Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 560

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Chapter 560: Please Pardon Me

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“How many magical stones do you have?” Li Yunchu asked hesitantly. Was Lu Shu planning to split a few thousand magical stones between a few families?

Lu Shu laughed. “Ten thousand.”

Four billion yuan worth of magical stones. Li Yunchu was suddenly in a mess… he could not figure out what made him so confused even after some thought.

Wait a minute! He sat on the chair and looked at Lu Shu sitting opposite him. Lu Shu seemed very calm. Li Yunchu felt that something was not right. He obviously wanted to make things difficult for the other families. After the price was so high that no one could not afford it, Lu Shu would sit down and begin the talks again. At that moment, the Li family would not be in the awkward position of being the first family in line.

He could afford this price, but the reason behind why he had suggested this price was to make things difficult for the other families. Logically, Lu Shu would discuss with the other families first, right? How could he just accept the deal just like that!

This fellow did not conform to the logical flow of actions!

Li Yunchu had also thought that Lu Shu would have other hidden intentions. But the problem was, ten thousand magical stones was the limit. It could not be the doing of the Heavenly Network either.

As the families all knew Nie Ting's att.i.tude towards training resources, they knew that Nie Ting wanted to suppress the families, whether consciously or unconsciously. How could he have taken out so many magical stones to convert to cash?

According to their calculations of the Heavenly Network's production and mining levels, the Heavenly Network did not have so many magical stones in stock. The Heavenly Network had never taken pains to store their magical stones for future use. Instead, they used the stones to level up members with outstanding contributions, in order to prepare for the future unpredictable realm of cultivation!

These figures could not be concealed, thus Li Yunchu immediately rejected this idea.

They also had an estimate of the number of magical stones Li Yixiao possessed. He could not have gotten this from the black market alone. It was most likely that Li Yixiao had found his ill-gotten wealth from the Koh Chang Island remains. This made more sense.

But a hundred thousand magical stones was probably the limit. They could not sell the stones to another family.

Li Yunchu laughed. “Then we look forward to working with you. Thank you for good management of this black market. The Li family will not hold back.”

Lu Shu left the room and retrieved ten boxes of magical stones from his Seal of Lands. He had packed the stones into smaller portions earlier. Each box had one thousand magical stones.

Li Yixiao was dumbfounded when he saw this. “Have you finished the negotiations with the first family?”


Li Yixiao was so shocked that he could not speak. Lu Shu was done so quickly? And… didn't he say that he had a few thousand magical stones? Why was he taking out so many stones in one go?

And since when did Lu Shu have the time to pack the magical stones?!

After Lu Shu had taken out the ten thousand magical stones, he moved the stones into the room. He opened the box in front of Li Yunchu. “Please check the quant.i.ty.”

“Sure. Please give me some time. This is a big deal and we have to be more careful.” Li Yunchu brought Li Yunmu and two other people to check the magical stones.

When he saw that the words on every magical stone were in j.a.panese, Li Yunchu could finally heave a sigh of relief. These were definitely not from the Heavenly Network. It seems like Li Yixiao had really gotten these magical stones through other means.

Could these magical stones have come from Nogiwa Taken.o.bu, who died in the Koh Chang Island remains. Li Yunchu was making too many guesses, but these were not important now. Receiving these magical stones meant that they had accepted Li Yixiao's initial promise. This black market belonged to the Li family!

Lu Shu grabbed a laptop. He had brought a network cable with him, but did not turn off the mobile signal jammer. After Li Yunchu finished the transfer of funds, Lu Shu smiled. “The Li family is too generous!”

“Then we will take our leave. We will send someone to accept the black market at a later date,” said Li Yunchu.

“No hurry,” Lu Shu said with a smile. “Please take some time to rest here.”

With that, Lu Shu left the room. Li Yunchu wanted to ask why he did not let them leave, but Li Yixiao had appeared at the door and prevented them from leaving.

At this moment, Li Yunchu suddenly had an unpleasant premonition. But it couldn't be!

To speak the truth, Li Yixiao was also somewhat puzzled. Didn't Lu Shu sell all of his magical stones? Why was he making his way to the next family?

In less than half an hour, Lu Shu left the room and took out ten boxes of magical stones from the Seal of Lands before going in again…

Li Yixiao's expression was nothing but shock…

The families did not know the truth, but Li Yixiao saw for himself how Lu Shu brought out twenty thousand stones, then thirty thousand… forty thousand…

Li Yixiao did not think that this would happen, let alone the families!

Each family had thought that Lu Shu could only have so many magical stones on his hands, thus he could only sell them to one family.

Nie Ting had thought that Lu Shu only had a few thousand stones, thus he decided to continue observing.

Li Yixiao had thought that Lu Shu only had a few thousand stones, thus he felt that 0.1% was too small a share.

In the end, the most unthinkable thing had happened. Everyone had thought of all the possibilities, but they had never thought that Lu Shu would have so many magical stones.

This was like thinking that you are very skilled in a game. Ha ha, I can carry the entire match even if I carelessly attack! But in the end, this would appear on your screen. What a cheater!

Would you be shocked? Would you be surprised?

When Lu Shu reached the fifth family, he suddenly felt that there was something wrong with the weapons the family had shown. When they had taken out the weapon, he felt his heart's white flame jump suddenly. It was just like when he had first come face to face with the Puppet Master. What was happening?

He did not waver in his tone and continued discussing with the family. When the opportunity came, he played the same old trick as he did with the other families and he put the weapon into his pocket.

After Lu Shu finished the deal with the sixth family, he dragged Li Yixiao and left. “Let's hurry up and go. If we leave any later, we'll get into trouble…”

The families could only sit in the room and wait. But after one hour, they felt that something was not right. Someone opened the door and looked outside. Lu Shu and Li Yixiao were gone!

Nalan Que shouted, “Li Yixiao, where in the world are you?”

Nalan Que was still rather happy then. She felt that Lu Shu had been straightforward in the deal because Li Yixiao had dealt with it earlier. Honestly! This fatty, not telling her in advance that he wanted to dote on her.

The other families started to come out of their rooms. Nalan Que was all smiles when she said, “Everyone, please pardon me…”

“Please pardon me….”


Everyone fought to say this, but in the end they realized something. What were they asking pardon for? It was all over for them!

“From Nalan Que's distress, +999!”

“From Gao Shenyin's distress, +999!”

“From Li Yunchu's…”

That night, an earth-shaking incident happened in the Luo City realm of cultivation!

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 560

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