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Chapter 1082: h.e.l.lo there

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du and his companions walked out of prison. Porter was there to receive them and

bring them back to his villa.

On the way back, Hans bought a couple of newspapers. The front pages were all

plastered with news and headlines about their case.

The case had been labeled as corrupt and shady and had become infamous news in

the American judicial system.

Bartley Jones, meanwhile, was very unlucky. He had been suspended to undergo

investigations, and Li Du and his group were banned from leaving Miami for one week.

They were to cooperate with the ongoing investigation works of the FBI.

Li Du was in no hurry to leave. Back at the villa, he enjoyed a warm shower, changed

his clothes and thanked Porter profusely, as did Sophie.

Porter waved his hand modestly and said, “My friends and I did not do much. The

Vanderbilt family were very helpful. Do you have any relations.h.i.+p with them?”

Li Du replied, “I have a good friend named Steve Tussenberg. I think he has some ties

with the Vanderbilt family.”

Porter smiled, “Mr. Iron, right? Steve Tussenberg, he is a rare male in the new

generation of the Vanderbilt family. No wonder.”

Li Du was curious. “Mr. Iron? That is his nickname? I didn’t know that, I only know that

he sometimes refers to himself as Mr. Steel Steve.”

Li Du had his guesses about why the Vanderbilt family had helped him so much. Porter

and Li Du were friends as he had helped Porter with advice on wooing a girl.

As for Steve Tussenberg, Li Du had saved his life twice. The two of them shared a real

solid relations.h.i.+p.

Porter said, “Steve has had health problems since he was young. However, there have

been many outstanding adventurers in their family. This required exceptional physique

and health, which troubled Steve. Perhaps he wanted to uplift himself emotionally, so

that is why he liked referring to himself as Mr. Iron.”

Li Du only knew the Vanderbilt family as a leader in the transportation industry. He did

not know that the family was famous for producing many adventurers.

Li Du called Steve to thank him and Steve said, “That’s what friends do for each other.

Initially, I had wanted to go to Miami myself to help you out, but I couldn’t. Hence, I had

to harness the power of media. To do that, I asked Mr. Newhouse for this help. Now I’m

still at Mr. Newhouse’s mansion for a visit.”

No wonder the media had reported on the issue so rapidly. It was because the head of

American media had given his order.

The rate at which industries were being monopolized in America was alarming. The

industries rapidly undergoing monopolization included not only finance and high-margin

emerging industries but also the newspapers and other media.

At that time, there were 1,548 cities that had daily newspapers. However, only 183 had

more than two different daily newspapers. Out of those, even fewer cities had papers

that were produced by different publication houses.

As there was not one national newspaper for the entire United States, each publisher

organized their own distribution channel. That was subjected to many restrictions and

hence, typically, residents of middle to small cities only had access to local papers from

small publis.h.i.+ng houses.

Therefore, the so-called freedom of reporting actually referred to the freedom of

monopolized media organizations.

The media industry was the Newhouse family’s territory. The Newhouse family was very

mysterious. As experts in the media and advertising industry, they were adept at

protecting their privacy and concealing their background.

According to rumors, the Newhouse family controlled one-third of America’s news

industry and the majority of the media companies. However, they remained discreet and

did not divulge private information about their family. In addition, they typically did not

give interviews.

Unlike the Vanderbilt family, the Newhouses and Porters adopted a similar way of

operation. They resisted publicly listing their companies and always kept business in the

family. As a result, outsiders knew nothing about their financial standing.

Li Du thanked them profusely and requested Steve to help him convey his grat.i.tude to

the mysterious Mr. Newhouse. He said that if he ever had the chance, he would

definitely visit Newhouse to thank him in person.

After resting in the villa for two days, Li Du could not bear to idle any longer. While

questioned by the FBI officials, he also asked them about the location of Caddy Lent.

Though Caddy Lent was the one who stirred up the trouble, he somehow succeeded to

keep out of it so far.

The case at hand was about how Bartley Jones had gone against the law and

regulations. He had sent people to prison without a trial. The fact that Caddy Lent had

called the police to arrest Li Du and his group was somehow overlooked.

However, Caddy Lent also landed himself in trouble. Li Du published the video of him

arrogantly expressing his distaste for those who were not at the top of the social order.

Most of the people making a living on the streets were lowly ranked citizens. They

became furious after watching that video. A few of them had found opportunities to

create trouble for Caddy Lent.

The FBI did not give Li Du an answer and insisted that they did not know where Caddy

Lent was. Li Du did not insist but tried to get information through other methods.

He had transferred five hundred thousand dollars to Michael Reid. After the transfer was

complete, he called Reid to inquire about Caddy Lent.

The bank account that Reid had given Li Du belonged to his wife. After receiving the

money, he thanked Li Du profusely and said that he was planning to quit his job and use

the money to open a restaurant.

Li Du said, “I need your help again, Michael. I will give you another fifty thousand if you

find out where Caddy Lent is.”

Reid replied with difficulty, “I am just a prison officer, sorry, Mr. Li.”

Li Du said, “Let’s make it one hundred thousand. With this money, you can renovate

your restaurant so that it’s the top dining place in Miami.”

Although Reid was only a prison officer, Li Du believed that he was close to the police

administration. It would not be tough for him to find out where Caddy Lent was.

Indeed, Reid was tempted by the promise of more money. He said that he would try,

and after half an hour, he sent over an address, saying that was where Caddy Lent was.

Li Du looked at the address and laughed. The location was familiar. It was at Wynwood

Mr. Automatic Warehouse Company.

Bringing Brother Wolf and G.o.dzilla with him, he drove off to look for Caddy Lent in

Porter’s Cadillac.

Lent had taken the T series Ferrari and the Rolls-Royce. Li Du meant to ask him to give

back the cars.

Caddy Lent was hiding in the warehouse company. He must have been determined to

conceal himself as he had even locked up the main door. No pa.s.serby could tell that

someone was inside.

Unfortunately, it was Li Du he was dealing with. Li Du let out the little bug to search

around the warehouse. Very soon, it found Caddy Lent in one of the warehouses.

Lent, with great cunning, had prepared that warehouse for being a long-term refuge. He

made modifications to the place, such as a window on the roof that improved the

ventilation and lighting.

Moreover, there was even electricity in the warehouse. At that moment, Lent was

playing games and did not look as if the digs made at him by the outside world bothered


Having located the warehouse, Li Du let out the little bug to absorb the time capability of

the lock.

After the lock was close to falling apart, Li Du walked over to yank it off. Smiling at

Caddy, Li Du said, “h.e.l.lo there, Lent.”

Caddy Lent was dumbfounded.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1082 - Hello there

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