Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 917 - The Rise of the Wei Wu Army

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Chapter 917: The Rise of the Wei Wu ArmyTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When the Wei Wu Army ran away after singing their folk songs, the Qing Sai Army heaved a sigh of relief. It was not because they were being threatened. It was because the scene they had just witnessed was far too mysterious.

Who would expect that they would suddenly start to sing in such a serious atmosphere, where everyone was prepared to fight?

No one fought like this!

But before the Qing Sai Army could heave a sigh of relief, a few people appeared on yet another mountain. “The young man and young lady like each other. The young lady wants to make the young man her sweetheart…”

The Qing Sai Army solemnly stood at the foot of the mountain. It was painful to watch! There was something wrong with the Wei Wu Army!

It was hard to imagine what the Wei Wu Army typically did in their campsite!

This time, Liu Yizhao took action. He took a few people with him to listen and uncover the actual situation. But before he could fly to the mountain, it was peaceful again,

He felt a ma.s.sive threat underground. The threat was moving around and hesitating. They did not start a ma.s.sacre. They simply locked on to Liu Yizhao as their target. It was as if… they were warning him not to act rashly.

Liu Yizhao knew very clearly that the expert underground was definitely at least Rank One. It seemed as if the expert had brought a few other experts along with them. They were prepared to deliver a lightning-fast fatal blow to Liu Yizhao or the Qing Sai Army.

Since when did the Wei Wu Army have such experts? Liu Yizhao furrowed his eyebrows.

Even if it was the Black Feather Army, the commander of the Black Feather Army was a Rank Two. This was before they had entered the North Region. But now, the Wei Wu Army had a Rank One.

Liu Yizhao now felt that the Wei Wu Army was full of mysteries, especially after they had started singing folk songs…

Liu Yizhao, who had wanted to attack, could no longer move. He had been trapped. He had to prepare himself for when the enemy suddenly attacked and engaged in a ma.s.sacre of the Qing Sai Army.

If he still had his trump card, Liu Yizhao could send out people to fight. But now, not only did he have to take care of his subordinates, he had to protect himself against the mysterious Wei Wu Army… Liu Yizhao sighed. He knew that he had underestimated the Wei Wu Army.

It was as if the Wei Wu Army was no longer the Wei Wu Army of the past. But not much time had pa.s.sed. How did they grow so much?

But Liu Yizhao had his own pride. As an Imperial Dragon Soldier, a typical Rank One was no match for him. To him, the enemy underground did not dare to attack. If they did, they would not make it back alive.

When the Qing Sai Army returned, they said in a serious tone, “Commander, out of all the soldiers who have appeared, there are no Rank Fives. Even the Rank Threes are very powerful. We have to be careful. I don’t think that this is the Wei Wu Army. The Wei Wu Army does not have the terrifying power that they have.”

Liu Yizhao nodded his head. “Pa.s.s down the command. Everyone has to be on their guard!”

As the Qing Sai Army continued to travel within the mountains, the sound of folk songs could occasionally be heard. It was as if the Wei Wu Army was in high spirits while singing. After all, they were familiar with the caves. If the Qing Sai Army chased them, they would disappear. They could sing without any stress!

The Qing Sai Army could hear the folk songs from the mountains. It suddenly felt somewhat absurd. It did not seem real…

But the next moment, soldiers from the Wei Wu Army suddenly appeared from the forest and started killing. They did not fight alone. Instead, they worked together. It was as if everyone who had been hiding in the caves all appeared at the same time. The Qing Sai Army was suddenly surrounded and could not react in time.

But the soldiers from the Wei Wu Army did not intend to fight for a long time. After they defeated a few soldiers who were at the edges of the Qing Sai Army, they ran away. Some soldiers from the Qing Sai Army chased after them, but the Wei Wu Army soldiers fought for a while before they disappeared into the holes. One of them even took a spear away from a Qing Sai Army soldier…

The Qing Sai Army knew that the Wei Wu Army definitely had something up their sleeves, but they were taken by surprise. After all, they were using the geography of the land to their advantage!

Furthermore, they were surprised that the Wei Wu Army was extraordinarily strong!

The Qing Sai Army was not weaker than the Black Feather Army. Their calvary could even defeat the Black Feather Army. Although the Wei Wu Army ran away after ambus.h.i.+ng the Qing Sai Army, they even stole spears. How absurd! What were they doing, taking people and spears away?!

The soldiers of the Qing Sai Army could not accept this result. They were facing the Wei Wu Army!

If this had happened on Earth, it was as if Lu Shu had gone to the market and bought something worth 20 dollars from the Jiang Nan Leather Factory, only to sell it for 20 thousand dollars…

A subordinate reported to Liu Yizhao. “It is indeed the Wei Wu Army. I saw the a.s.sistant commander, Liu Qianzhi. I have fought him in the past. But for some reason, he is already Rank Two, even though he was stuck at Rank Three for seven years due to the lack of techniques. Furthermore, among the troops that ambushed us, there were at least five people who had the strength of a Rank Two. There are also countless Rank Threes.”

At first, everyone thought that the Rank Fours who had been singing in the mountains were definitely the elites. But now, they realized that they had underestimated the Wei Wu Army!

This was the Wei Wu Army! The subordinate felt very powerless. It felt as if the world had turned upside down!

But Liu Yizhao laughed. “We escaped the Black Feather Army, but now we’re stuck in the hands of the Wei Wu Army?”

“Commander…” The subordinate desperately looked at Liu Yizhao. He was worried that Liu Yizhao would not be able to tolerate this.

The subordinate felt that no one would be able to accept that an elite army had been defeated by a useless one.

But Liu Yizhao did not seem depressed. “There is a strong leader behind the Wei Wu Army. We will not have much deficit if we lose. Relax. I don’t think anything will happen to those who have been captured.”

It seemed too early to admit their loss, but Liu Yizhao was a wise man. When he realized that there was a Rank One expert underground, and that the Wei Wu Army had suddenly become very strong, he had guessed the outcome of this battle.

But Liu Yizhao was not worried. He knew that the enemy had no intention of killing them. Everything that had happened seemed like… training?

Thus, Liu Yizhao slowly calmed down and remained quiet.

If the Wei Wu Army and Qing Sai Army fought each other, it was hard to determine who would win. The Qing Sai Army could defeat the Wei Wu Army, who had power but lacked courage. As long as all their soldiers did not die, the Qing Sai Army would be fine.

But this sort of guerrilla warfare aligned with the mentality of the Wei Wu Army. If they could not defeat their enemies, they would run away…

As they slowly fought, the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army suddenly realized that the fabled elites of the Qing Sai Army were not as strong as them!

Thus, as they fought, this group of cowards became more confident. They became more aggressive when they fought.

The Wei Wu Army had realized that they only needed to have a Rank Two lead the ambush. The Qing Sai Army had fewer Rank Twos than the Wei Wu Army. Thus, they would not be able to put up an effective defense.

Furthermore, the Qing Sai Army did not dare to chase them into the caves… some tried to go into the caves, but they could not find the Wei Wu Army. They almost got lost on their way back.

The Wei Wu Army fought like rascals! Furthermore, while they engaged in guerrilla warfare, there were even people singing folk songs on the mountains! Were you out of your minds?!

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 917 - The Rise of the Wei Wu Army

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