Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1240 - A Little Trouble

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Chapter 1240: A Little Trouble

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Li Du returned, several youths gathered around his tent, looking menacing.

They knew Brother Wolf went to find the owner of the telescope, so when Brother Wolf brought Li Du along, they knew it must be him.

A young man with acne spots on his face nodded to Li Du with his chin and said, “How did my uncle’s telescope end in your hands? Where did you get it?”

Li Du calmly looked around, and said casually, “I bought it. What is the matter?”

He thought he was about to meet the owner of the telescope, but it did not look so, there had to be something else.

The young man fumed. “Really? Impossible, my uncle attended the star party last year, and then he came home and went to the hospital because of acute leukemia. He soon pa.s.sed away, so how did you have the opportunity to contact him and buy his telescope?”

One of his companions said malevolently “Call the police, it must be this guy who stole Uncle Irwin’s telescope. He took advantage of the chaotic situation at your home to do it.”

“Yes, you see, he is a c.h.i.n.k, haha. You know the Chinese, right?” Another man’s smile was more malicious.

When they said that, Li Du became angry.

One of the things he hated most was racial discrimination, which was inevitable in America. When he just joined the treasure hunting industry, he was persecuted by racial discrimination.

As he was better known now, racial discrimination became less common, not because the core problem was solved, but because fewer people dared to offend him.

Li Du knew very well that the United States was a country of many ethnicities, and it was never his home. So he did not change his citizens.h.i.+p, he just made money in the United States.

The event of today proved that these people did not know him, and they immediately showed their malicious nature by playing the race card when they ran into a conflict with him.

Li Du was never a good-tempered man. When several people spoke like that, he lost his patience.

He thought he understood the situation now. His telescopes were legally acquired. This man’s uncle must have been the one who placed it in the warehouse, but an unexpected death from acute leukemia left him no chance to retrieve the telescope.

All of this was very easy to explain. Warehouse rental was generally by the month or by the quarter, with most of the cases being a monthly settlement. Only old customers would be allowed to pay by the quarter.

If a payment was not made on time, the warehouse company could confiscate the warehouse contents and then put them up for auction in lieu of the debt.

Usually, the warehouse company would give the renter half a year. If the settlement was not settled by then, the warehouse contents would be confiscated.

The warehouse company of Fort Davis was pretty good. Their conditions were more flexible, and the owner would suffer debts to remain up to a year. The warehouse in question had not been unpaid that long, he just took the advantage to clear it before the star party.

Li Du knew the situation, but he didn’t explain it.

He looked at some of the young men scornfully and said, “Hey, man, you’re looking for trouble, aren’t you? You are here to take my telescope by pretending that it had belonged to your uncle?”

The youth with spots flared up, pointed to the telescope and said, “This is my uncle’s. He had made it himself. I accompanied him to carve the tree trunk. I’m not just talking, I have proof…”

“If you have evidence, go ahead, show it to your relatives in law enforcement. What the heck are you doing here arguing with me?” interrupted Li Du.

The youth was angry. He said, “Good, you wait…”

“Well, I’ll just wait here. But what do you want me to wait for? Are your cop uncle and your judge uncle standing up for you? Then you go back and tell them to hurry up, because I do not have the patience to wait for a long time,” said Li Du.

The crowd laughed as they looked at the scene, definitely enjoying themselves.

Enraged, the spotty youth took off his coat and said, “Ok, G.o.dd.a.m.n c.h.i.n.k, I’ll kick your a.s.s today.”

As soon as he finished speaking, G.o.dzilla and Big Quinns stepped forward and approached him with deadpan expressions, like two fearsome androids.

. Seeing G.o.dzilla and Big Quinns, the youth suddenly calmed down and was not so eager to get into a fight with Li Du anymore.

The thug who had taunted Li Du earlier was the most cowardly of all. He hurriedly pulled the spotty young man’s arm and whispered, “Forget it, let’s go to the police…”

“Yes, go find your policeman uncle,” Li Du encouraged him.

The young man was shaking with rage but did not dare to start a fight.

Prodded by the pus.h.i.+ng and shoving of his companion, the spotty guy reluctantly turned to leave.

His friend, a young African American man, wanted to go too. Li Du beckoned him with his finger, and G.o.dzilla pulled him over with a mighty yank.

This scared the fellow so much that he cried out, “What are you doing? What do you want from me?”

Li Du walked over with a smile and patted his cheek. “You’d better wash your mouth before going out next time. Otherwise, you will stink so badly people will run away.”

It was an absolute disgrace to be taunted and mocked this way, but what could the dark-skinned young man do? Fighting was out of the question.

The young men ran away, and then, as expected, they went to the police.

The town police must have turned up to keep order during such a big event.

Two police officers rushed over when they heard that someone had stolen a telescope.

With the young men leading the way, an officer saw Li Du and said, “h.e.l.lo, sir, can I have a word?”

As soon as the police officer opened his mouth, Li Du produced the auction list and handed it over. The doc.u.ment bore the seal of the warehouse company and the local police department, proving the telescope’s origin.

Even if the telescope was really stolen and stored in the warehouse, in accordance with the law, the police would have to contact the warehouse owner. They would question the warehouse owner’s responsibility, which had nothing to do with Li Du.

The police officer looked at the list carefully, then nodded his head and returned it to Li Du.

The young men were stunned. They were convinced that Li Du had obtained the telescope illegally.

The police ignored this matter. The youths could only return to their tent unhappily since they clearly lost.

When the five young men returned to the tent, the spotty young man turned sullen and said, “That is my uncle’s telescope. We built it together, and he promised I could have it later!”

The young black man, Grind, was even more discontented.

He spat and said. “Habry, that’s your telescope. Uncle Irwin is dead, so his stuff belongs to you.”

“But what can be done now? The c.h.i.n.k had taken away the telescope.”

“Then we’ll steal it back,” said Grind.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1240 - A Little Trouble

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