Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 742 - Chop the Mountain

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Chapter 742: Chop the Mountain

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Lu Shu reached the base and saw Luo Nan’s photo, he did not go back. Instead, he had called Lu Xiaoyu. After that, he told Zhang Yanfeng that they had to wait three days before his team mates came.

Back then, Lu Xiaoyu did not immediately tell everyone about the news. She had used Johnson’s materialization powers to create Lu Shu’s clone that would head to Death Valley first. She only told everyone about the news after half a day.

After the clone arrived, Lu Shu switched places with the clone, before Lu Xiaoyu and the rest came to the base. The one who had returned from the snowy mountain was not Lu Shu, but the clone.

Lu Shu himself had been hiding in the snow and quietly waiting.

This was a secret agreement between Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu. He felt that there were a lot of problems with Teacher Luo, thus he gave himself another layer of protection.

Luo Bei did not think that another Lu Shu would appear beside him. So the Lu Shu earlier had been a clone. He had never heard of this before.

In the past, people thought that one would be able to make countless clones with materialization, but this was impossible in real life. Human intelligence was much higher than that of other species and could not be cloned.

Lu Shu was probably the only person in the world who could clone himself. He had to make use of the materialization type soul that Lu Xiaoyu controlled. Lu Xiaoyu had tried to make a clone of herself, but failed.

The 72 strands of Sparrow Shade suddenly appeared from the ground and trapped Luo Bei within. Luo Bei tried to run. But he had barely moved before cuts started to appear on his skin and clothes.

Luo Bei did not dare to act rashly. He knew that Lu Shu had the power to kill him instantly. Any tricks he had up his sleeve were no use against this absolute power.

His only option was to let Lu Shu walk into the blue light and have his consciousness controlled. He could even walk in first and show that the blue light was harmless. But Lu Shu was much more careful.

Lu Shu looked at the wound on Chen Zuan’s rib. “You’ll be fine. As long as it’s not a fracture, you will heal very quickly.”

“Brother Shu.” Chen Zuan seemed to be filled with grief. “I have been treated unjustly. You’d better take responsibility!”

“Did I let you follow us?’ Lu Shu calmly asked, “Also, who did you ask him to attack just now?”

“Ha ha ha.” Chen Zuan laughed awkwardly. “I was just joking.”

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +499!”

He had said too much. He did not expect Lu Shu to be lying in ambush either! What should he do? How could he prevent Lu Shu from having a grudge against him? This was urgent!

Lu Shu did not care about him. He turned and looked at Luo Bei. “Come down with me. Then we’ll talk. Don’t act rashly.”

He did not want to stay here any longer. He did not know what that blue light was. This place was too dangerous.

Lu Shu guessed that the being below the Death Valley was not very strong. It might be similar to that ma.s.sive man-eating lizard. But why didn’t it come out and settle this once and for all? Why did it want Luo Bei to bring them down?

The three of them came to the hillside. The Sparrow Shade trapped Luo Bei in like a cage. Lu Shu turned and asked, “Who exactly are you? Where is Luo Nan?”

Luo Bei smiled. “I am Luo Nan.”

Lu Shu did not fall for this trick again. No matter how much he denied, his real name would not change. He said, “There is a myth that a dragon is frozen below the Kunlun Mountains. Teacher Luo, have you heard of this myth before?”

“From Luo Bei’s distress, +99!”

Lu Shu glanced at the system’s back end. He had said that he wanted to bring Lu Shu to the Dragon G.o.d. This Dragon G.o.d was very likely related to the dragon that was frozen below the Death Valley.

“Let me guess.” Lu Shu said, “You want to bring me down there. I have something that this Dragon G.o.d wants. Am I right?”

“From Luo Bei’s distress, +99!”

Luo Bei remained silent. Suddenly, the Sparrow Shade pierced through Luo Bei’s legs. Luo Bei crouched on the ground. The white snow was dyed red.

Chen Zuan silently stood at the side. This was probably his first time seeing how much murderous intent Lu Shu had. In the past, he had been very merry. Although Chen Zuan was slightly hurt by him, he was also willing to joke around with Lu Shu because most of the time, he got along well with Lu Shu. Lu Shu was grateful and sought ways to return others’ kindness. He humiliated people over small matters, but he did not play around during crucial times.

But the current Lu Shu was suddenly very similar to Nie. It was as if he would not even bat an eyelid while killing others.

So this was Lu Shu when he was truly angry.

“You just need to answer one question. What does that fellow down there want that I have,” asked Lu Shu. This was what he wanted to know the most.

Before he could finish speaking, a ma.s.sive wave of energy suddenly came from the sky.

“Oh no!” Lu Shu looked up in shock. He saw a black silhouette breaking through the clouds. While the person was still high up in the sky, a sword slashed the blue light.

A giant sword fell from the sky and cut the blue light into two halves.

Even the snowy mountain seemed as if it was about to break into two halves. Lu Shu turned and ran down the mountain. He had just taken two steps before turning back and carrying Chen Zuan on his shoulders. “Nie Ting, screw you!”

Nie Ting’s angry voice sounded from the sky. “Stop complicating things!”

The blue light rapidly retreated back into the Death Valley. Cras.h.!.+ Lu Shu turned back and looked. Snow had collapsed. Even the mountain had been chopped into halves.

s.h.i.+ Xuejin had said that Nie Ting was only one step away from an advancement. He probably had to receive a divine punishment. Thus, it would be best to learn from Lu Shu’s experiences and see what method would be the safest. But Nie Ting had never asked him.

The threat from a peak Cla.s.s A made Lu Shu run for his life. He was afraid that he would be affected too!

A few hours ago, Lu Shu was still thinking whether he had misunderstood Nie Ting. From the look of things, Nie Ting did not seem to be playing around with him. But now, Nie Ting had appeared.

Chen Zuan was wailing. “Brother Shu, Brother Shu! What in the world happened? Why is Nie here?”

Lu Shu angrily said, “This is not the first time he has done this. Back then, when I partic.i.p.ated in the military training for Cla.s.s A geniuses, he used me as bait on the train. I dare to bet that if he is not using me as bait this time, I will use your head as a soccer ball!”

Chen Zuan said, “… is there something wrong with your logic???”

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +666!”

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 742 - Chop the Mountain

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