Spare Me, Great Lord! 558 Begin The Negotiations

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After experiencing the clamor from the fall of the Collection of G.o.ds from their peak position among the Pract.i.tioner organizations, the new year seemed to bring a rare peace to the realm of training.

Chinese New Year was approaching. The outside Pract.i.tioners suddenly realized that the Heavenly Network seemed to be very silent. Those who knew the Heavenly Network's disposition would know that they were preparing to slaughter pigs and sheep for the new year…

At this very moment, the Pract.i.tioners in Luo City were extremely excited. The six families of power and influence were trying to seize control of the place. Who would emerge as champion?

It was the weekend. The soph.o.m.ore students were supposed to go to school for lessons, but Lu Shu did not go.

Lu Xiaoyu was not at home. Lu Shu had sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the whole night. At 3 am, he practiced his sword. His control got better with every swing. He went to the black market with his original appearance, conscientiously looking for broken weapons from the secret pract.i.tioners.

Up till now, in terms of increasing the volume of mystical water, it was more cost-effective to buy broken weapons.

Lu Shu squatted in front of a store and looked at the broken weapons sold by a secret pract.i.tioner. "How much for five weapons?"

The secret pract.i.tioner thought that this unfamiliar face was a newbie. He started to exaggerate. "Legend has it that this tool I have found was able to move mountains and fill seas in ancient times. But now, it is quiet, waiting for its fated owner. You can have it for a hundred thousand yuan. I accept magical stones too."

Lu Shu got up and left. The secret pract.i.tioner shouted from behind. "You might be its fated owner! Young man, come and get one."

Lu Shu turned around and laughed. "It's fine. What impressive tools can you find?"

The secret pract.i.tioner was speechless.

"From w.a.n.g Zhiguo's distress, +199…"

The Venerable, was that you?

The secret pract.i.tioners knew that this was definitely not the Venerable, since their appearance was different. His words made them feel that they had met him before…

While Lu Shu was sauntering about, Li Yixiao was busy preparing the black market bomb shelter. When night fell, the usually locked rusty gate was instead wide open. Li Yixiao personally welcomed his guests at the door. "Thank you for coming all the way here. Excuse me for not going out to meet you. I don't have any tea for all of you. Shall we get to the main point?"

The representatives of each family were silent. Li Yixiao used such a blunt tone to get straight to the point. Was he in such a position to start the discussion even before offering tea?

As they were pondering about this, they suddenly saw Li Yixiao turn around and ask a young man in a soft voice, "Was what I said just now okay? I didn't prepare a script this time!"

His voice was soft, but the families could still hear him…

The serious atmosphere suddenly vanished. The families looked at the young man behind Li Yixiao with some surprise. This young man looked somewhat familiar, but they could not recall who he was.

They wanted to conduct a check. But since they were already here, it was too late.

Only two or three people from each family were present. Some of them looked around. Didn't Gao Shenzai from the Gao family become a well-known figure in the black market? Where was he?

Gao Shenyin recognized Lu Shu but did not care to talk to him. His family was also finding Gao Shenzai…

The other families started to laugh sarcastically at them. Why were they complicating matters? Did you not know where your family member was?

Li Yixiao did not speak any nonsense. He brought the six families into the six rooms he had prepared earlier to start their negotiation.

The families exchanged glances with one another. There seemed to be a secret agreement among the families. These families were not groups with completely no dealings with one another. On the other hand, the families had many opportunities to work with one another in different domains.

When they had just entered the bomb shelter, one of the family representatives took out his phone, planning to contact another family. Outsiders would think that they were in constant conflict. But an alliance had been established within the families. Even in the worst case scenario, two families would unite to control a black market. This was also acceptable!

There was once someone who said that one bedroom would be occupied by six girls, but in the end seven places were built. When the big families started to think seriously about their profit, they would be a hundred times more extreme than the girls' bedroom.

Under these circ.u.mstances, forming an alliance was one option. But betraying the alliance was also another option.

At this moment, Lu Shu laughed buoyantly. "The mobile signal in this bomb shelter may be quite weak."

One of the family members looked at their phone. There was no signal at all! They were unhappy. "Your black market facilities are too simple and crude! Even if it is underground, it won't cost much just to buy some equipment, right?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When Lu Shu heard this, he became unhappy too. "We have bought equipment."

"If you have bought equipment, why is there still no signal?"

"We bought a mobile signal jammer."

"From Li Yunchu's distress, +666…"

"From Li Yunmu's distress, +666…"

Lu Shu laughed coldly and walked out of the room. Since they wanted to prevent communication between the families, they had to do their preparations. It would be hard to handle if even one family leaked the information.

One of the children wanted to walk out of the room in a fit to show his anger. In the end, Li Yixiao immediately became the good guy and said, "Everyone, please don't be angry. This deal is very big, thus this is very important. This will also ensure that everyone is on a fair playing field, right? If you leave now, others will have an advantage."

The person did not walk any further and returned to the room. Now, there were six families. They could walk backwards, but could they ensure that the other families would walk backwards with them?

Li Yixiao stood at the doors of the rooms to keep guard. Lu Shu was the one who was in charge of talking to each family.

After softly discussing it with Li Yixiao. Lu Shu entered the first room. He looked at Li Yunchu and the others before saying, "I believe that Heavenly King Li has explained the conditions to everyone, am I right? We have magical stones that we need everyone to buy before we can safely leave this black market. Heavenly King Li also asked everyone to bring their weapons, right?"

Li Yunchu was now calm. His anger just then was only for show. In the face of profit, he could give up his personal feelings and emotions. Li Yunchu was now judging the form of this discussion. Now that all the families were on the same starting line, they were at a disadvantage as the first family.

For example, if they quoted a price of 350 thousand for one magical stone, Lu Shu could go to another family and say, "The Li family gave me a price of 400 thousand per stone. Is there any other family who can give me a higher price?"

The Li family would then become a set-up!

But Li Yunchu could not understand one thing. If it were so simple, he could just set up an auction! Did he have to go through all this trouble? There was definitely some secret behind this. But Li Yunchu could not allow himself to be in a disadvantageous position in this compet.i.tion among the six families.

Spare Me, Great Lord! 558 Begin The Negotiations

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