Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 661 - An Extremely Fierce Sword Spirit

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Chapter 661: An Extremely Fierce Sword Spirit

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Shu suddenly realized that other than the moment when the lightning aurablade appeared, he could use Francesco and the rest as an endless supply of distress points while they were numb.

He had now lost control of his own movements by his own lightning aurablades. After releasing the thunderbolts, they could only slowly disperse. He could not control the water to prevent himself from being electrocuted.

Even if he wanted to release lightning aurablades to protect himself, he could only do so after slowly recovering from his numbness. On the other hand, Francesco was in danger.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, he could hold his breath underwater for more than thirty minutes. But it was different during a fight. Factors like nervousness could reduce the amount of time he could stay underwater. Furthermore, he did not know how many times Lu Shu could release his thunderbolts. He also did not know how long they would have to stay underwater.

Once they became oxygen-deficient, the odds of victory would be stacked against them.

Up till this point, Francesco felt that all this was very bizarre. Was Howard a fire-thunder Metahuman?! How bizarre! The fire-type and the thunder-type were the types with the greatest explosive power. So Howard had such a unique gift?


Francesco suddenly realized that if Howard was a thunder-type, he would not be affected by the thunderbolts. The only explanation was… a magical tool!

The water once again swept the six of them along. Francesco was deep in thought when he suddenly saw Lu Shu’s leg approaching his face…

Lu Shu had run for about three hours. With his speed, his shoes would wear out quickly. Even though he now carried ten pairs of shoes wherever he went, he was still very vexed. He felt sad about the money he was spending on shoes.

Francesco could even see Lu Shu’s toe through the gaping hole in Lu Shu’s shoe, as well as the dust on his shoe.

Boom! Lu Shu kicked Francesco with force. Francesco was dumbfounded. He almost exploded with rage. Was the water targeting him?!

“From Francesco Russo’s distress, +999!”

Francesco was furious as he trembled. Once he recovered from the numbness, he would test out how much Lu Shu would be able to bear.

On one hand, he wanted to confirm how much longer Lu Shu could use his thunderbolt magical tool. After all, this shock was not as strong as the previous shock.

On the other hand, Francesco also felt that since Howard was not a water-type Metahuman, he probably could not stay underwater for long. He should last for an even shorter time than the rest of them, as he had entered the water earlier. His physique was also not as strong as theirs.

As time pa.s.sed, the current had messed up their formation. When they once again recovered from their numbness, Francesco and the rest worked together and swam towards Lu Shu. They were less than five meters apart and reached Lu Shu in an instant.

This time, they were all prepared against the lightning, but from past experience, they did not receive much damage from the lightning either. After all, they still had some time before they could no longer hold their breath. After all, Lu Shu would be electrocuted too…

This bunch of people were full of vigor. They were on the verge of death, yet they were not aware.

If they were just a bit slower, Lu Shu could recover and use his water-type abilities. Then the five of them would become scapegoats that he could take advantage of.

But coincidentally, Francesco and the other’s physiques were stronger than that of Lu Shu. Lu Shu could not use his water-type abilities…

But this time, Lu Shu was also determined to bring them down. Even if he used up his lightning aurablades, he may not die as he still had an advantage underwater. He could probably even kill two of them.

When Francesco and the rest saw Lu Shu take out his lightning aurablade, they remained apathetic. Oh, here it comes again…

This time, they did not run away. They put themselves in a comfortable position to spend another few minutes in.

Francesco was even more impressive. He had already gotten into position. He used his arms to stir the current and gain momentum, while he used his legs to tilt his body. This allowed him to rush towards Lu Shu.

Francesco raised his leg, planning to take revenge for the kick he had received earlier…

Everyone knew that Lu Shu may still have a backup plan. After all, any other skills he had would be used up quickly. Thus, everyone prepared for the next time they recovered from their numbness. That would be their opportunity to kill Lu Shu.

They were just waiting for Lu Shu to reveal his hidden intentions!

But Francesco and the rest did not think that Lu Shu would release not only the lightning aurablade, but also Corpsedog.

Now, Lu Shu could not control his flying swords and his water-type abilities He was at his wits’ end. Suddenly, he remembered Corpsedog. Corpsedog was not only used to kill others…

After Corpsedog came out from the celestial map, it did not kill the others. Instead, it stopped between Lu Shu’s chest and his clothes. Corpsedog had lost control when the thunderbolt struck.

After that, Francesco used the current and attempted to kick Lu Shu’s face. He suddenly realized that a small white figure appeared from Lu Shu’s pocket. The figure was very agile. It looked like a human, but he could not see its face clearly.

Francesco suddenly felt that he was in great danger? What was this figure? What was happening? Was this a creature that Howard had been rearing?

Everyone had an unpleasant premonition, as the only one who could freely move was this small sword spirit!

They did not know what this sword spirit was, but they knew that something terrible would happen!

Before Francesco could kick Lu Shu’s face, he saw the small sword spirit cheerily swimming over. It approached Francesco’s face and…


“What!” Francesco trembled. The sword spirit’s slap made him spin like a top in the water. A small, red slap mark appeared on Francesco’s face.

“From Francesco Russo’s distress, +999!”

Francesco was holding in his anger, but this slap made him explode with rage. He was extremely upset!

The small sword spirit cheerily swam towards the others. The others were scared beyond description. Was it so strong?!

Slap! Another one!

Slap! Another one!

All of them started to spin. If the thunderbolt had not numbed their senses, they would be burning with pain.

This was a very unpredictable fight, ever since Lu Shu had kicked up a dust storm. No one knew where this fight was going.

Lu Shu felt a sense of pity. Why did this sword spirit not listen to him. If the sword spirit was out to kill, then Francesco and the rest would definitely die while they were unable to move…

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 661 - An Extremely Fierce Sword Spirit

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