Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 831 - Change of Plan

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Chapter 831: Change of Plan

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It was totally unexpected that Lu Shu’s first reaction in the fight would be to dash towards the 17th truck.

Waves of energy blasted into the atmosphere. It appeared that Cla.s.s B air-type Metahumans could fly after a.s.similation with the air. Every type of power was gifted in their own ways and Lu Shu’s water-type abilities… were suspected to have gone wrong in some ways, or perhaps Lu Shu was simply too creative.

On Lu Shu’s way towards the 17th truck, there was a noticeable increase in the humidity around them. In the next second, the air-type expert escaped his air form with shock across his face.

The water vapor in the air would have crushed all air particles if he had been slightly slower!

In fact, the air and earth-type abilities had always been recognized as the most suited for At this moment, however, the air-type expert had suddenly come to realization that the water-type was a natural enemy to the air-type!

This had never been explored before. He wondered how this water-type Metahuman discover this idea!

Instead of approaching his enemy recklessly, the air-type Metahuman kept his distance. He knew that six Cla.s.s B’s were already rus.h.i.+ng back to the Port.

When they arrived, all odds would be against this water-type Metahuman.

Thus, his job was to stop him from escaping via the sea. The Department of Faith Theory would lose the fight if he managed to do that because the sea was his stage!

Therefore, the air-type Metahuman ridiculed Lu Shu in an attempt to distract him and slow him down. However, despite his efforts, Lu Shu did not even glance up at him. It was then when the Metahuman suddenly realized that… this guy could not understand Italian…

Then he switched to English and said, “You will lose the war, for sure. So why are you risking your life for an organization on the brink of collapse? I offer you to join the Department of Faith Theory. You will be put to proper use given your strong abilities.”

Meanwhile, all of the other Metahumans only dared to watch Lu Shu from a distance. They had been terrified by his Sparrow Shade!

Lu Shu only shot him a brief glimpse before he rushed over towards the 18th and the 19th trucks…

The air-type Metahuman felt as if he had been ignored. Could this fellow not understand English as well?

Suddenly Lu Shu replied, “I’m in.”

That caught the air-type expert by surprise. So easy?

However, Lu Shu’s movement did not stop. He was already at the 29th vehicle!

As the time ticked by, the air-type expert tried his best to hold back Lu Shu while he arranged a strong defense line on the seash.o.r.e, ready to block Lu Shu anytime.

The ultimate goal was to trap Lu Shu at the port. All of the swords could be returned to them after Lu Shu’s death.

The expression on the air-type Metahuman’s face grew cold. At that moment, Lu Shu had almost finished packing up all of the trucks. That made the man wonder how huge his invisible storage equipment was!

“Time check. What’s the ETA of the Cordials?”

“Five minutes!”

The air-type Metahuman heaved a sigh of relief. Then, a stern look crept up his face. “Block him with your life after he’s all done!”

The circle of the Department of Faith Theory slowly closed in. All of the Cla.s.s C’s gradually moved towards the last truck, ready to deal a fatal blow when Lu Shu arrived.

At this moment, however, Lu Shu suddenly charged towards the east and gave up the last truck!

Then, to their surprise, there was a high tide. The waves swept across the dam and reached their tentacles towards everyone at the port.

The air-type Metahuman was stunned. Never had he expected his enemy would be able to control tides from so far away. He must be at the peak of Cla.s.s B!

“Block him!” the air-type Metahuman roared. Now that the Cordials were only a few minutes away, he would receive severe punishment if he let the man go at this critical moment!

He sneered at Lu Shu. “Do you really think that the Heavenly Network would win with those weapons? Let me tell you, all of your men are being wanted on the Darkness Kingdom. One Heavenly Network life for ten magical stones. You are clearly outnumbered and the number of people after you can only increase in the upcoming days. All of your efforts are futile.”

Lu Shu could not be bothered to waste any more time with him. At this moment, the most important task was to escape into the sea. In fact, Lu Shu was aware that their support team was arriving since the Cla.s.s B was unwilling to confront him, yet he had ordered his low-cla.s.s men to block him at all cost.

At first, Lu Shu wanted to a.s.sault the Cla.s.s B when he chased him. Thus, he regretted not being able to have the chance since the man was extremely cautious.

But Lu Shu sensed that something was off. All along the Darkness Kingdom had played a neutral role. Although it would not interfere with matters in the cultivation world and it would even allow the trading of teenagers with cultivation potential, it had never expressed any interest in the battles. So why the change now?

Lu Shu had a feeling that the Darkness Kingdom also had an irreplaceable role to play in the current war.

Seeing that Lu Shu was slightly swayed, the air-type Metahuman continued, “Moreover, how many Cla.s.s B’s do you have? We have three times the number of yours. What are your odds?”

As a matter of fact, the Heavenly Network still had more Cla.s.s A’s than the other organizations. Besides, the man had also purposely omitted how vulnerable their secret pract.i.tioners were.

At this moment, Lu Shu suddenly stood still. Even so, no one dared to approach him.

It was as if his sole existence would repel people away.

Lu Shu smiled. At that moment, he had suddenly decided not to flee.

He turned and laughed at the provoker. “You asked for it. Kill me if you dare. Let’s wait and see… who will be the last one standing!”

Now that he was at his enemy’s place, and he had even lured some of their most powerful members to him, it would be a pity if he left without reaping some of their lives.

Since you had more Cla.s.s B’s than us, let me kill some to make things easier for my Heavenly Network!

Once he completed his sentence, he dashed back towards the last truck and shoved it into his Seal of Lands!

At that moment, the defense line of the Department of Faith Theory was concentrated on the seash.o.r.e. However, they had totally not expected Lu Shu’s change of plan. He was now charging north towards the forests!

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 831 - Change of Plan

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