Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 889 - Harmony Is To Be Prized

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Chapter 889: Harmony Is To Be PrizedTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Shu laughed as he asked, “Whose plan is flawed now?”

Ye Xiaoming said, “I apologize. My plan is flawed…”

“From Ye Xiaoming’s distress, +999!”

Suddenly, Li Heitan, who was behind Lu Shu, said, “Your plan is not flawed. Your cleaning up is…”

Li Heitan suddenly felt as if he had reached the peak of his life. The new Great Lord was rather crude!

Li Heitan was a frank person. He had become a roamer after his slave owner had died. He loved to speak the truth and be heard above the rest. He often had too much to eat. His kind-hearted slave owners wanted to release him. Some even gave him some grains and let him go…

It was said that if being together brought both parties pain, then it would be best to separate and live their own lives. This was probably what it meant…

Later on, he came to Azure Dragon Village. At first, the head of Azure Dragon Village had thought that Li Heitan was dependable and frank. He had wanted to put him in an important position. After all, who did not like the people below them to be dumb and listen to them?

In the end, Li Heitan followed the head of Azure Dragon Village to two meetings and attacked the commander of the Wei Wu Army, Ye Xiaoming, twice. Later on, he was punished twice.

Back then, Ye Xiaoming had thought that the head of Azure Dragon Village had other intentions and deliberately used Li Heitan to criticize him.

Later on, he realized that this was not the case. Li Heitan was indeed somewhat stupid…

At this moment, Li Heitan sighed with emotion. If he followed the Great Lord, he would be fine even after he had criticized Ye Xiaoming! Earlier on, he had been caned two times. But now, he was appreciated by Lu Shu. Li Heitan felt that he had found a true master!

Was he unable to speak well, or was the former head of Azure Dragon Village not strong enough?

Lu Shu sat on the wall and laughed as he looked at Ye Xiaoming. Ye Xiaoming wanted to say something, but Lu Shu gestured at him not to speak. “We will talk when we are done fighting.”

Shouts could be heard behind Ye Xiaoming. Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu earned a steady stream of distress points. Killing people was the best way to earn distress points.

Ye Xiaoming looked on as he saw the people behind him all die. But he did not even dare to move. He could sense the terror underground. Not only did Lu Shu have a Rank One expert as his servant, the two people underneath were not friendly either. They were not weaker than him!

Ye Xiaoming was only a mid Rank Two, while Anthony and Johnson were peak Rank Twos. Furthermore, Ye Xiaoming had lived for a long time and become the commander of the Wei Wu Army. He was very sharp. From his observations, the young girl beside the young man was not weaker than him either!

But Ye Xiaoming could not understand. Where had this strong enemy come from?!

Lu Shu saw that the Bishop was mostly done on his end. He then smiled. “You have seen our power. I am not completely ruthless. If not, you would not be able to stand here and listen to me speak.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Ye Xiaoming hurriedly nodded his head. “You are right. Thank you for your mercy.”

“From today onwards, the area near Yun An City will be managed by Azure Dragon Village. Continue your business as usual. Split the money as you have done before.” Lu Shu laughed cheerily. “But it will be according to me.”

Lu Shu thought about it. He felt that he could not touch his position as commander of the Wei Wu Army. If he killed Ye Xiaoming, the Lord of Heaven might send another Rank One here. He would not be able to control the situation as easily.

Ye Xiaoming was dumbfounded. “What do you mean?”

“You know that I have the ability to kill you any time.” Lu Shu laughed. “But as businessmen, harmony is to be prized. It is not good to keep killing.”

Ye Xiaoming turned and looked at all the dead bodies behind him. Could this be considered harmony?

It seemed as if Lu Shu understood him. “I have helped you to wipe out all the bandits. Not only can you report this achievement, you will earn more money in the future.”

“What business do you want to do?” Ye Xiaoming asked, full of fear. “We cannot kill the goose that lays the golden egg. We cannot force the civilians in the city too much. If not, we will just be killing off business.”

“Relax. I have my own plan.”

Ye Xiaoming knew that it was not the time for him to be stubborn. As expected, it was best for him to admit his fear now. He would think of a plan later.

But he heard Lu Shu sigh. “I wanted to be a good person. But you guys are not friendly. I can only become an outlaw here. This world is very tough…”

Ye Xiaoming’s mouth twitched. Were you saying that this world was tough?

Lu Shu let Ye Xiaoming go. The first thing that Ye Xiaoming did when he went back was to send someone to the north to pa.s.s the message. He wanted to seek a.s.sistance from the aristocrat family. The aristocrat was a mid Rank One, and had a Rank One slave under him. He was considered a formidable force under the North Lord of Heaven, Wen Zaifou.

But the moment the messenger stepped out of the city, he was killed. Ye Xiaoming sent over ten people to pa.s.s the message, but they were all murdered!

Ye Xiaoming was so scared that he could not sleep at night. Now, he knew that Lu Shu was not afraid of the trouble he might cause. He might not even be afraid of the aristocrat!

What should he do now? He could only quietly wait and see what Lu Shu wanted to do in Yun An City!

Ye Xiaoming sent his trusted subordinates to Yun An City. He requested to be informed if there were any changes within the city.

The entire night, Yun An City thought about how Lu Shu had a Rank One servant, as well as hidden Why had he come to Yun An City…

Lu Shu sighed with great emotion, he said to Lu Xiaoyu, “Why do my plans always go wrong because of strange circ.u.mstances? I wanted to be a good person, but I became the Great Lord of the mountains. I’m afraid that this world is far too unfriendly! But we cannot be like those bandits. We have to be rational and not steal from them!”

The next afternoon, Li Heitan lead a group of men and horses into Yun An City. They headed straight for the p.a.w.nshop Lu Shu had visited.

Li Heitan got off his horse and smiled honestly. “h.e.l.lo, Boss Lin. I am from the Azure Dragon Village in the An Mountains. My lord said that I am the most reliable. In the future, I will collect protection fees. There is no one else. Thus, there is only the Azure Dragon Village around Yun An City. There will be no more messy villages!”

Lin Gui sighed. They had come as he expected. He waved and called his staff to take out a tray. It was covered in a red cloth. “This is a gift to celebrate the new Great Lord of the Azure Dragon Village. Please accept this!”

“Please don’t.” Li Heitan said, “My Great Lord had said that the protection fees that we collect from you will not be wasted. In the future, the Azure Dragon Village… how should I say this? Preach the rules, start a new trend. We know that it is not easy for all of you. We will not take your riches. Instead, we want to do business with you!”

“What business?” Lin Gui was dumbfounded.

The people behind Li Heitan carried a box in. They opened the box. It was filled with semi-transparent soap. There were even patterns engraved on the soap.

Lin Gui did not understand what was happening. Li Heitan called the attendant. “Bring me a bucket of water.”

After that, Li Heitan spread some in on his hand. Then, he took out a bar of soap and rubbed it on his hand. After a few rubs, he washed his hands in the bucket of water. The ink on his hand had disappeared!

Li Heitan glanced at Lin Gui. He was silent.

Lin Gui stared at Li Heitan, but Li Heitan did not speak.

Someone beside Li Heitan reminded him, “The Great Lord said, it is time to prove a miracle.”

“That’s right. It is time to prove a miracle!” Li Heitan laughed out loud. “Mysterious, right?”

Lin Gui carefully looked at the bar of soap. He did not seem to believe Li Heitan. He rubbed the soap on his hands. As expected, it was very effective in removing stains!

Li Heitan casually sat on a table. “My Great Lord even said that this can be used to wash clothes, and the clothes will be very clean! It’s yours for 30 notes per bar. It’s not expensive, right?”

Lin Gui suddenly felt that this product from the Great Lord of the Azure Dragon Village was quite interesting. Although 30 notes was quite expensive, it made him feel much more comfortable.

Although they only earned 30 notes here, if they could sell these in the north, or even the palace, the aristocrats might be willing to pay even more!

It was not that valuable, but it was fresh and rare!

Lin Gui suddenly smiled. “The first time I saw your Great Lord, I thought that he was out of the ordinary. I did not expect him to be so mysterious. Please tell him that the Lin p.a.w.n Shop is willing to do business with your Great Lord.”

Lu Shu had mysteriously become the Great Lord of the mountains, but in the end, he could still monopolize the trade and create his soap business…

There had been many detours, but the result was the same. Lu Shu felt that there were many paths, but in the end all roads lead to Rome. As long as the result was good, it would be fine…

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 889 - Harmony Is To Be Prized

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