Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1074 - Instant Noodles

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Chapter 1074: Instant Noodles

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

A stern-looking German and a burly Mexican with fierce eyes appeared behind the dark-

skinned men.

G.o.dzilla stretched out his arms and, like an orangutan pulling weeds, pushed away

several black men. He looked at Li Du and said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “Boss, is everything

all right?”

Li Du put down the plastic plate and bowl, and said leisurely, “What problem could we


Brother Wolf stared at the black men, his eyes as cruel and sharp as a real wolf’s.

Some of the black men looked at him uncomfortably and turned away in


There were more spectators, but they did not gather round, choosing to stare from their

tables instead.

Li Du looked at the big black man and said, “You have the advantage in numbers. What

do you want? Do you want to fight?”

The man reached out, pushed him and snapped, “Looks like you don’t know…”

As soon as he reached out, G.o.dzilla grabbed him. There was another man standing in

the way. Without looking, G.o.dzilla pushed him with his shoulder and knocked him to the


He held the black man in a grip. G.o.dzilla gave out a deep roar, lifted the man up and

threw him down abruptly.

The prisoners, who were watching from a distance, gasped. A dozen or more African

Americans were angry and wanted to fight.

Li Du slowed down the time, grabbed the pot of boiling hot soup and splashed the

scalding liquid in the African American leader’s face. Brother Wolf’s swinging fist was

like a canon. He avoided everyone’s punches and gave huge blows.

G.o.dzilla threw his adversary aside. He ran into the crowd like a tiger das.h.i.+ng into a flock

of sheep. He zigzagged left and right, crus.h.i.+ng into the prisoners. They fell down as if

hit by a car.

Within seconds of the encounter, fifteen or sixteen beefy men were taken care of.

n.o.body was seriously injured, but after being knocked down to the ground they backed


In Li Du’s opinion, the prisoners here were softer than the gangsters on the street

outside.Most people who have been in prison were more cautious and low-key than

those who have not. They knew how hard it was to lose freedom.

In addition, the guards quickly intervened.

A group of prison guards took out their truncheons and rushed up, wanting to hit Li Du

and his gang.

Li Du took out a card and threw it to the first guard, saying coldly, “Look carefully before

you do anything ras.h.!.+”

The prison guard caught the card and looked. “It is just a gold credit card, “he said in

surprise and anger. “How did you bring this thing in?”

Li Du was depressed. This idiot does not even know the JPMorgan Chase’s palladium


However, one of the guards recognized it and hastened to put away the baton he had


He waved his hand to his companion and said, “Man, show me this card.”

Several guards surrounded the three men. The other guards shouted at the prisoners,

“Eat! Are you done? If you’re done, go to work! Go to your G.o.dd.a.m.n work!”

The prisoners quickly buried their eyes in their plates, but they were still peeking over.

The prison guard looked at the bank card and asked Li Du, “Is this yours?”

Li Du handed him his ID, which had his name on it, as well as his bank card.

He said, “Officer, I was brought in last night, and you, the authorities, used your

influence to downplay the fact that we were arrested despite our innocense.”

“Every fool who comes in here says that,” sneered one of the guards.

Li Du said, “JP Morgan has issued at most a thousand Palladium Gold cards worldwide.

You must have at least $24 million in deposits to be eligible for the card.”

“So what? Are you flaunting your wealth? But what’s the use of your money here? ”

jeered one guard.

The other guard frowned. “Don’t talk yet, Chukerman. Let him talk.”

He sensed that something was wrong.

Li Du said, “This is the United States, not North Korea or Somalia. Your boss has made

a big mistake. You can check our files. We did not commit a crime. He abused his

power and sent us to prison without a trial.

“Of course, he doesn’t know who I am, he doesn’t know my background, and he will

regret it. I hope you won’t.”

Another officer, unable to restrain himself, said angrily, “How dare you threaten us!”

The white prison guard stopped him again, frowning.

He carefully looked at the bank card and said, “I will confiscate this card and we will go

and check your files. G.o.d forbid that I find out you’re lying, or boy, , you will be very


“You’re a smart man,” Li Du laughed.

Waving to the white prison guard, Li Du led him to the far corner and quietly handed him

a piece of paper. He said, “Call this number and tell them that Li Du was framed and

sent to Miami prison. After a week at most, you’ll receive a thank-you gift of up to

$500,000. A phone call you make for me right now will earn you $100,000.”

The white prison guard pushed his hand away in disgust. “What, you want to bribe me?”

Li Du said, “I just asked you to make a few calls. Does the United States prohibit this?”

The white prison guard licked his lips and stopped talking. No, it was not against the

rules. They often made phone calls for the prisoners, because there was no direct

phone connection between the prison and the outside world.

According to the regulations, as long as there was no hidden danger in the information

that went out, prisoners had the right to get in touch with whomever they wished.

“A 100,000 dollars for a phone call in which you only have to say one thing, Li Du was

framed and sent to the Miami prison,” repeated Li Du.

The prison guard nodded and said, “OK, I’ll check these numbers. I can do that for you.”

He put away the note and the bank card, then waved to his fellow guards and said,

“Let’s go.”

The guard warned the group, “Don’t make trouble, or you will all get detention!”

As the prison guards left, the previously beaten black men looked depressed.

While they looked moodily at their leader, G.o.dzilla pinned him to the bench and said,

“Sit down!”

As the big man struggled, G.o.dzilla took off his s.h.i.+rt to reveal his tattoo. He grinned. “Do

you want our boss to ask you to sit down?”

The tattoo depicted an eagle clutching flaming daisies. The big black man opened his

eyes wide and said, “You are…”

“Shut up!” G.o.dzilla slapped him on the shoulder. The big =man grunted in pain, but

didn’t dare to open his mouth.

Li Du, who sat opposite him, pushed his plate aside and said, ” The food here is awful,

I’m not eating it, I’ll eat when I get out.”

The big fellow’s att.i.tude changed, and upon hearing this, he said quickly, “I have some

nice things there, boss. Just a moment, I’ll ask my buddy to bring them to you.”

Another man hurried away and came back with a plastic bag.

Li Du opened the plastic bag and was confused when he looked inside. “Are they

kidding me? What good is this, isn’t this a heap of instant noodles?”

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1074 - Instant Noodles

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