Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1203 - Please Give Way

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Chapter 1203: Please Give Way

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Bill’s eagerness to promote Li Du’s status was a sign that he wanted to get into Li Du’s favor.

Arizona was not a very lucrative state. The territory was huge and the population was scarce. The climate was poor and the economy was at best average. Most of the treasure hunters were ill-tempered and did not have many positive traits.

As the saying in Chinese went, people were constantly in search of greener pastures. The Americans shared the same belief and hence, when treasure hunters from Arizona started to establish themselves, they would often leave the state. They would move to California, New York, Texas or Florida. In any case, few would stay around.

Even those treasure hunters that set up base in Arizona would often travel with their entourage to different places. It was uncommon to into them in the state.

As a result, there was great displacement of talent in Arizona, creating pressure for Bill, who was the chief official. Hence, he had to devise ways to keep the talented treasure hunters so that they would nurture others within the state.

Bill understood well the principle of ‘testing the waters’. Hence, he did not stay to speak more with Li Du and left after leaving instructions to promote Li Du and Big Fox’s status in the club.

At that time, there were countless treasure hunters in the town and most of the people knew each other. They had many topics to talk about and had a good time together.

Under the peer pressure from Big Moustache Carl and other familiar faces, Li Du joined them in going to a bar.

d.i.c.kens pushed a bottle of beer to Li Du and said, “Big Li, you’ve gotta beware of George Anthony. One of my buddies heard the news that he’s keeping you on his radar.”

Olly said boisterously, “G.o.dd*mn him. Let that New York chap do what he wants. This is Arizona, what can he do?”

“That’s right, what trouble can he make in Arizona? Can he beat the Tucsons? The Tucson Gang was always trying to mess with Big Li, and look what happened to them.”

“That dude, Princeps, has become a weakling. He did not even have the b.a.l.l.s to attend this party.”

The treasure hunters burst into laughter, lightening up the atmosphere.

The door of the bar opened and the playboy Akkalou suddenly emerged.

Upon seeing him, Li Du revealed a surprised smile and said, “Hey, Akkalou, where did you come from?”

They had not met for more than half a year. After Li Du left Flagstaff, he had not returned more than twice. He had wanted to look for Akkalou to reminisce about the old times, but heard that the guy had returned to Italy and had not seen him since.

It was great to into an old friend whom Li Du had fought alongside with, and he felt pretty happy.

The playboy walked over for a fist, and Carl, who was beside them, wanted to give him a hug. However, the playboy pushed him away, saying, “Stop, stop. I never hug men. I only embrace beautiful ladies.”

“Then you’ll be disappointed. There are only old men here,” Carl laughed.

Akkalou sat down and Olly spoke up, “Look, we have more and more comrades and are becoming stronger. What can the Anthonys do to us?”

“The Anthony’s? You mean Golden-eye?” Playboy asked. “What happened?”

“Nothing much. When did you arrive?” Li Du changed the topic.

Playboy said, “I’ve been back for some time, three or four months. However, I took another trip to Illinois and managed to take down a couple of decent warehouses. Oh yeah, where’s Big Fox?”

Li Du replied, “G.o.d knows. But he’s definitely doing something you love.”

Playboy stopped in his tracks for a second and said, “You mean he’s reading the Bible?”

“You’re really shameless,” The treasure hunters laughed.

Playboy wore an innocent look and said, “My favorite activity is to read the Bible.”

With everyone fooling around and cracking jokes, the atmosphere in the bar became more relaxed.

They drank until the evening and at night, the a.s.sociation held its first group party.

Such gatherings had the characteristics of annual dinners. Everyone hung out together and interacted. As for the a.s.sociation, they would report the happenings in the industry from the year before. Treasure hunters who had questions, opinions or suggestions could raise them.

There was a secondary school in town with a large basketball court. That was where they held the meeting. The staff of the a.s.sociation stood on the court while the treasure hunters viewed from the spectators’ stands.

The seating arrangement followed a particular order, regulated by their status in the club and their social standing. Those with higher status were seated up front. Those who were new had to sit at the back.

There were no billionaire-level members in Arizona. Hence, all the Million Dollar Club members were seated in front. There were Black Mustang, George Anthony, and some other people that Li Du did not recognize.

Li Du was also considered a member of the Million Dollar Club and could sit at the first row. After all, there were not many big shots in the treasure hunter a.s.sociation, and there were more than enough seats.

Li Du walked towards the front, but the entrance to the first row was blocked by a stranger on the aisle seat.

That man seemed to be of Mexican descent, with olive skin and a pencil mustache. He sat there, wearing a look of irksome unfriendliness.

Li Du had noticed him during the day. That man was one of those who were hanging out with George Anthony.

Li Du grinned and said, “Hi, can you let me pa.s.s?”

The man tilted his head to glance at Li Du. “What are you doing here? Go to the back.”

Li Du smiled, “It doesn’t matter where I sit. However, there are empty seats here. As opposed to letting those seats go to waste, you might as well let me take one.”

The man jeered, “You think you can sit anywhere? Ha, are you a newbie? These are the seats reserved for the members of the Million Dollar Club…”

“Hey, Hernando, have you joined the Million Dollar Club? Why can’t I recall that you’ve achieved that rank?” Black Mustang spoke up after hearing Li Du’s exchange with the man.

The Mexican man started to look uncomfortable but insisted, “I’m from New York. Buddy, you know how compet.i.tive it is over there. You’ve been there yourself. If I hadn’t been working in New York, where people s.n.a.t.c.h up all those good warehouses, I would have long been accepted into the Million Dollar Club.”

People in their vicinity started to shush him, but Hernando emphasized, “I am an official member of the Million Dollar Club in New York, and my status is as high as that of the Million Dollar Club members here. Everyone knows the rules.”

That was the truth. In big cities and affluent states, there were more treasure hunters and the compet.i.tion was stiff. Although there was more money rolling around, it was indeed harder for one to be promoted to a higher status.

The million dollar club members in New York State, California, and Texas were typically half a rank higher than the club members in other states.

The surrounding treasure hunters wanted to shush the man again. To them, Li Du was considered one of their own, while the Mexican was only a guest invited by the a.s.sociation. Hence, they were bent on backing Li Du.

Li Du waved his hands, gesturing to the rest of the treasure hunters to be silent. Then he grinned at Hernando and said, “I know what you’re talking about. Come, make some room, I want to sit there.”

Hernando wanted to make Li Du turn back. From what he knew, the Chinese were all easy targets.

However, Li Du was not only stubborn but also had the support of all the other treasure hunters. That was not what Hernando expected. He was now embarra.s.sed.

He rubbed his mustache and said, “I feel that based on my rank, I am the gatekeeper of these seats. You can come and talk to me again when you’ve managed to join the Million Dollar Club, or if you finally get to be the Million Dollar Club member in New York or California.”

Valerie, who had taken care of the paperwork, looked up and said cautiously, “Oh, Mr. Hernando, but Li Du IS a member of the Million Dollar Club.”

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1203 - Please Give Way

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