Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 559

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Chapter 559: Deal

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Li Yunchu said, “The weapons we have brought are much better than the rest. Furthermore, we are very sincere towards you and Heavenly King Li.”

“I don't care about sincerity. It only counts if I see the goods for myself,” Lu Shu said as he smiled. “The Luo Shen Cultivation College has just been built. The promotion of this deal has attracted too many secret pract.i.tioners here. The turnover in the Luo City black market right now may be the highest in the country. I am not exaggerating. This is not a small business.”

“But you also have to understand,” Li Yunchu calmly said, “that if the families are to compete seriously with one another, I'm afraid that your financial resources…”

This fellow was even prepared to fight back, huh. Lu Shu laughed. “I feel that the other families would have the same thought. Allow me to confirm this with you. Are you planning to fight us?”

“… no. You are mistaken.”

“From Li Yunchu's distress, +299!”

Li Yunchu suddenly realized the benefit of Lu Shu and Li Yixiao completely splitting up the families. Since they had no way of communicating with one another, they would also have no way of reaching a common consensus.

There is no knowing what is in a man's heart. In this kind of compet.i.tion, the big families were at a disadvantage.

Lu Shu had other backup plans, as he could still discuss with the other families. But Li Yunchu had no backup plan.

Lu Shu sat facing Li Yunchu and carefully thought about what to say next. “The price of the magical stones is secondary. The main aim of this negotiation is to see what weapons and training resources everyone has brought. Magical stones only cost so much. We will not lose money if we sell it to you. But if we simply give up this black market, it will be a great loss for us. Thus, our condition is that, when purchasing the magical stones, everyone must hand over a weapon in return.”

“Wait. Did you say hand over a weapon in return? Does that mean we are simply giving away the weapons free of charge?” Li Yunchu furrowed his eyebrows. “These weapons are not cheap!”

Lu Shu laughed. “There are both cheap and expensive weapons in the Darkness Kingdom, but on average they cost about a hundred million yuan each. Wouldn't it be worth it to exchange one weapon for a black market?”

Li Yunchu realized that Lu Shu had completely skipped the matter of the magical stones. Although it seemed like a fair trade, where they exchanged money for magical stones, but wasn't it worth it to exchange a weapon for the black market?

The problem was, they were definitely buying the magical stones at a price higher than their market value!

Lu Shu said, “Let's take a look at the weapons you have first. Who knows you might have weapons that are stronger than that of other families? This is one of the important factors contributing to our final decision.”

Lu Shu's hidden intentions had been fully revealed by now. His original intention was to obtain weapons. The weapons were the main aim of this deal.

The families probably did not think that Lu Shu would be so greedy. He had split the families apart and occupied a superior position in the negotiation. Now, they could not leave even if they wanted to.

Li Yunchu thought deeply about it. Now, the most important thing was that Lu Shu was demanding for too much. After some careful thought, their family could accept this condition. But did Lu Shu plan to take their weapons just like that from the start?

Up till now, Li Yunchu did not even know Lu Shu's ident.i.ty. He was somewhat surprised. Why was the dominant figure in the deal this young man and not Li Yixiao? On the other hand, Li Yixiao was like a hired roughneck who made sure that the families did not act on their own.

Who exactly was this young man? Was he Li Yixiao's expert in negotiation? He did not seem like one. He was very meticulous in his behavior. His words and logic were a far cry from an expert negotiator.

Li Yunchu glanced at his younger cousin beside him. Li Yunmu took out a purple jade pendant from his pocket. Li Yunchu said, “This piece of jade has been pa.s.sed down in my family for many generations. Wearing this on your body will help you to concentrate. It can also improve blood circulation and delay aging. It will ensure that you are not too absorbed into your training as well.”

Lu Shu received the jade and put it in his pocket. “Any others?”

Li Yunchu was dumbfounded.

You put it in your pocket just like that? Without even confirming the deal? And… how many do you want, brother?

“From Li Yunchu's distress, +666!”

Lu Shu said, “Did you really think that this piece of jade would be enough? Although this would ensure Pract.i.tioners do not get too absorbed in their training, but its effects are normal. Did you think that I do not know anything?”

In reality, this kind of jade was very expensive on the market. But it suited the needs of young ladies more than that of Pract.i.tioners. A celebrity had once paid 120 million yuan to buy a jade. This was much more affordable than receiving injections and undergoing plastic surgery. This promoted health and allowed one to preserve their youthful looks!

But this had no use to Lu Shu. The Li family was also very clear that the tool they had put out could only be exchanged for money, but not for an equal amount. This was because female Pract.i.tioners did not need this item, while male Pract.i.tioners were particular about pure strength. The jade was actually of very little value. While it would sell well in a normal market, it did not have much use to Pract.i.tioners.

Although Li Yunchu was in an unfavorable position, he would not be controlled by others. “If you cannot accept this, then the deal is over.”

Lu Shu wanted to continue with the deal. The both of them refused to budge for a long time. Lu Shu finally realised that the families had a stubborn att.i.tude towards their weapons. Even the children of the families were not dumb. Although the weapons had value, there was no market for them.

No one would carelessly put such an item on sale, right?

Lu Shu laughed. “I will hold on to this jade for now. I'm sure that you will not be afraid that I will run off with it, right?”

Li Yunchu laughed nonchalantly. “We still have the spirit and vigor over here.”

Li Yunchu had said so, but on the inside he was somewhat worried. After all, he did not know who exactly he was dealing with.”

“I am very satisfied with the jade. Let us discuss the price of the magical stones,” Lu Shu said as he laughed.

Li Yunchu glared at him. Weren't you obviously unhappy just now?

Li Yunchu asked, “What is your price?”

“The price is definitely not up to us.” Lu Shu calmly sat on the chair. “I believe that you have mentally prepared for this. Whoever pays more will get it.”

What Li Yunchu dreaded the most had happened. He was most afraid that Lu Shu would use his price and demand a higher price from the other families. The Li family would have come here for nothing.

Li Yunchu unconsciously started to tap his palm against the armrest. This was a sign that he was thinking deeply. What was their best choice now?

He thought about it and decided to put out a high price, in an attempt to make Lu Shu confused. He said with confidence, “To allow you to see the Li family's sincerity, we are willing to pay 400 thousand per magical stone!”

“Deal,” said Lu Shu.

Li Yunchu was dumbfounded.

“From Li Yunchu's distress, +999!”

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 559

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