Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1216 - Retreat

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Chapter 1216: Retreat

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As Henderson’s kingpin, Eagle Beak Blade certainly had some connections.

He got out of trouble with the police and said he did not lead the fight. Someone tried to break into his warehouse, he said, and he was just chasing them out.

The police were too lazy to inquire further. They made sure that no one was hurt or bleeding and left after warning everyone not to cause any trouble.

Big Mustache came running back and said, “I’ve checked. The Anthonys paid for warehouse 103 and drove away from Henderson. The Chinaman hasn’t left yet. He is still in the hotel.”

“Tell the boys to go get him!” Said Eagle Beak Blade, gritting its teeth.

There was a loud knock on the door. Knowing who it must be, Li Du nodded and said, “Open the door.”

Brother Wolf opened the door. Eagle Beak blade stood outside, menacing and murderous, along with his men.

When the door opened, Eagle Beak Blade was about to break in. Brother Wolf held him back and said with a straight face, “The room is small, only two people can enter.”

Eagle Beak Blade believed that Li Du united with George Anthony to cheat him, and he was full of anger at that moment. How would he listen to what Brother Wolf said? Instead, he waved and led his people to dash into the room.

The doorway became a battlefield. G.o.dzilla, Big Quinn, Brother Wolf, and other bodyguards were inside, and the gangsters were outside. Both sides began to fight.

The Eagle Beak Gang had many members, but the doorway was small. If one man guarded the pa.s.s well, ten thousand would be unable to get through, so numbers were not an advantage.

In addition, bodyguards such as Brother Wolf were experts in close-in combat training. They could perform the best in this kind of situation and joined hands to beat up the gangsters until they screamed in pain at the doorway.

To top it all off, Li Du had a wolf, a tiger cat and a honey badger on his side, and the animals bit, scratched, snarled and barked, causing as much trouble for the gangsters as Brother Wolf did.

Eagle Beak Blade, seeing that the situation was not good, had to stop his men. Holding back his anger, he said, “Well, I’ll go in alone, then!”

Being able to lead so many people in Henderson, he did have some abilities. He was not without the courage to face his rivals.

Li Du asked him to sit down and offered him a drink.

Eagle Beak Blade’s mouth quivered a few times as he said, “What the h.e.l.l is going on? Did you join forces with George Anthony?”

“Me and him?” Li Du laughed. “Are you kidding? He sent men to kill me in Mexico, and I beat up his son several times. You can just ask any treasure hunter about this.”

George asked angrily, “So what is going on?”

“Very simple,” said Li Du. “My people discovered the listening device in the beginning, and they found out about your contact with George Anthony. The things in warehouse 103 were genuine, but you should investigate further. I am the major shareholder of the Harry Winston Group and made my wealth in the jewel industry.”

“I knew you were listening to me, so I targeted your attention towards warehouse 77. The warehouse keeper is your man, but I bribed his supervisor.”

“When I visited warehouse 103, did you think the warehouse supervisor just happened to be there? No, I made sure he would be. You didn’t get a chance to open warehouse 77 because I asked him to watch the warehouse keeper closely.”

At his words, Eagle Beak Blade fell silent.

Li Du said, “Really, you should learn your lesson and do things the proper way. It will be much better for you. George Anthony tricked you into playing games with me.”

He pointed to his head and said, “What I have in here is what got me started. That’s what made me who I am now.”

Eagle Beak Blade struck the table hard and said, “F**k!”

“If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my time here right now,” said Li Du.

Eagle Beak Blade saw Brother Wolf and other men, stood up and said, “You are ruthless, man. You won this round. However, I will not let this go so easily.”

Having gotten the information he came to obtain, he did not linger. He took his men and left.

Eagle Beak Blade’s words, it turned out, were not an empty threat.

The next day, while they were packing up the warehouse, Bill, the president of the Arizona warehousing and treasure hunter a.s.sociation, called and asked, “Li, are you in Henderson?”


“Did you violate the rules and entered the warehouse before the auction?”

Li Du said, “You are correct.”

Bill laughed. “You’re so calm. I guess you knew this would happen. Someone sent me a complaint about this, and the matter is not easy to deal with…”

“You don’t have to deal with it. According to the regulations, I can’t attend any auctions for the next month, right?” said Li Du.

Bill cautiously said, “Yes.”

“Well, I’m not going to,” said Li Du. “I’m not going to be in America for the next month.”

Bill hesitated. “You don’t have to do that. If you send an application, I could help you settle this complaint.”

Li Du shook his head. “Thanks, Bill. This has nothing to do with the complaint. I’m going back to my hometown for our Spring Festival. And just in time, since I need more than a month for this trip.”

Seeing that Li Du had made up his mind, Bill said regretfully, “Well, okay.”

He had wanted to return Li Du a favor and regretted that he could not do so at the time.

Leave Hans to clear up the warehouse, Li Du decided to take Sophie with him and get out of town first.

This was Eagle Beak Blade’s territory, after all, and he made the guy lose millions. He thought it would be better to leave early in case Eagle Beak Blade could not contain his anger and did something worse. Li Du was not afraid for himself, but there was also Sophie.

He had to protect Sophie.

The contents of the four warehouses were easy to deal with. Hans could sort them out on his own. He didn’t need Li Du to help him. It would be a waste of time to stay behind.

Back in Phoenix, he had a few leisurely days with his parents, and then about three weeks before the Spring Festival, he took Sophie, The Martins, and his parents home in advance.

Anyway, there was nothing to do in the States anymore.

They were engaged, and their marriage was practically a done deal, so they could take Sophie back for the New Year.

Sophie had been learning Chinese and was curious about some traditional Chinese activities. The Martins had never been to China and were equally interested in the trip.

They were very satisfied with Li Du, their son-in-law.

They belonged to the middle cla.s.s in the United States, but their income was not high. They could only afford to travel abroad once a year.

Going back home was not a big deal. Li Du bought airplane tickets for the bodyguards so that they could go back to Germany during this time to be with their families.

Brother Wolf and Firecracker went with him to China. Firecracker was a single man, and Brother Wolf’s only family was his daughter.

Li Du bought plane tickets for himself as well this time. He did not have much cash left, so he did not book a private jet.

The great plane hummed in the air and, after two stops, his homeland appeared beneath their feet.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1216 - Retreat

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