Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1168 - The Fifth Dimension

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Chapter 1168:

The Fifth Dimension

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Chicxulub impact brought an end to one of Earth’s great eras before the planet

entered its Ice Age, which lasted until the Cenozoic era arrived.

“The Wilkes event happened right in the Cenozoic era, in fact, the Eocene Cenozoic,

about 58 to 36 million years ago.”

“But as you can see, this meteorite is supposed to be bigger, so much bigger than the

Chicxulub meteorite, which created an era when life was off limits. This meteorite,

therefore, should have started an era when life was nearly extinct a longer period of

time, and possibly even destroyed all life on earth!”

“However, it didn’t happen. The meteorite impact was limited to the region now known

as Antarctica, and the effect was comparatively very mild. It just destroyed the region’s

ecological environment at the time. Why is this so? ”

Li Du looked at Steve doubtfully, shrugged and said, “You tell me, I did not research this

and can’t possibly guess.”

Steve licked his lips and suddenly changed the topic. “The water divers in China and the

United States are quite impressive. Our divers often have a good performance at the

Olympics. Have you ever seen water diving before?”

Li Du nodded. “Certainly, but what does this have to do with that?”

Steve made a gesture with his hand. “There is a very important part of the diving score,

and that is the water splash caused by diving into the water. If the diver wants to get a

good score, they have to learn how to minimize the water splash.”

Sophie seemed to understand. She said, “If you actively minimize the water splash, the

human body will only disturb a small amount of water, and can even keep the surface

almost calm. If you don’t do that, you’re going to drop like a dead weight and make a big


“You’re trying to say that when this huge meteorite came down to earth, it did this

consciously. Or someone helped minimize its impact…”

Steve snapped his fingers. “Yeah, that’s it!”

Then he looked at Li Du with an envious look. “You lucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I don’t know why you

are so fortunate. You can pick up treasure in warehouse auctions or find yourself an

amazing girlfriend. Sophie is incredible!”

Li Du cuddled Sophie proudly and said, “That’s because I am a good person. G.o.d

always blesses good people.”

“Yes, G.o.d has blessed mankind,” Steve nodded “This meteorite impact has a geological

and archaeological name: G.o.d crushed water!”

“I would rather believe aliens helped the earth than G.o.d,” said Li Du.

Steve looked straight at him and said, “What if it was neither of those? What if humans

worked to reduce the meteorite impact?”

Li Du was puzzled. “Humans? How does that make sense? How could there be any

human on earth at that time? The impact took place in the tertiary era and humans only

appeared in the quaternary, after tens of millions of years.”

Steve nodded. “Yes, you’re right. But what if people from the future went back in time

and reduced the impact?”

Li Du laughed out loud and said, “Haha, how could that be? I would rather believe that

aliens did this.”

Steve said helplessly, “See, I told you. I didn’t want to tell you my theory, not because I

wanted to keep it a secret, but because I knew you would not believe me.”

Li Du stopped laughing immediately, and after a long pause, he said, “It is not that I

don’t believe you, Steve. It’s just that it’s easier to believe in aliens taking action in this

case. If those were aliens, we wouldn’t need to ask ourselves which came first, the egg

or the chicken.”

Hearing that, Steve perked up and asked, “Which came first? What’s wrong with that?”

Li Du began to explain. “Which came first, an egg or a chicken?”

“Of course the egg came before the chicken. Chickens are birds, and birds are thought

to have evolved from dinosaurs… dinosaur eggs, you know?” Steve responded quickly.

Li Du blinked, waiting for him to say more.

After a moment, Steve laughed and said, “I see what you mean. Humans appeared tens

of millions of years after the meteorite hit. No matter how they transmigrate, in every

circle, the collision still happens before human existence, and there would be always

lack of a human who did this, right?”

Li Du nodded. “Yes, it is an endless cycle.”

Steve posed another question, “So, do you know about the fifth dimension?”

The geographical questions ended and physics were brought out.

Li Du was dazed. He interrupted Steve and asked, “Wait, what is your qualification?”

“Ph.D. from Harvard, why?”

Li Du was satisfied. No wonder he couldn’t understand what Steve was saying. He had

a Master’s degree, which made him a highly educated person, but this couldn’t compare

to a Ph.D. from Harvard.

Anyway, according to Steve, the zero dimension is a point, no size, no s.p.a.ce, and the

first dimension is a line between two points, no s.p.a.ce for a length.

In the second dimension, two lines that cross to form a plane with an area and no solid

s.p.a.ce. The third dimension is a surface and a penetrating line, forming a three-

dimensional s.p.a.ce.

The fourth dimension is the human dimension, three-dimensional s.p.a.ce plus timeline;

The fifth dimension is the fourth dimension of the case to open a timeline. This timeline

can test the four-dimensional s.p.a.ce of the timeline, that is to say, in the fifth dimension,

the fourth dimension of s.p.a.ce and time can arbitrarily shuttle…

Li Du listened to Steve’s explanation, understanding only in part. In the end, he summed

up, “You look for the meteorite to find that so-called fifth dimension?”

“A point of entry into the fifth dimension,” Steve corrected. “And I am not the only one

looking for it, but many others want to find it too. Your countryman, the one named

Tang, has this goal as well.”

Li Du rubbed his scalp hard. He quietly asked Brother Wolf, “Are we hallucinating? Why

do I feel like this is a science fiction movie?”

Brother Wolf slapped himself hard and said, “Boss, this hurt. I’m sure you’re not


Li Du could neither laugh nor cry. This guy was too honest.

No wonder Steve said he would not believe it. He really could not.

When Elson had finished making dinner, he came over, clapped his hands and said.

“Okay, kids. Let’s end the discussion for now. We will begin our dinner now. Mr. Li and

Miss Martin, prepare to enjoy your first dinner in the coldest region of the world.”

This was a bit exaggerated. It was not very cold in the Antarctic at that moment. The

weather was actually warmer than in Li Du’s hometown. In this season, the temperature

in Li Du’s hometown could get below freezing and drops of water could turn into ice.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1168 - The Fifth Dimension

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