Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1154 - Joining a Tour

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Chapter 1154: Joining a Tour

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Li Du returned, his parents asked him immediately upon seeing him, “What

happened? What happened to Sophie’s parents?”

“Summer cold and heatstroke,” Li Du said helplessly. “They have to stay in the hospital.

The doctor estimated that they can only be released in two days.”

Li Du mother said, “You see? The remedies of our ancestors are so effective. We had to

drink a gla.s.s of warm water to get rid of the coldness in our bodies as we suddenly

transited from winter to summer. Then we had to drink a bottle of the Huo Xiang tonic…”

Li Du’s father frowned and interrupted her, “So you know best, we get it. Please don’t

talk about it in front of Sophie. What would she think?”

Feeling wronged, Li Du’s mother said, “What did I say? I didn’t say anything rude.

Besides, I’m not stupid, why would I talk to Sophie about that?”

Li Du smiled. “It’s okay, it’s nothing. It’s just a cold. I will take you guys tomorrow to have

fun. Let have a good rest tonight.”

Initially, Li Du had planned a big feast for that night. He wanted the entire family to

gather and celebrate.

It seemed like now he would have to postpone the festive dinner. What’s the point of

just us three going out?

Li Du brought the five animals back to their rooms. He was just about to get in bed when

a few red spots on the white bedsheets caught his eye.

Looking at them, Li Du started to get angry.

This is a five-star hotel, what are they thinking? Why is there blood on the bedsheets?

Who knows what infectious disease this blood carries? What if it’s something


He did not want to complain without good reason, so he called Brother Wolf over. “Look,

is it blood on the bed?”

Brother Wolf took a look and grew cautious. He said quickly, “Boss, wait outside. I want

to check this room. The blood looks fresh. It looks like it has only been here a few

minutes, and there might be something fishy in here.”

Li Du was shocked. Is there someone hiding inside? Is there blood on that person’s

body? Could it be someone like an escaped convict?

Afraid that something would happen to Brother Wolf, Li Du took out a pair of handcuffs

from his backpack and handed them to him. “Be careful!”

The five animals ran around the room. Looking at them, it did not seem like someone

was hiding in the room. Otherwise, Ah Ow would long have caught a whiff of the

intruder and started howling.

However, Li Du was staying in a presidential suite. There were quite a few rooms and

the s.p.a.ce was larger than usual. There could be someone well hidden somewhere.

Hence, he waved his hand to gesture for the five animals to go out. When he was at the

door, he turned to look behind. He realized that there were also blood stains on the

doormat. Then, he saw that after Ah Ow stood up from her sitting position, there were

also blood stains on her tail.

With the handcuffs in his hand, Brother Wolf searched the entire room very thoroughly.

Li Du shook his head and said, “You can stop, there’s no one here.”

Brother Wolf asked, “What did you find?”

“Ah Ow’s period has started.”

Wolf brother rolled his eyes.

It was no wonder that the husky had fixed its eyes on Ah Ow when they were on the

beach that afternoon. Also, Ah Ow had appeared unusually gentle, and that was a sign

that her period had started. She exuded the scent of a female, attracting the husky.

The bloodstains on the bed belonged to Ah Ow. She had hopped onto the bed once

they entered the room. It was definitely then that the blood had stained the bed.

Li Du prepared himself for having to compensate the hotel for the ruined bed linen.

What else can I do now that Ah Ow is having her period?

Wolves and dogs were different. When they had their periods, dogs would lick

themselves. However, wolves would only lick themselves from time to time. Most of the

time, they would just let their blood flow.

The female wolves did that to spread their scent, attracting male wolves for mating. In

addition, the female wolves did that to draw out their territory, as their scent was very


It was not the first time that Ah Ow was having her period. Previously, Sophie had been

the one who dealt with it. Li Du was hardly even aware of it.

Now that Sophie was at the hospital, there was no one to help Ah Ow and so Li Du

found he had a problem.

He thought that it was no wonder Sophie had reacted rudely when he had commented

that Ah Ow was now all grown. She had probably despised him for not showering Ah

Ow with enough care. Besides, Sophie had been with Ah Ow the entire time they were

on the plane and was always wiping her b.u.t.t.

Li Du felt this was unfair. How would he notice if Sophie did not tell him what happened?

It was the first time Li Du’s parents came to Australia. Li Du could not leave the two of

them behind while he attended to work. Hence, he planned to spend one day having fun

with his parents.

The last time Li Du visited Sydney, he had already been to most of the famous places

and was now more familiar with the area. As the hotel had cars for rental, Li Du rented

an SUV and brought his parents out for sightseeing, with Brother Wolf as an escort.

Li Du felt that his parents were unenthusiastic as he took them to the more famous

spots like the Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge, and the National Gallery.

At first, he thought that his parents did not enjoy visiting those destinations. However,

when they b.u.mped into a group of Chinese tourists, Li Du’s parents had rushed towards

them and squeezed in to view whatever the tour guide was showing. They looked on


Li Du understood now. His parents could not understand the language of those around

them and felt that the places they visited were meaningless.

Hence, Di Lu stuffed two hundred Australian dollars into the tour guide’s hand and cut

the queue for his parents and himself. They joined the Chinese tour group.

The tour guide was ecstatic to earn some extra cash and gave each of them a red hat,

telling them to follow his lead.

In fact, there was not much point in joining a tour. They stopped at the tourist spots only

briefly. Those spots were usually places where they did not have to expend too much

time, energy or money. After all, the tour company’s motive was to maximize profits.

Seeing that his parents were happy, however, Li Du did not say much. After all, they

were here to have fun. If they were content, it was all okay.

The tour group had been organized by a Chinese agency and the tour was cheap. It

was a shopping tour, and after they were taken to a few sightseeing spots, the tour

group brought them to do shopping.

Li Du looked on coolly. He saw that the tour agency was cheating the people. Under the

persuasion of the tour guide, the tourists were spending their money on some souvenirs

made out of and pebbles.

The materials of those keepsakes were very inexpensive. However, the tour guide

made them sound like specialty unique souvenirs. Most of the tourists were middle-

aged and seniors and they were all fooled.

There were some people who did not wish to buy anything. However, they were in a

foreign country, with strangers around them talking in a language they did not

understand. Hence, none of them dared to challenge the tour agency.

Towards the end, the tour agency got even more cunning and brought them to purchase

jewelry. The jewelry displayed was all fake.

Li Du’s parents felt embarra.s.sed when they saw everyone else buying. However, Li Du

stopped them when they wanted to make a purchase too. Li Du did not want his parents

to be manipulated.

Seeing that they were not buying anything, the tour guide tried to put pressure on them.

Li Du waved his hand and Brother Wolf walked over with an icy-cold look. Li Du said,

“This is my bodyguard. If you have any problem, talk to him.”

On their way there, the tour guide had noticed that the four of them were riding in a

luxury car. He knew that Li Du’s party were not the typical Chinese tourists that had

arrived with the group. Hence, the tour guide just walked off without saying anything too


The Chinese tourists from the group were not dumb either. They realized that they were

being taken advantage of. Seeing that Li Du had challenged the tour guide, a few of

them started to kick up a fuss, complaining that the tour agency was bullying them.

Under the lead of these people, more tourists started to complain. Seeing that, the tour

guide became anxious and said, “We will not be buying anything next, let’s go for a

lucky draw! There are some international brands that are holding lucky draws here!”

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1154 - Joining a Tour

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