Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 660 - Like Seaweed

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Chapter 660: Like Seaweed

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Francesco had experienced a roller coaster of emotions after jumping into the sea. Before he jumped into the sea, he had thought that Lu Shu was tempting them to jump in. When he jumped in, he felt that he was sure of success and had seen through everything. When he entered the water, he thought that there was no ambush, as expected.

But now, he was being completely controlled by the lightning aurablades. He was in despair.

There was no suspense, even when he was unable to move during a fight between him and another expert. But he suddenly realized that not only had Lu Shu trapped the five of them, he had trapped himself as well…

The six people, including Lu Shu, were in despair. This was a very strange situation… Francesco had never thought that this would happen. They had wanted to commit a swift murder, but this “Howard” was even more impressive. He was so desperate that he seemed to want to play a part as well.

Lu Shu was also in despair. Logically, water-types should not be afraid of water, and fire-types should not be afraid of fire. It should be fine even if they came into direct contact with the elements.

In the past, he had thought that he could be considered as a thunder-type. After all, he could hold thunderbolts. But this thunderbolt did not recognize him. It attacked without any discrimination…

Lu Shu was puzzled. A water-thunder double awakening only existed in his dreams. If he had known this earlier, at least he could use water to expel the lightning aurablade.

All of them trembled underwater. The divine thunderbolt was just too impressive. Lu Shu knew that they would not be able to stop for a while. They were like seaweed…

Now, Lu Shu’s greatest worry was not when they would stop trembling, but whether Francesco’s and the others’ physiques were stronger than him. If they could break free earlier than him, what should he do?

This was not impossible. If Francesco could make the first move, he would be as good as dead. Luckily, he had only used one-third of his lightning aurablades. If not, they would probably spend the night here.

Killed one thousand, but lost eight hundred. What a joke. If this was really the case, Lu Shu would have killed 666, but lost 999.

The undercurrents continually rammed into the sea cliff. They were swept along by the great waves. They rammed into rocks and were swept away, again and again… this was quite fun.

Lu Shu had originally been hiding underwater. The gradual current swept everyone along, making Lu Shu the center of the group. He even b.u.mped into Francesco. The two of them were like wax figurines that greeted each other with a tremble…

He was annoyed. Now, he had lost his greatest advantage and mysteriously became the center of the group…

Lu Shu rushed towards Francesco and smiled. But Francesco’s expression was cold and ungrateful. A Cla.s.s B expert was stiff and could only be carried along by the water. Lu Shu kicked Francesco’s face…

When Francesco drew closer to Lu Shu, he was kicked again…

“From Francesco Russo’s distress, +999!”

Francesco swore that today was the most embarra.s.sing moment in his entire life!

After five minutes, the numbness started to subside. Lu Shu estimated that the numbing effect of the lightning aurablade lasted for about ten minutes.

If it was aimed at others, it could be considered as Lu Shu’s trump card.

Hm? Lu Shu suddenly realized a problem. Did he absorb the lightning aurablade? Would it be like back then when he had experienced the divine punishment? Could he use these purple thunderbolts to increase his number of thunderbolt prototypes?

Although he now had 642 sword prototypes and could give birth to a sword spirit, he only had slightly over three hundred lightning aurablades. Furthermore, the lightning aurablades were very powerful!

Lu Shu took the chance while everyone could not move to check his sea of chi. To his disappointment, the number of lightning prototypes did not increase…

Lu Shu felt very regretful. How could he increase the number of lightning prototypes? By summoning lightning?

Suddenly, Lu Shu realized with shock that while he was still feeling very numb, Francesco had started to move!

Francesco also seemed to have realized this issue. He instantly became upset. He had been thoroughly embarra.s.sed today. This was a rare chance. He had to kill Lu Shu!

Not only could Francesco move, the four other Cla.s.s B experts slowly recovered from their numbness. They all looked at Lu Shu with evil intentions.

All of them tried to overcome their numbness and swam towards Lu Shu. They were not very far away from one another. In less than a minute, they reached where Lu Shu was!

In the face of danger, Lu Shu’s expression was very calm. He took a longer time to recover from his numbness. He would probably take another two minutes to recover.

Two minutes was not a long time, but it was enough for Francesco and the rest to kill him.

When he thought about this, Lu Shu was all the more calm.

Whenever a major event occurred, the brave would turn red with anger. The braver ones would turn green. The even braver ones would turn white.

But Lu Shu’s expression was normal. He was the bravest of them all.

The next moment, Lu Shu heaved a sigh. Francesco and the rest saw countless purple thunderbolts released from Lu Shu’s body…

What?! You seemed to be ready to die, but it turned out that you still have a backup plan!

Francesco and the rest swam towards the surface of the water, but it was too late…

The six of them once again started to tremble like seaweed…

“From Francesco Russo’s distress, +999!”


Lu Shu could not release many lightning aurablades in one go. After the lightning aurablades left the sea of chi, he could no longer control them.

He had use one-sixth of his lightning aurablades, but it was enough to control them for close to five minutes. Lu Shu had no choice. If others could move while he could not, the only thing he could do was to render everyone immobile…

In the worst case scenario, he could die. If he could buy himself some time, then he would.

But Lu Shu suddenly thought about another problem. How long could Cla.s.s B experts like Francesco hold their breath underwater? Lu Shu was different. He did not need to breathe underwater.

He had managed to buy himself about fifteen minutes using the lightning aurablades. He could drag on for another fifteen minutes. By then, he could defeat Francesco and the rest underwater.

Lu Shu finally found an advantage, while Francesco realized the danger he was in!

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 660 - Like Seaweed

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