Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1142 - News at the Bar

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Chapter 1142: News at the Bar

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Anthonys had also gained from that auction. They won four warehouses and found

some valuable items inside. Altogether, they would be able to make more than one

hundred thousand dollars.

A profit of more than one hundred thousand was considered a lot. After all, warehouses

were not gold mines, and rarely did people become millionaires overnight.

However, at that auction, someone did find gold. Moreover, it was someone whom the

Anthonys despised, which made them even more jealous.

At noon, George Anthony met up with Jesus and a few other famous treasure hunters.

He had wanted to bring Conrad along but Conrad was not in the mood. He stayed

behind by himself.

However, he stayed behind not because he wished to calm down. He had other


Nogales was a town famed for its border tourism. Many Mexicans shuffled between

America and Mexico at that point of the border, and many of them stayed in Nogales as


Other than producing drugs and cacti, Mexico was also known as the home of attractive


These beautiful ladies, along with the robust tourism, made up the vices of the town.

There were numerous red-light districts in Nogales. As it was a border area, women

who were investigated would escape towards Mexico. Nogales was not an easy place

to enforce law and order in, so the local police officers often chose to turn a blind eye on

things here and there.

The United States was a capitalist country. Business and money pulsed in the blood of

the people. As long as there was a market, there would be demand, and with demand,

there would be consumption. Hence, it was necessary for those women to exist in


Conrad did not have a stable girlfriend. He was an active youth and had his needs.

Hence, from time to time, he had the urge to relieve those needs.

Like many treasure hunters, Conrad enjoyed visiting the ladies in the red light districts.

Hans liked doing that too, and so did Princeps. In reality, too many treasure hunters

enjoyed the activity.

After all, treasure hunting was still considered tough labor. They were required to travel

everywhere to search for warehouses and attend auctions. Time at home with their

wives was scarce, and they spent more time wandering the streets.

Under such circ.u.mstances, they would inevitably have clandestine dealings with a

certain type of women.

Conrad had been to Nogales previously and was very familiar with the area. He knew

where he should go to look for such ladies.

He flagged down a taxi, got off and headed towards a corner building. It was a bar

located on the border of residential estates, and it was his playground.

Business at the bar would only boom at night and there were few customers in the


There were only a handful of people inside when Conrad came in.

He ordered a beer and casually asked the bartender, “Buddy, is Nicola here yet? I want

to have a chat with her about life.”

The bartender picked up his walkie-talkie and uttered a few sentences. Then he said,

“Can you wait? She’s coming over. She is dolling herself up, though. As you know, that

would take some time.”

“How long?” Conrad frowned. He was in a bad mood and having to wait made it still


“Around twenty minutes.”

That was not too long. Conrad relaxed. Sipping his beer, he said, “Alright, I will wait.”

Bored, he sat in front of the bar, drinking. Two big men reeking of alcohol walked over

and threw themselves over the bar counter.

“Bring two more shots of Azteca tequila, buddy. Azteca tequila, let us fly, haha,” a bald

big man slurred his words.

The two men had yet to sit down. They were pressed against the counter, very close to

Conrad, who was not happy about that. He frowned again.

The bartender quickly served the two men their tequilas. Then, one of the men picked

up the drink and swallowed it. His Adam’s apple moved up and down. He finished the

drink and then he opened his mouth and… spat out a bug!

That’s right, he spat out a bug. It was a larva of the tequila b.u.t.terfly, a unique product of

the Azteca tequila.

Azteca tequila was famous because of the Azteca people. They believed that

swallowing b.u.t.terfly larvae in a tequila symbolized courage. Besides, the larvae

improved the taste of tequila and allowed people to experience heightened jubilance.

Hence, that sort of drink had b.u.t.terfly larvae submerged in tequila. One was supposed

to gulp down the liquid and spit out the larvae.

Conrad knew of the drinking ritual but was unable to accept it. It was too disgusting for


Just as he was about to step down from the counter, the big guy who just drank looked

at the bald guy beside him. He said, “Hey, Trang, it’s your turn, drink up!”

The bald man was about to pick up his gla.s.s when his phone rang.

He took out the phone and glanced at it before switching it off moodily. Then he banged

on the table fiercely and mumbled, “Dammit, can’t get rid of this.”

“Princeps is looking for you?” the other man asked.

Realizing that they were talking about Princeps, Conrad settled down in his seat again.

The man said, “No, it’s Mengs who called. However, he definitely called to talk about

Princeps. He wants to make some money on our backs. But what right does he have to

do that? Why must we obey?”

His companion, a dark-skinned man, said with dissatisfaction, “That’s right, we followed

Princeps’ lead because he was supposed to help us make money. In the end? We get


“This time around, they have gone too far. They want to make money off us? My

money is mine! It’s mine! I won’t give it to anyone…”

As he continued to complain, his phone rang again.

He could not stand it anymore and picked up his phone grudgingly. As he had had too

many tequilas, he was somewhat drunk and shouted into the phone, “Mengs, talk

louder! I can’t hear you!”

A coa.r.s.e voice sounded from the phone, “Trang, you had the guts to hang up on me

just now? You sissy, I will kick your b.a.l.l.s the next time I see you!”

“If you have something to say, say it. Don’t just babble!”

“Prepare ten thousand dollars. Big boss Princeps found a really great warehouse,

absolutely amazing! You guys can just wait for the profit, this time around everyone can

make at least twenty thousand dollars!” The coa.r.s.e voice shouted excitedly.

The man said with displeasure, “An awesome warehouse again? Said the same thing a

few times before and look what happened…”

“Shut up, it’s different this time. This time it is a Tucson warehouse. Don’t you know

about Princeps’ connections in Tucson? There is definitely valuable stuff in the

warehouse. It is just waiting for us to pull enough money together to take it down!”

The big guy was not convinced. “Ha, is that so? Then why does he need so much

money? Are there other people from Tucson to compete with him?”

“Dammit, you guessed right. That Chinese dude who schemed against big boss

Princeps found out about it too. He had set his eyes on that warehouse and so if we

want to make money, we need to s.n.a.t.c.h the warehouse from his hands.”

“Nonsense!” The bald big guy yelled. “That Chinese dude is still in Nogales, I saw him.”

“His partner from Flagstaff had gone off to Tucson to handle that,” the coa.r.s.e voice

sounded more frustrated. “Stop babbling, you guys should act quickly. Big boss

Princeps has proof of the value of that warehouse, you can see it for yourself!”

Hearing that, Conrad downed the last of his drink and threw down a tip of ten dollars

before leaving the counter.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1142 - News at the Bar

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