Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1084 - Law

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Chapter 1084: Law

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du had his Rolls-Royce back. However, what made his heart ache now was the skull

that some son of a b*tch had painted on his car!

Fortunately, he had arrived at the carpark soon enough. As Caddy Lent met with

trouble, a few others were eyeing the car. When they reached the parking lot, there

were already a couple of youths hanging around his car, trying to pry open the lock.

Thankfully, Rolls-Royce Phantom had superior protection abilities, so the car lock was

not easy to break. The youths did not want to damage the car, so they had not broken in

through the winds.h.i.+eld.

After they got out of their car, Brother Wolf sent the youths flying with a couple of kicks.

Looking at the skull painted on the car, Li Du felt pained. He stared at the group of

youths and asked, “Who did this?”

They all shook their heads.

Brother Wolf rubbed his fists and then reached out to crack someone’s shoulder joint.

Shrilling screams rang out for some time.

The youngsters were in bad luck. They really had no idea who painted the skull.

However, as they did not want to suffer more punishments, they admitted that they had

done it. One by one, they shouted their confessions.

Knowing that they just owned up to avoid more beatings, Li Du did not want to mess

with them further and waved them off, telling them to scram.

G.o.dzilla had not yet had a chance to unleash his anger at being thrown into prison.

Glaring at the youths, he asked, “Letting them off just like that? Not going to break their


Hearing those words, the youngsters staggered up and then ran away at top speed.

Although they had been unlucky to be sent to prison during their trip to Miami, Li Du had

managed to gain from the excursion as well. All he gained could still be considered as a

good harvest.

The acc.u.mulated value of the comics, graffiti, cash and the two luxury cars added up to

tens of millions. Besides, he had managed to get a bunch of items from the prison

warehouse, which helped the little bug to gain a large amount of Time Capability.

All in all, Li Du felt that the trip was worthwhile.

His only regret was that he now owed many people favors, including Porter, Cole, Steve

and also the mysterious Tang Chaoyang.

Their situation resolved very simply. They had gotten support from the beginning right to

the end. Porter used his connections with the top-ranking officials in Miami, Steve

engaged the help of the media and Cole contacted the major businessmen in Florida.

In addition, the Ministry of Justice and Homeland Security Agency had played a huge

role, as did the FBI, which carried out the investigations with vigor. Bartley Jones was

sentenced accordingly and promptly sent to prison.

Why had those agencies helped them so much? Li Du a.s.sumed that the had

urged them to. However, after the called to check in with Li Du, and after he

pried into their motives, he realized that that was not the reason.

At the very end, he could only think of Tang Chaoyang. Tang had also called Li Du up to

ask about his situation. Then, Tang had told him that someone would throw Jones into

prison and make sure he suffers.

a.s.suming that Tang Chaoyang has not been putting up a front, Li Du could only arrive

at the conclusion that Tang was the one who helped with the agencies.

The Ministry of Justice was biased in their favor. It was a fact that Brother Wolf had

made a shot in public and should have been sentenced to at least some time in prison.

However, it seemed like the FBI investigation team had forgotten about that. They had

not pursued the offense or appeared to give it a second thought.

That was miraculous because Li Du knew that the Chinese did not have much power in

America and were not highly respected. In the past, he had heard about court

proceedings being unfair to the Chinese.

However, this time, a Chinese like him had clearly been the subject of favoritism.

Instead, the top-ranked, powerful police official had met with trouble.

Seeing favoritism towards himself felt refres.h.i.+ng.

Within a week, the FBI closed the case and Li Du and his group were allowed to leave

for Phoenix.

They could leave easily without any hint of trouble.

Before going home, Li Du flew to New York to thank Cole and Steve for their help. At

the same time, he got Cole to a.s.sist him in creating some jewelry.

Resting in his wide and comfortable first-cla.s.s seat on the flight back, Hans sipped his


He had managed to gain five million. Of course, that was before taxes. Hans would

have to prepare to pay the taxes once he got back to Phoenix.

It was simpler for Li Du. He would deposit the money into his account, on his Palladium

card. As the funds were ma.s.sive, it would be much faster to dock his Palladium card

and Porter’s bank card.

After JP Morgan Chase bank realized that he had deposited a ma.s.sive sum of money,

they rang Li Du up.

Li Du had thought that the call was to inquire if he required help in investments and

managing his finances. However, the banker had called to ask if he needed to engage

their services in waiving off taxes.

The banker offered the services of their outstanding tax specialists who could provide

professional guidance for tax waiving. Those specialists were experts the bank has

poached from the top four accounting agencies in the world.

Naturally, Li Du would require such services. Previously, Hans and he would also spend

money to hire accountants to help them with tax waivers. However, the people they had

hired were not the top experts from the big four.

Back in Phoenix, the little animals jumped onto Li Du to welcome him home.

Li Du had left them behind for a long time – more than two weeks. To express his

displeasure, Ah Meow shed a few tears on Li Du’s clothes, shredding them to pieces

with his claws.

Ah Meng, too, ran over and selfishly pushed Ah Meow and the others away to get some

exclusive cuddles from Li Du.

Honey badgers were not as cold, solitary and untamed as some said. As Li Du had

been feeding it and playing with it, the honey badger considered Li Du as its owner now.

Compared to other pets, it had another plus point. Honey badgers would only be loyal to

the one they saw as their owner. Ah Meng was only willing to be with Li Du and bore no

feelings for Sophie and the rest.

Ah Meng had rushed into Li Du’s embrace. Clawing at him with all its paws, it seemed

to be complaining, making a noise that sounded like ‘woo, woo’.

“While you were away, it wouldn’t eat no matter how hard we tried to feed it. It would

rather eat the gra.s.s outdoors,” Big Quinn’s wife Rosalind said.

Li Du looked in the direction of the backyard. The neatly-trimmed gra.s.s was no longer

messy and uneven. Without a doubt, that was Ah Meng’s doing.

Ah Meng’s display of affection towards him was startling. After all, the little bug had not

transformed Ah Meng.

In the past, Li Du had tried doing that – letting the little bug transform Ah Meng’s

intelligence and brain. However, it had been unsuccessful, as the little bug showed no

interest in A Meng’s brain.

Now he summoned the little bug again. As if it were diving, the little bug jumped and

made its way through Ah Meng’s brain.

Li Du nodded as he reached a conclusion as to how the little bug chose animals to


It could only transform animals that had a certain level of special feelings for Li Du.

That law had applied to the four little ones. Li Du protected Ah Meow in the car, Crispy

Noodles when he was attacked, and Ali after his mother had abandoned him. Those

animals had a special connection and feelings for him.

As for Ah Ow, it was the same. Li Du was the first thing she saw once she opened her

eyes. Hence, she was also the one the little bug transformed most quickly.

Previously Ah Meng might not have developed strong feelings for Li Du or held a

special connection to him. However, after being separated for half a month, the feeling

had been heightened.

However, that was just his guess. To verify and learn the exact details, he would need

to continue his observations.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1084 - Law

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