Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1206 - Henderson

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Chapter 1206: Henderson

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The Iron Knight's engine was still running, and Brother Wolf's voice was faint, but Li Du could hear it nevertheless.

There's a listening device in this car?

He shut his mouth and looked at Whirlwind in surprise. Whirlwind nodded to a.s.sure him this was true.

Brother Wolf whispered, "Let's go back and talk."

On the car, Li Du said, "Hey, Whirlwind, your performance was poor this time. I bet five thousand dollars on you, man…"

All along the way, they talked about truck driving.

After returning to the rented house, Li Du asked directly, "What happened? How could there be a listening device in the car?"

Whirlwind said, "I found out on the way. There was a moment when I decelerated because of this. The thing was hidden under the pa.s.senger seat, and I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't accelerated so hard that something rolled off the navigation bridge."

Brother Wolf asked, "What model?"

Whirlwind said, shaking his head, "Not sure. I took a picture of it. Take a look."

There were a few blurry photos on the phone, taken with a shaky camera., The listening device looked like a bird holding a ball with holes in its beak.

Brother Wolf frowned and said, "This is a listening device for sure, the civil market's most advanced Eagle Eye AB-22. The U.S. military just launched a sound adapted technology, very advanced stuff."

"Should I go and take it down?" G.o.dzilla asked.

Li Du shook his head. He walked around the room twice. "George Anthony must be the one behind this. Who else?"

Whirlwind said, "I will lurk around at night to find out. If the Anthonys are responsible, they must have left a trace. They will talk about it."

Brother Wolf shook his head. "No, this listening device has a function radius of about 80 meters. We just need to pay attention to whoever is following us."

Li Du was not sure who was behind this, but his guess was George Anthony. He and the Anthonys had had many conflicts, and George was hostile towards him.

Everything went on as usual. After another day in town and a few interactions among the treasure hunters, the big party came to an end.

They left town and headed straight for Las Vegas. Macy's, the department store to be auctioned off for reason of bankruptcy, was not in Las Vegas itself, but in a city called Henderson.

Because of how famous Las Vegas was, Henderson was not well known internationally. In fact, it was also a big place and actually the twin city of Las Vegas.

The distance between the two cities was only seven or eight kilometers. Henderson was southeast of Las Vegas, about two hours away from Riverdale.

Henderson was not a bad place. It was the second largest city in Nevada. Though not as famous as Vegas, it was well known in the United States and, of course, its fame was tied to its name.

Apart from the city of Henderson, Nevada, there was also Henderson County in Texas, Henderson County in Illinois, Henderson County in North Carolina and Henderson County in Tennessee.

It was a little like Riverdale, with several places bearing the same name.

Henderson was surrounded by many steep hills because of the glacial erosion that formed the terrain, making it a favorite spot of junior outdoor enthusiasts.

Before the rise of Las Vegas, it was the largest city in Nevada.

Nevada was a vast and primitive state with a very low economic level. However, it was located in the northern part of California, a rich and well-developed area. Because of the high Sierra Nevada Mountains, it was called the light mountain of California.

Henderson was home to the world's oldest tree, the tiger pine, and the largest one, the North American redwood.

Many years ago, people preferred to live in Henderson, which had a better climate and environment than the neighboring Las Vegas.

Once upon a time, because of the beautiful landscape and the relatively mild climate, wealthy people in the area liked to set up residence in Henderson and manage their affairs in Las Vegas from there.

Macy's, the upscale department store, chose to set up shop in Henderson for this reason. Unfortunately, Henderson's population was declining these days, and there were too many competing high-end department stores in Las Vegas.

Crossing the mighty Colorado River, they had to take the road to Las Vegas before they would reach Henderson.

Hans reluctantly left Riverdale, leaving his love behind to cooperate with Li Du and take part in the auction, which promised to be very grand.

The auction was their first shot at joining the Million Dollar Club, and even Li Du, who no longer had much interest in the warehouse auction business, took it seriously, determined to do his best.

Hans booked a hotel. Though many inhabitants of Henderson chose to move away, because of the city's proximity to Las Vegas it still gained a lot in tourism, with more hotels than ever before.

Many foreign travel agencies would take a group to visit the gambling city but choose to stay in Henderson, where the cost of accommodation and food was lower, and the distance from Las Vegas still pretty convenient.

After setting down his things, Hans asked, "Shall we go and see Lake Mead? I can show you the Hoover Dam, where the military holds the Decepticons."

He was talking about a scene from the movie "Transformers", where the U.S. military gets the Decepticons and seals them in liquid nitrogen at the Hoover Dam.

Li Du smiled, but Hans knew very well that he liked to familiarize himself with the local customs whenever he went to a new place.

Waving his hand, he said, "Let's go out for a walk."

Outside, the quiet Vampire Bob Bin showed him some pictures and said, "There are 82 cars on the road within a hundred meters of us. Six of those are very interesting. It took them exactly fifteen minutes to get close to the Iron Knight. Feminine conducted an investigation on them and found that these cars are connected to these people…"

The camera screen turned and four or five strong-looking men appeared before Li Du's eyes.

Li Du was puzzled and said, "These are not the Anthonys. Who are they?"

Hans came to look and shook his head, saying, "Not sure, Li."

Vampire said, "Let's keep an eye on them. If they make a move, they will reveal their true ident.i.ty."

Li Du nodded, and Vampire and Feminine put on and left quietly.

Hans looked very happy and said, "Brother Wolf, do you have any more comrades available for hire? Introduce me to two bodyguards, please. You're doing this really well, like a d.a.m.n spy movie."

Li Du gave him a push and said, "You'd better save some money and marry Barbara."

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1206 - Henderson

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