu Shu continued to ask, “What attacks does the Puppet Master have? For example, small wooden dolls that use red thread to create a web that can kill people? Tell me.”

This was a doubt that Lu Shu had harbored for a long time. He was very curious. Were the attacks of every Puppet Master the same? He had encountered two Puppet Masters so far. They all had an iron-clad puppet. But he had only seen Cloud Yi use the small wooden puppets. Thus, he wanted to know what Tiger Zhi’s attacks were!

Howard did not think that Lu Shu would be interested in this. Lu Shu would not interrogate him about the secrets of the Phoenix Society, right?

To be honest, Lu Shu had no intention of questioning Howard about the Phoenix Society. After all, he was not familiar with the Phoenix Society. Even if he wanted to ask, he did not know what to ask…

Information about the Puppet Master was not a secret in the Phoenix Society, but Howard thought quickly. He had not given up on this thin thread of hope.

Howard said coldly, “If you want me to tell you about the Puppet Master, let me go. Information about the Puppet Master is very important. Knowing this information will be very beneficial to the Heavenly Network…”

Before he could finish speaking, Lu Shu said, “Okay.”

Lu Shu’s answer was very straightforward. But Howard felt very uncomfortable…

This was like buying clothes at a market. The piece of clothing was worth 1999 dollars, but you bargained for 199 dollars. At first, you were willing to haggle with the owner for a long time, but the owner agreed immediately. If you did not buy it, you would suffer losses. If you did not buy it, you would have been fooled…

You would instantly feel that you were humiliated…

Seeing that Howard did not speak, Lu Shu was unhappy. “Since I’ve agreed, hurry up and tell me.”

Howard felt as if he was in a deadlock. So should he tell him?!

“From Howard Miller’s distress, +999!”

Howard laughed coldly. “Can you let me go? How insincere. I need your a.s.surance.”

Lu Shu was unhappy. “Why don’t you trust me? Not only am I letting you go, I am even personally sending you off…”

Howard took a long time before he realized that “sending you off” probably did not mean something pleasant…

“From Howard Miller’s distress, +999!”

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 653 - Agreement

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