Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 960 - None of My Business

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Chapter 960: None of My Business

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

While discussing about the free-of-charge service with the boss of the trade caravan, Lu Shu observed the expressions on Sun Zhongyang and the rest’s faces. Then, Lu Shu realized that Sun Zhongyang and the rest were extremely excited and acted as though the sneak attack was nothing serious.

Eventually, the boss of the trade caravan did not argue with Lu Shu. Not only did he agree with Lu Shu’s request, but he also promised that if he met Lu Shu in the future, Lu Shu would be able to follow the trade caravan for free.

Although the boss of the trade caravan was shrewd, he knew that Lu Shu saved his life. If he had died earlier on, the Sun family would probably take revenge. However, when one died, what was the point of taking revenge?

However, his stand was still very clear. The trade caravan found a location to settle down on that day and the boss of the trade caravan told Sun Zhongyang and the rest about what had happened. For example, the terrifying arrow and his a.n.a.lysis of the slaves, as well as the surprise which Lu Shu gave him!

“Thinking about it, I did not notice the arrow but Le Yulu sensed it long before me. However, I did not have the time to react and missed out some details.” said the boss of the trade caravan as he recalled what had happened.

“You mean, he already noticed the arrow before it arrived, but you only realized after hearing the roars from a distance away,” said Sun Zhongyang as he sat beside the fire and smiled, “So he is actually an expert?”

“That’s right.” The boss of the trade caravan nodded. “Also, I suspect that he discovered the arrow very early but pretended to realize it only when the arrow was about to hit me, before saving me.”

“You mean he purposely did it so that you have to owe him a favor for saving your life?” Mo Xiaoya thought. “Why does he want to do this? What if he did not manage to save you?”

The boss of the trade caravan thought about it for a long time before replying, “I think he did it so that he did not have to pay for the fees to travel to the palace…

Sun Zhongyang took a deep breath. “I think that is highly possible…”

By right, such major incidents which involves attacks were rarely a.s.sociated with monetary issues. From Sun Zhongyang’s point of view, the money that Lu Shu had to pay for heading to the palace was extremely insignificant.

However, for some reason, when this incident involved Lu Shu, they thought that Lu Shu did that on purpose. Make the boss of the trade caravan owe him a favor so that he could head to the palace without paying…

Everyone’s personality was different and the way they see things were different. However, their perception towards Lu Shu was shockingly identical.

“Do you think he is seriously doing this for that small sum of money?” Sun Zhongyang could not believe it.

Mo Xiaoya completely detested Lu Shu. She sneered after hearing what Sun Zhongyang said, “Haha, he can do anything for money. If he is willing to take Xu Mujun’s life savings, he can do anything. I thought he would betray the commander of the Wei Wu Army because of money, now I feel that meeting him is the most unlucky thing that has ever happened to the commander of the Wei Wu Army.

“Eh, do you think he is intentionally a.s.signed by our enemy to infiltrate the army?” someone said.

“This is unlikely.” Sun Zhongyang shook his head. “To be honest, it is surprising for him to stay in the trade caravan. If he was really a spy, he would not try to stand out…”

Was Lu Shu trying to stand out? No, he was not. However, Sun Zhongyang and the rest could not ignore Lu Shu’s presence…

“Eh, do you guys think that he might be the commander of the Wei Wu Army?” someone asked curiously.

“I don’t think so. There are four Rank Ones in the Wei Wu Army and the commander of the Wei Wu Army is one of them. If not, why would others obey him? Moreover, Le Yulu did not give off any vibes of an army at all!”

“I think we should still be wary of him,” said Mo Xiaoya softly before asking the boss of the trade caravan, “What do you think about his skills?”

“I think he is at the peak of Rank Two,” said the boss of the trade caravan after thinking about it, “He doesn’t seem like Rank One but acted more casual than an ordinary Rank Two. You didn’t notice his expression but I did… He was too calm. An ordinary person would not be so calm. It felt as though sneak attacks and battles were like everyday things to him!”

That was what the boss of the trade caravan felt. He had led the trade caravan for many years and had encounters with the bandits, regular army and experienced chaotic situations. Although he always managed to resolve crises, the boss of the trade caravan did not dare to say that he could be so composed while facing dangers and sneak attacks. However, the composure that Lu Shu exuded felt as though he had control over life and death in his hand and n.o.body else could touch it.

Mo Xiaoya sneered, “I knew that there was something wrong with him. I think we should monitor him closely. If he can betray the commander of the Wei Wu Army, he can betray us in the face of money. Should we kick him out to prevent him from becoming a threat amongst the trade caravan?”

“Xiaoya is right, we should take preventive precautions. However, are we too merciless if we chase him away?” someone was confused.

At this moment, horse galloping sounds were heard in the night, accompanied by the sounds made by the carriage rubbing against the ground. Either someone arrived or someone was about to take their leave from the trade caravan…

Sun Zhongyang was stunned for a moment before he brought a group of people over. Then, his face turned black. Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu were planning to leave in the night.

He was still wondering if it was merciless to chase people away but Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu had already wanted to leave.

Sun Zhongyang was intelligent. Therefore, he instantly understood why Lu Shu wanted to leave. He was worried that he would become the victim of the sneak attack! They were only worried about their team’s safety with Lu Shu, but Lu Shu was worried about the entire team…

“From Sun Zhongyang’s distress points, +666…”


Sun Zhongyang’s face turned black. “Where are you guys going?”

Lu Shu said calmly, “I think it is unsafe to follow you guys. We shall meet at the palace, I will look for the commander of the Wei Wu Army for you…”

Mo Xiaoya was very frustrated. “You want to leave when everyone is in danger?”

“How does it concern me?” Lu Shu felt indignant. To him, they were a group of people who found fault with him even when nothing happened. He was good enough to not wipe all of them out at once in the middle of the night…

Mo Xiaoya was stunned for a while. “You leave your partners in the lurch. Even if you are able to survive, will you still have any friends?”

“Why are you so concerned about this?” Lu Shu felt even stranger.

He sighed as he saw Mo Xiaoya fall silent. In life, by using “why does it concern me” and “why does it concern you”, one could save a lot of troubles…

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 960 - None of My Business

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