Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1208 - Eagle Beak Gang

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Chapter 1208: Eagle Beak Gang

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

To be precise, Li Du had seen them in photographs.

Vampire and Feminine were monitoring and tracking their car, and the photos they had taken showed the figures of these men. Li Du could not fail to recognize them, as the tattoos on their neck were unique.

The tattoos were falcons and skulls, with their mouths open and full of b.l.o.o.d.y bones, and one could tell these people were up to no good.

The man in the lead was particularly ferocious, with two eyebrows cut in half and a scar on his face. Although he smiled at Li Du, he still looked very menacing.

He nodded. “I know you. You’re the treasure hunter tyc.o.o.n from Phoenix, am I right?”

Li Du shrugged his shoulders and said, “Guys, you flatter me too much. I’m not sure I’d call myself a tyc.o.o.n.”

He spoke a little perfunctorily, trying to maintain a playful tone.

One of the men seemed to dislike the way he replied. He glared at Li Du and made to give him a rough shove.

The broken-eyebrow man stopped him, smiled and said, “Hey, hey, it’s all good. I just wanted to find you. Let’s have a chat, alright?”


The elevator opened, Li Du went in, and said in a flat voice, “What do you want to talk about? Be quick, I am a little tired. I was hoping to go to bed soon.”

The man grinned and said, “Well, I’ll make it quick. I know what you’re doing here. You came here for the Macy’s warehouse auction.”

Li Du nodded and said nothing.

The man continued, “So, as I was saying…”

At this time the elevator reached the fourth floor, the door opened and someone came in.

When Li Du saw the people at the door, he couldn’t help but gasp. Those were George and Conrad Anthony.

Seeing both of them, broken-eyebrow was also stunned and said, “Huh, what an unexpected meeting. Are you George Anthony? The treasure hunter tyc.o.o.n of Arizona?”

George Anthony had a big smile on his face as he said, “Thanks. Who are you?”

The big man said, “We are actually namesakes, isn’t it a great coincidence? My name is George, too, but I’m not a high-rank treasure hunter like you. I am just a simple fellow who earns money in the streets.”

Li Du’s room was on the eighth floor, and the elevator door opened when they reached it. They were going out and the tattooed men followed them.

Anthony and his son were about to continue up when the tattooed George stopped the elevator and looked at them playfully. “Where are you going? Come out, I have something to tell you.”

Still smiling, George Anthony said, “Is there anything I could help you with?”

Two of the thugs went in, grabbed the father and son by the shoulders, and violently shoved them out, shouting, “Are you playing games? Come out, and don’t fool with us!”

Someone held off Li Du, and Brother Wolf’s face turned cold as he prepared for action.

The tattooed men seemed to know that Li Du could not be easily provoked, so they just stopped him from leaving and did not use violence. The way they treated Li Du and his people was different from the way they treated the Anthonys.

Big man George said, “Be gentle, guys. Don’t hurt people from our industry. We are friends, after all. We have to rely on friends when we are out there, right?”

Conrad Anthony rubbed his shoulders in anger. George Anthony stopped him and laughed. “Of course, man, what is the matter?”

Big man George said, “I know why you came to Macy’s. We have the same goal. I have to tell you that warehouse 103 at the auction is ours. You should not make any bids on it.”

George Anthony hesitated and said, “I don’t know where you are from, but I just have to tell you, if you do this…”

“We are local treasure hunters,” the big man, George, interrupted him with a smile, gave him a few good taps on the shoulder and went on. “I am Eagle Beak Blade. You could ask around about me, and then you would know who I am.”

George Anthony took a deep breath and smiled. “Okay, I will…”

The guy next to him slapped Conrad’s cheek and, interrupting George, said in an arrogant voice, “Hey, boy, why are you looking like that? Not happy with us?”

Conrad Anthony flew into a rage. His father pulled him away, shoved him into the elevator and said, “Okay, I know, warehouse number 103. I will stay away from it.”

Eagle Beak Blade looked at Li Du again, smiled and said, “It seems that my namesake and I have come to an understanding. What about you, Mr. Treasure Hunter Tyc.o.o.n from Phoenix?”

Behind the closed doors, the elevator went up, and then there was a dull thud, apparently from one of the Anthonys.

A big fellow flew into a rage and said, “Boss, should I go up and make them quiet?”

Eagle Beak Blade shook his head and asked Li Du again, “What about you? Will you show me respect or not?”

“I follow the rules,” said Li Du.

He neither agreed nor refused, making this vague remark and moving on.

The men were dissatisfied, and some of them wanted to go after Li Du. Brother Wolf suddenly attacked, thwarting them. He pulled one guy’s arm back, and at the same time extended his foot and kicked behind his knees.

Suddenly, the big fellow kneeled softly on the ground. One of his arms was raised high due to extreme pain in his joints and he screamed, “F**k! F**k!”

Eagle Beak Blade stopped them and said with a sneer, “Stop it. Our colleague has agreed. He will follow the rules, as he had just said. Let’s go!”

One of the thugs was still dissatisfied. He stood at a distance and stared at Brother Wolf and the others.

Eagle Beak Blade gave him a push. “I said, let’s go!”

The men turned around and began to file into the elevator.

Li Du swiped a card to enter his room. The door next to him opened and Feminine came out. He whispered in Li Du’s ear, “There is a listening device in the room as well.”

Li Du inhaled sharply. d.a.m.n it, what is it this time? Just an auction, why should they make it into a blockbuster spy show?

He changed direction and went into the room next to his. Vampire was sorting through some photos. He stood up when he saw Li Du and pushed the notebook toward him. “This is the result of the day’s investigation.”

Li Du looked through the photos and made note of all the scenes in which the tattooed men came into contact with different people.

Among them, he found that the men had come across Anthony and his son. The two parties seemed to be strangers, pa.s.sing each other in the hotel.

“The guy who installed the listening device is in the Eagle Beak gang,” said Feminine. “George, Eagle Beak Blade is the head of the gang, which has some influence in the local society. There are about a hundred of these guys, and their living comes from collecting protection fees, selling fake stuff to tourists, illicit alcohol, and running a ma.s.sage parlor.”

“Do they have anything to do with the warehouse auction industry?” asked Li Du, looking at the photo.

Feminine shook his head. “No, the warehouse auction industry here is not developed and not many people are involved in it.”

Li Du tapped his finger on the table and frowned. “That’s strange.”

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1208 - Eagle Beak Gang

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