Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 662 - Counterattack!

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Chapter 662: Counterattack!

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The seabed was full of murderous intent. Everyone should have various methods to shed blood. They did not have to turn the sea red, but at least have some fresh blood in the water.

Other fights were often very intense, but this fight was very quiet…

No, wait. When the sword spirit slapped Francesco and the rest, although sound did not travel well underwater, there was still a sound…

But Francesco and the other Cla.s.s B’s were confused. It was said that Howard was in charge of foreign affairs in the Phoenix Society. His attacks were bold and powerful. He had obtained a fire phoenix soul as well. The fire phoenix that he summoned was not only strong, but intelligent as well.

But when they thought about this, they could not understand? Where is your fire phoenix? Huh?

They even felt that they would rather face the fire phoenix than this small strange sword spirit. It was so embarra.s.sing to be slapped!

Being slapped was very shameful in many parts of the world. Francesco, an important figure in the Department of Faith Theory, had actually been slapped. He was still spinning like a top underwater. He was furious!

But, if you could make the figure slap others, why did you not make it kill others?

At first, Francesco had thought that Lu Shu wanted to humiliate them first, even though he was still trembling like them…

But Francesco was certain that Lu Shu wanted to humiliate them before killing them. After all, this small sword spirit was the only being that could move freely now. Furthermore, it was so powerful… it would be easy for it to kill them.

If they faced a sword spirit with such power under normal circ.u.mstances, they would definitely have a headache. But it was not life-threatening.

Of course, they did not know how Takas.h.i.+ma Tairatsu had died. If not, they would not think as such. If they knew that Takas.h.i.+ma Tairatsu had died while facing Lu Shu, they would be more cautious in their plans.

In the wider world, there would always be people more talented than oneself. Lu Shu felt that keeping a few secrets would take his enemies by surprise and allow him to gain the upper hand.

Lu Shu was not invincible. Thus, he had to hide his weaknesses by remaining silent.

Lu Shu also felt that the sword spirit was in an awkward position. It felt as if it was unfit for a higher position, but unwilling to accept a lower position. The abilities of a sword spirit would always remain at the same level. Thus, in a life-or-death battle with a sword spirit of the same level, it would only be able to defeat its opponent using a surprise move. But Lu Shu thought of another problem. If he was able to collect seven sword spirits, what would happen?

Even if they were only Cla.s.s C metahumans, seven of them could contend with a Cla.s.s B. There was even a possibility that they might win.

He would not be at an advantage with more sword spirits. Lu Shu was like a sponge, absorbing anything that was beneficial. As the small sword spirit went one round, Lu Shu obtained five Chi Fruits…

As the small sword spirit cheerily finished slapping everyone, Francesco and the rest thought that Lu Shu was done humiliating them. He was here to deliver the final blow. All of them got nervous.

But things did not go as they had expected. The small sword spirit… went around to slap them again…

The five of them had just stopped. Now, they were spinning again. Francesco was going crazy! Were you done?!

Was there an end to this?!

You had better stop… slap!


Even if he was a Cla.s.s B expert, he was growing muddled from all the slaps. This small sword spirit was too powerful. His head hurt!

Lu Shu stared in shock as he saw the small sword spirit having fun. He could even feel Francesco’s anger. But he was in despair. What should he do…

He could not speak, but he really wanted to explain to Francesco. Brother, I want to give you a quick death too, but I cannot do anything! This… they were being slapped so much that Lu Shu felt bad!

As for Francesco and the rest, the most important thing was that they could not last much longer underwater because they had been slapped!

Oxygen was essential for humans. When the human brain lacked oxygen, it would die in a matter of minutes. Metahumans could possibly hold out for longer, but they had a limit as well!

At this moment, everyone felt that their senses had recovered. Francesco and the rest did not try to test Lu Shu nor kill him. It was not that they did not want to kill him. They could not allow any other surprises to happen.

This Howard. His attacks were not normal. It was impossible to defend themselves!

When the Department of Faith Theory was expanding their influence in Europe, Francesco was part of the vanguard. He was a seasoned warrior. But this was his first time facing someone he had thought was a fire-type, but used thunder-type attacks that even affected himself. This was also his first time facing someone who had a strange creature that slapped its enemies.

Only Francesco observed Lu Shu very carefully. While the rest tried to escape to the sh.o.r.e, Francesco looked back and observed Lu Shu. He realized that Lu Shu’s senses had started to recover. But the lack of oxygen did not seem to have much of an effect on him.

The numbness came quickly and went away quickly. When Francesco realized that he could use his abilities, he used his white robes to propel himself to the surface of the water.

Francesco could even bring two Cla.s.s B’s along with him!

But the other two Cla.s.s B’s were not so lucky. When Lu Shu realized that he could use his water-type abilities, the water gushed downwards like an underwater waterfall.

It was not visible on the surface, but the two Cla.s.s B experts could sense it very clearly. Their bodies were still slightly numb, but this did not stop them from swimming to the surface.

Francesco had used his white robes to avoid this undercurrent, but the two Cla.s.s B experts realized that they were getting further and further away from the surface of the water.

When they turned to look at the seabed in fear, they saw Lu Shu looking calmly at them. The ocean current surrounded him, making him seem like an underwater deity.

One of the Cla.s.s B experts could not understand how the person they had been chasing to kill had become the main character in a hunting game. They had instead become the target.

He did not care anymore. He suddenly took out a small copper s.h.i.+eld. After the copper s.h.i.+eld had broken into pieces, it had formed a protective s.h.i.+eld around him that helped him to counter the impact force from the water. He took the chance and swam to the surface of the water. His comrade stretched out his hand in an attempt to help him, but the s.h.i.+eld separated them.

There was only one Cla.s.s B expert left in the water. He was furious. Suddenly, he launched countless sharp metal weapons in Lu Shu’s direction. But Lu Shu was as agile as a fish underwater. He easily dodged the weapons.

The sharp metal weapons pierced into the seabed, while Lu Shu was virtually unharmed.

This was Lu Shu’s home ground!

After tolerating for so long and being electrocuted for over ten minutes, even Lu Shu was reaching his limit.

The Cla.s.s B expert fought the lack of oxygen and pulled the sharp metal weapons out of the seabed. He launched them in Lu Shu’s direction like a tightly-knitted school of fish. But the next moment, he suddenly realized that the sharp metal weapons were slowing down, as if they had encountered an inexhaustible resistance.

It was as if there was a fortress made out of water surrounding Lu Shu that cus.h.i.+oned the force of the sharp metal weapons.

Concealed Arrow and Corpsedog appeared with a roar. The two flying swords did not encounter any resistance in the water and took the Cla.s.s B expert’s life. The expert did not understand up to his death why the five of them did not succeed in killing one person. In the end, he would pa.s.s away in this dark and endless sea.

The sea was as frightening as an abyss.

Before his death, the Cla.s.s B expert suddenly understood that Lu Shu was a water-type Metahuman. From the very beginning, Lu Shu was his own trump card in the water.

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 662 - Counterattack!

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