Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1083 - Just A Bunch Of Wimps

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Chapter 1083: Just A Bunch Of Wimps

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

It was a splendid sunny day in Miami.

The beaming midday sun shone in when the warehouse door opened and dazzled


His lips trembled as he gave Li Du a blank stare. His hands started to tremble too,

followed by his entire body.

Brother Wolf then warned him, “Your hands are definitely not as quick as mine, so don't

act rashly!”

Brother Wolf was worried that Caddy had a gun in his possession and that he would

shoot in despair if he saw Li Du and felt hopeless.

In fact, he overestimated Caddy. His position as a mogul wasn’t gained by his own hard

work, but largely because he had an uncle as the chief of the police department. Hence,

the gangsters were willing to bend before him.

Caddy had no courage to fight back when Li Du showed up.

Li Du smiled and asked, “What about my car?”

Caddy lowered his head helplessly and whispered, “G.o.ddammit, you are out, you had

been released!”

Li Du asked again, “What about my car?”

Caddy did not answer but kept muttering to himself.

Li Du ran out of patience. G.o.dzilla went up, grabbed Caddy by the shoulders and

slammed him against the wall.

Caddy was frightened and hurriedly shouted, “Oh, your car is in parking lot number two.

It’s parked there, it has been there the whole time.”

“What about the keys?” Li Du asked.

Caddy was trembling as he took out two remotes from a box. These were the keys to

the Rolls Royce and the Ferrari.

Li Du did not take the Ferrari keys. He only took the Rolls-Royce keys, patted Caddy on

the shoulder and said, “You’ve got no b.a.l.l.s, buddy. You disappointed me.”

He was prepared to battle with Caddy and give him a lesson but now he wasn’t

interested anymore. It would not mean anything to teach this p.u.s.s.y a lesson.

Li Du took the key and prepared to leave, but Caddy suddenly came up and grabbed his


Li Du was prepared to defend himself, thinking that the boy has finally found his


Caddy, however, cried and said, “You… Me…”

“What the f*ck?” Li Du said, frowning.

Caddy said sadly, “I was… wrong, I should not have provoked you. Can you spare us?”

Li Du smiled and said, “Well, I will let you go. I won’t bother you anymore.”

Caddy said weakly, “Can you also spare my uncle? He doesn’t really have anything to

do with us.”

Li Du couldn’t help but laugh. The b.a.s.t.a.r.d acted tough, but he was actually a flower in a

greenhouse. He was still a child.

Was this something he could easily let go if he wanted to? Caddy took reality too

simply. No wonder he could eat, drink and have fun in peace.

At first, Li Du thought he would be somebody, as he understood the concept of being sly

and having more than one plan to fall back upon and to prepare for a rainy day. The

renovated warehouse implied that.

He pushed Caddy away. The man had n.o.body to blame but himself. If he messed with

someone else who had more power, he would be the loser, and he would probably end

up in prison for a lifetime.

Bartley Jones was right about one thing. He had nothing to worry about as Li Du was

only an ordinary Chinese-American student, which made it easy for him to escape some

share of the responsibility.

As they drove off and stopped the car at the traffic light, Li Du saw a bunch of young

motorcyclists. Since the window was rolled down, he heard one of the bikers say, “I

know. I know where boss Lent is. He must be in the warehouse company. I know where

that is…”

Li Du took a glance. d.a.m.n, isn’t that Sean?

A black biker with a straight face next to him shouted, “Boss Lent? You still call him


Sean said quickly, “Ah, I meant Caddy Lent. Boss f.o.o.k, come with me. Let’s teach him

a lesson.”

When Li Du heard this, he knew at once what was going on. This Boss f.o.o.k apparently

had a conflict with Caddy Lent. Once he was down to the bottom, Sean betrayed

Caddy, hence the road gang was all going after him.

Li Du snorted. In the end, Sean was the root of all trouble.

He pushed open the car door, got off the car and said, “I have always hated traitors!”

The bikers were at the same traffic lights interjection, and the car door almost b.u.mped

into a young man.

The guy shouted, “F*ck, are you f*cking blind? d.a.m.n it, did you know you f*cking

slammed me with the car door?”

The bunch of youngsters looked over and laughed when they heard the cursing. Even

Sean looked amused… until he saw Li Du.

He reacted very quickly, pulling the handlebars of the motorcycle to drive off.

G.o.dzilla strode up and grabbed Sean's shoulder, dragging him off the motorcycle.

With no one to control it, the motorcycle dashed forward. Dang dang! It smashed into

the car in front of it. The youngsters freaked out and it was a total mess.

The black man who led the group stared fiercely at Li Du and said, “You son of a b.i.t.c.h,

who are you, Chinaman?”

Brother Wolf went up and kicked him off the motorcycle. Others, who were provoked as

well, wanted to get off their bikes. Li Du asked coldly, “Are you guys just the same as

Caddy Lent with his police chief uncle?”

When they heard this, they recognized Li Du. To them, all Asians, especially all

Chinese, looked alike, which was why they did not recognize him at first glance.

When he spoke, and when they saw G.o.dzilla, they finally figured out his ident.i.ty.

The youngsters who had wanted to fight at first climbed back onto the motorcycles.

Li Du looked at the black man and smiled. “You called me Chinaman?”

The black man gave a sycophantic laugh. “Sorry, sorry. I meant to say you are the boss

of China. I tend to talk too much, so there might be some misunderstanding. I’m sorry.”

Li Du did not want more trouble. He pointed to Sean and said, “I have a bit of a

disagreement with him.”

Hearing this, the black man thought Li Du wanted him to take sides, so he punched

Sean in the stomach twice, like a real boxer.

Sean screamed in pain at the first punch, and with the second he opened his mouth and


Li Du patted Sean’s shoulder and said, “Don’t say that I am a bully. This is what you

have caused. Man, sorry, you are the culprit.”

He took a pistol from his waist and aimed it at Sean’s head. The group of bikers was

scared to death. Where did a man like this come from? Someone who whips out a gun

just like that? Brutal!

Sean was so scared that he wet his pants. He cried and said, “Don’t kill me! Help!”

Li Du laughed as he put away the pistol and waved to his companions. “Let’s go.”

Miami’s local gangsters were such a disgrace, far worse than the treasure hunters in

Arizona. How are they not embarra.s.sed to be part of this society?

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1083 - Just A Bunch Of Wimps

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