Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1274 - Interrogation

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Chapter 1274: Interrogation

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After he picked up a man who was in deep sleep, Brother Wolf looked at the man and nodded with vigor. Then, he waved his hands.

They took out the rope they brought along and tied the man up. Then, they threw him out of the window, causing him to land right into the pickup truck.

The pickup truck started right away and quickly disappeared into the streets.

Brother Wolf and his people closed the door and started to leave. They were just like a team of spirits; n.o.body had noticed them the whole time.

There was another deserted town around one hundred kilometers northwest of Krasnoyarsk. The town was named Kuragino and has been deserted for the past twenty to thirty years. It had long been vacated by its residents and was now merely a plot of deserted land and buildings.

Li Du and his group set up their base there. At midnight, they were all gathered at the small square that had wild weed sprouting here and there among the paving stones. They started a bonfire and huddled around for warmth.

Finally, the pickup trucks and SUVs screeched to a stop one after another. Li Du and his group stood up silently, watching a man dragged down from the car.

Luo Qun rushed forward as if she had gone crazy. After grabbing the man’s hair, she yanked at it and directed the flashlight beam onto his face.

It was a scary face. The left side of it had undergone surgery and the flesh around the cheekbone had all been removed. In its place was raw flesh that had grown anew and scars that had been left behind.

Luo Qun gritted her teeth as she looked at that man. She looked like she was about to scream, but stayed silent, and only tears streamed down from her eyes.

Jonas Malone. That’s the evil man that caused her family’s deaths!

Li Du dragged Luo Qun away and nodded. Then, Brother Wolf and Madman pulled Jonas Malone to the fireplace and started to pour the icy water they had prepared down his head.

After half a pail of water had been emptied, Jonas Malone started to stir. He s.h.i.+vered and began to jerk his head around. Then, he slowly opened his eyes.

Li Du sat next to him and showed him a photo. He said, “Mr. Jonas Malone? Hi.”

The photo was one of Luo Qun’s entire family. The young Luo Qun in the photo was smiling happily.

Jonas Malone’s brain was still unsteady and he did not react. Instead, he said, “Cold, d*mn it, it’s too cold! Oh G.o.d, oh G.o.d, hurry and let me go near the fire, oh, I beg you guys, let me go near the fire, why is it so cold?”

Li Du looked to Brother Wolf and said, “When will he wake up?”

Brother Wolf replied, “Pour out all the water.”

Li Du nodded and stopped asking questions. Luo Qun shouted, “I will pour the water!”

Brother Wolf pa.s.sed the pail of water to her and said, “Pour slowly, just gotta maintain the water flow. That will wake him up.”

Luo Qun gritted her teeth and said, “Why are we not using hot water? Scalding water can wake him up too, right?”

“Well, if you want a dead man,” Brother Wolf said with no misgivings, “If you can do it, go ahead. If not, I’ll do it.”

Luo Qun kept quiet and continued to pour out the water.

Even though it was already April, the early mornings in Siberia were still very cold. In such weather, having icy water poured down on one’s head was torture.

Jonas Malone started to yell spouting nonsense at first. Slowly, he started to come to his senses and yelled, “You guys? It’s you guys who are looking for me? Ah, who betrayed me? The b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

“What conflict do we have? You guys tell me! Just tell me! D*mn it, oh, stop pouring, stop pouring! G.o.d, I’m freezing! F*ck, help! Why are you guys doing this to me?!”

Li Du and his group stayed silent and just watched Luo Qun pour the water. By the time the entire pail was emptied, Jonas Malone had become drenched. The cold wind blew and he could not stop s.h.i.+vering.

Li Du pushed the photograph towards him and asked, “Are you Jonas Malone?”

Jonas Malone yelled, “No, no, I’m not! I am Chance Bryant! G.o.d! You guys got the wrong man!”

Li Du looked to Brother Wolf and said, “Seems like you’ve gotta do it.”

Brother Wolf dragged Jonas Malone near the bonfire and said solemnly, “Are you Jonas Malone?”

Jonas Malone struggled to move further away as he shook his head hard, “No, no, you guys found the wrong man…”

He had yet to complete his sentence when Brother Wolf grabbed his neck and pushed his head into the fire.

The fire quickly started to burn his long hair. As his hair started to catch fire, very quickly, an acrid smell filled the air.

Seeing that the fire was spreading fast, Jonas Malone was frightened. He called out in distress, “I’m really not Jonas Malone. I am Chance Bryant, Black Snake Chance Bryant!”

The fire had burnt off all his hair and moved to his scalp.

Jonas Malone started to shriek and finally, he could take it no longer and shouted, “I admit, I am Jonas Malone, I am Jonas Malone! Oh G.o.d! Please, no!”

Luo Qun came out, gave him a kick and said, “My brother begged you for his life the same way. What did you do then?”

Seeing Luo Qun, Jonas Malone shuddered. His face revealed unmistakable fear. Obviously, he had realized the reason why Li Du and his people were there.

Brother Wolf nodded his head. Madman and Firecracker came over to hold onto Jonas Malone.

Shocked, Malone shouted, “What are you guys trying to do? I’ve committed a crime, I’m not innocent. You can hand me to the police, but you have no right…”

Wolf brother took out a small dagger and said with a blank face, “Next, it’s the question and answer segment. If we are not pleased with your answer, you’ll lose one finger, understand?”

“Understood!” Jonas Malone nodded his head quickly, looking very meek.

Brother Wolf asked, “Ten years ago, you and another man killed a family of three in San Francisco. You shot a Chinese couple and killed a little boy, is that right?”

Jonas Malone shook his head and said, “No, that’s not right, that’s not what happened! I did not kill anyone. You guys made a mistake. Please, I beg you, you guys have really made a mistake!”

He stared at them with a sorrowful look on his face. Although he looked pitiful, Li Du would never sympathize with him. He had seen what happened at the scene of the murder. It was Jonas Malone who killed Luo Qun’s brother. At that time, his face was not full of anguish and contrition. Instead, he had been wearing a cruel smile.

Brother Wolf said, “Wrong answer. G.o.dzilla, hold him.”

G.o.dzilla walked over from behind. Together with Madman, he grabbed onto Jonas Malone. Brother Wolf grabbed Jonas’s hand and pull it near the bonfire.

Jonas Malone tried his best to retract his hand while he yelled tearfully, “Oh G.o.d, I’m innocent. Why punish me? Mercy, G.o.d, I didn’t…”

Brother Wolf brother his fist open and pulled on his thumb. That caused Jonas Malone to shriek, “No, don’t do that, don’t hurt me!”

Unexpectedly, Brother Wolf did not chop off his finger directly. He grabbed onto Malone’s thumb and glared at it, focused. Then, the dagger in his hand started to spin and the flesh was shaved off like apple peel.

Jonas Malone’s shrieking echoed through the entire tundra!

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1274 - Interrogation

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